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"as we all know reavers are very effeicient"

Gay FFA..?
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Date: 07/08/00 09:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.0, # of Ratings: 4, Max: 9, Min: 9
Lifetime Rating for Bane: 9.0476

::nobody:: is up in the front for no reason other than the fact that he is so cool =]
This game occured a decent amount of time ago so the details about how I came across it are a little blury. But, I remember someone asking me to join this FFA, and POA was begging to have the game battle reported. They were asking either me or ::nobody:: to do it, and since I had a million things to do I said no but so did nobo unforunately... =[
Anyway, I, obviously, end up giving in and saying I'll battle report it.

He starts at the 10 o'clock position as Zerg of Dark Continent and poses a great threat to his closest neighbor, ::nobody:: who is Protoss. We'll see if he can take advantage of this.

Bob (aka: Cactrot) started at the 7 o'clock position as Zerg. Bob was not planning on holding back the title of this report at all with what he was about to do.

He starts at the middle position more or less as Terran. We'll see if he decides to turtle and tech to unupgraded BCs like I do, or play it smart =]

He starts at the 2 o'clock position as Zerg. I'm more familiar with Protector's Protoss but we'll see how he does with a less familiar Zerg race =]

He starts at the 12 o'clock position as Protoss. ::nobody:: is one of the only people in the game that has decided to do a semi-normal strategy =] Hail ::nobody::!

He starts at the 4 o'clock position as white Protoss. He is surrounded by two Zerg players which could pose a problem. We'll have to see whether he can overcome this disadvantage.

He started at the 6 o'clock position as Terran. Same thing goes for him as I said for NimRod so lets just get on to the game.

3 Zergs? Scary =[ Note: NimRod has not yet shared vision but he is Terran in the middle
In this game, we'll have to see if 2 Protoss and 2 Terrans can overcome 3 scary, gay, Zergs =].

Anyway, after about 10 minutes of...talking I guess (I wasn't really paying attention, just yelling "wtf is going on?" every once in a while when i got impatient) POA finally started the game.

All the players started to build normal FFA buildings; I realized it was pointless to try to write down 7 people's build orders. It doesn't really matter either in a FFA. What's important to know is that POA double expanded early on to the top right, and mid-right a little later. He barely has anything to defend these expansions (only a few zerglings that would probably be killed by 2 zealots).

Germans also attempts to early expand to the bottom-right part of the map, directly under Quad's main base. Quad was no dummy, however, and was able to find that expansion with a few zealots, destroying it and forcing what few SCVs Germans had over there to retreat to his main base.

attacking the lowly peons...tisk tisk btw: i don't know why i added that pic of the drones i just like the way they look =]
The second attack comes from the hand of ::nobody::. He becomes aware (probably from a scouting probe or the obvious alternative, maphack =]) of POA's top-right expansion, which is very near his own starting position, and sends a few of his initial zealots in that direction. They arrive to an undefended base, with a morphing in sunken colony and about 6 drones. The drones start attacking the zealots as they attempt to destroy the sunken colony before it finishes and succeed. The attack fails...for now.
The fall of an expansion...=[
During this time Bob expands to his natural while teching to double spires...apparently.
::nobody:: is not about to let a large Zerg threat get away with keeping his expansion and starts to tech to DTs, hoping that POA won't think to send an overlord to his expansion.
Fortunately, he was correct in his assumption, and when ::nobody::'s 2 dt's and 3 zealots arrive at POA's expansion he can only sit and watch it be destroyed.

Soon after, Kadabra sends 4 lurkers up to ::nobody::'s main peon line and burrows them. Before ::nobody:: becomes aware of this, most of his probes have been destroyed, which severely sets him back. It's probably also a meaningful piece of information that Bob announces at this time that he's going AFK (to get food if i remember correctly).
Germans was pissed about this one =[
All the players build up for a little while around now, giving Bob a perfect amount of time to get his food and come back =].
The silence is broken, however, when Quad decides to charge head first into his neighbor, Germans, with a huge army of zealots and dragoons along with a few DTs.
The Protoss army's firepower proved to be more than Germans could handle, as he lifted a few of his buildings off and flew them to the bottom-left corner. Germans is for the most part completely dead, as he floats an engineering bay and a barracks and some other meaningless buildings (no cc) to the bottom-left.

Meanwhile, back to the downfall of ::nobody:: (not nobody, ::nobody::, damn u ::nobody:: and ur name :P) Anyway...
Kadabra had successfully driven ::nobody:: out of his main base and finished destroying it with his lurkers. Now, ::nobody:: expands to the top-right and attempts to rebuild, in his last hope to survive (this is a FFA aftunprotected =[erall).
Unfortunately, POA decides to take revenge on the struggling ::nobody::. He sends a large amount of lings and hydras up to ::nobody::'s last base, and destroys it since it's completely unguarded =[
Hmm...could that infantry be a problem for Zerg? :)
Now, POA sends a drone out and expands to the mid-left base (opposite from his base) and re-expands to ::nobody::'s old expansion.
Quad expands directly below him and to Germans' old main base. The mini-map below will probably help you follow all this =]
Bob has his natural expansion but that's it (probably because he was afk half the time...) and is pumping queens and gathering them above his cliff.

KaDaBrA has two expansions; one directly above his main base and the other directly above NimRod's main base. He is actually using some pretty normal strats, massing up hydras while teching to more advanced units like defilers and guardians.

And finally, NimRod has turtled more or less taking only his natural and, building supply depots constantly with 1 SCV, is pumping upgraded infantry from 6 barracks.
Confusing? Don't worry it doesn't matter because all you want to read about it the action! =]

All right! The first massive attack of the game, and (I'm sure to your surprise) it comes from NimRod, as he sends his entire army of infantry up to POA's main base.
At this time, NimRod's infantry was upgraded to 2-3 with 3-3 on it's way, which generally does well against large amounts of moderately upgraded hydralisks.
i found this very funny to see for some reason... =] The infantry arrives; you can almost see POA's face staring at his monitor as he checks the enemy's upgrades =]. At the site of that, POA morphs a fair amount of lurkers and the rest of his hydralisks he uses to hold the army off to buy time.
Not enough time, however. As the lurkers morph in, NimRod has already destroyed half of POA's main base; so instead of burrowing right there, POA retreats some to his expansion above his main and spreads the others out along the way.
POA loses his main, but is successful in leaving NimRod's army in ruins (the lurkers work) and forces what's left (mainly medics) to retreat to NimRod's main.
Almost as if sensing POA would get pissed if he did this, Quad gets a large amount of goons up and sends them over to attack POA's 9 o'clock expansion.
The goons arrive and are met up with pretty much nothing, until... Bob shows up with his masses and masses of queens equipped with broodlings to destroy what little resistence the dragoons gave =]
Hmm...Bob and POA are doing something...screwy? =[ BTW: those 2 kakaru's are ::Nobody::'s (he had 1 dark archon left after dying =]

In Bob's defense, he did manage to build a few mutalisks which he used to finish off Quad's goons after using Broodling on them.
Apparently, Bob was also allied with Quad (they didnt make their little alliances public) and for backstabbing, Quad sent another larger force of dragoons and destroys Bob's base. Not only does he kill him, he eliminates him and forces him to leave the game =[ (poor Bob)

Okay, here's the Aflac Review of the Game!:

The following people are deceased: ::nobody::, GermansWithGuns, Bob_the_Newt

The two "best off" players as of now are KaDaBrA and QuadManiac. Neither of them have participated in any real action and haven't been attacked at all. Kadabra is soaring up the tech tree as is Quad, but Quad has done a little bit of work and has lost some forces where Kadabra has not. We'll have to see how keeping to yourself effects the game in a FFA.

POA once mighty empire is now in ruins; his 9 o'clock expansion is half dead (one half dead hatch still sits there with no drones) and the only bases he has left are the 1:30 and 3 o'clock expansions. Neither are producing very much.

NimRod's mass infantry plan was a successful failure (it injured a powerful neighbor but lost all his men in the process). He's trying to rebuild an army from the same barracks; unfortunately, he only has what's left of his natural expansion and my old starting base as an income.

I just realized that this is more of an overview of the situation rather than a review...ahh what the hell you understand.

is THIS enough action for u?!?!

Finally, NimRod rebuilds his army of infantry. Either because he doesn't like POA personally or for whatever reason he sends the army directly up and attacks his 2 o'clock expansion with little resistence. The upgraded marines tear right through the hydralisks and the firebats stop the lings before they can even touch the marines =]
When NimRod is finished destroying that base he sends his army on to the next Zerg base, which happens to be Kadabra. Unfortunately, NimRod is unaware that Kadabra has had all the time in the world to do whatever the heck he wants up there by himself and has teched all the way to defilers and guardians.

Before NimRod's infantry arrives at Kadabra's base, Kadabra sends his 8 guardians down to begin an assault on NimRod's main =] (sounded weird?)
The guardians lay into a Terran base with barely any defenses, and destroy most of it. NimRod knows it's too late to retreat his army to help defend so he just continues to try and make Kadabra retreat.
Finally, he is successful, Kadabra is forced to retreat when his hydras, lings, and dark swarm are unable to defend the Terran infantry alone. When the guardians arrive, they have no trouble finishing what's left of a weak force. NimRod does, however, manage to destroy Kadabra's 12 o'clock expansion. =]
cant help but notice how weird dragoon bullets look when they hit stuff... =[
Soon after, or kind of during, Quad sends a force of dragoons to attack POA's 9 o'clock expansion, which he has successfully rebuilt. At the site of massive amounts of lings (I'm not sure if he saw the ultras or not) Quad retreats to his main base. POA also sends a probe down and expands to the 7 o'clock base, undetected.
Unfortunately, a few minutes later POA follows him charging directly into Quad's main base (which is full of goons). About 8 ultralisks and a number of zerglings charge in, but are met up with a greater number of goons than they had been attacked with and the dragoons had the battlefield choice. It wasn't too difficult for Quad to drive out the Zerg attackers only losing a few dragoons.

Around the same time, Kadabra decides to send his remaining guardians (leftovers from defending his main) to finish off NimRod's main base, and since NimRod was only able to build up part of the army he once had, he is forced to concede and become an observer.

is there a single SC unit we have not seen in this game yet...?

The war, at this point, is mainly being fought between Kadabra and POA.
Kadabra sends a big attack of guardians and hydras to POA's 9 o'clock expansion (which he has barely been able to hold the entire game). The guardians get free hits on the base while the hydralisks hold the ramp and stop units from being able to kill the main attackers.
Kadabra nearly destroys this expansion, but POA finally runs the hydras over with lings and pushes more hydras in to chase away the guardians.

Quad, around now, begins to get bored down there by himself, and sends a small portion of his main group of dragoons to attack POA's 7 o'clock expansion, which is doing pretty good right about now. It really isn't a problem for POA to destroy the goons with a larger number of lings, but he gets pissed anyway. =]
that's nobo's kakaru u see there watching the battle =]
Finally, someone is able to break POA's grasp on his 9 o'clock expansion. Kadabra sends a large amount of guardians along with various air units (devos, scourge); they prove to be too much for POA to defend and the base is lost.
After Kadabra is finished with that base, he moves on to POA's 7 o'clock expansion which also has very little air defense; POA army consisted mainly of zerglings. That base is also soon leveled by the guardians.
In a panic, POA sends his army of lings over to attack Quad and, luckily, intercepts a line of dragoons going to attack Kadabra's main base. This forces the stupid goons to scramble in all directions trying to take cover at the top of ramps and retreat to Quad's main base.
Realizing it was pointless to attack Quad, POA sends his remaining lings in one last effort to get back into the game. The lings run right into a large army of Kadabra's hydras and lurkers stationed at the 2 o'clock expansion. The lurkers (who were udnetected) destroyed the lings POA is finally dead...=[ 5 or so at a time before the hydralisks even got the opportunity to fire at them.
Before Kadabra was able to destroy his last hatchery, POA was able to build an expansion in my original starting position in the middle. It was not long, however, until Kadabra found it, and destroyed it with hydralisks, leveling the defending hydras that got in the way. And so falls the empire of POA who leaves the game with a "gg" err...a "nobo bob and kad are the only ungay ones in the game, gg to them" =].

Then suddenly, two battles occur; either one could end the game.
Quad sends his now huge army of dragoons up to attack Kadabra. At the same time, Kadabra sends his army of hydralisks down in an attempt to finish off his last opponent and takes a different route.

Unfortunately for Quad, Kadabra left a few defending zerglings and high tech units (defilers, infested terran) as defense for his main base. He was able to micro those units by casting a million dark swarms, plagues, and kamikazying the infested terrans into the pile of goons. Soon, the goons were worn down and were easy prey for newly produced batches of zerglings.

Quad was not so lucky; he did not leave anything for defense of his main, which was soon lying in ruins from the attacking hydralisks.

we didnt see a BC or a carrier...i think thats it though, every other unit was represented =]

QuadManiac was left with nothing else to do but concede the game. He said "i lasted longer than all of u :P" and then promptly left.


im TOO lazy to make a different unit...hydras are cool =]
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