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Activus! vs. ProtectorOfAiur
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Date: 07/08/00 09:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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Welcome to yet another Casper...© production.
30 images, 2.1 megs. You've been warned.

'I want my mother'
	said the Dragoon.


Tonight's event features two of NoHunters' best in a Terran vs. Protoss matchup held on the venerable grounds of the Lost Temple.

But first a few words.

This report is a Casper...© Production. You may consider this material copyrighted. Please feel free to link to this report, assuming proper credit is given to the author. When you are finished reading this, you can read a previous report of mine here. Enjoy.

That said, allow me to introduce you to our two featured players.

Our featured Players:


A Terran mechanist of the highest order, Activus! developed his game playing alongside such greats as Maynard and Crexis on Maven's Haven and Katan's Lair on Kali. It was in the weeks and months following the release of patch 1.04 that he, along with a younger, perhaps less arrogant NTT spent countless hours developing a Lost Temple specific anti-Protoss Factory rush expanding upon the suddenly obsolete Terran theories and practices of LameKing and Xaanix. They then tested their revised strategies by playing against the best Protoss players in the world, namely Crexis, Pillars, and Kain. Montaro was in the mix too, I'm sure.

A true gentleman, Activus! is not lacking in gameplay and has no significant tactical weaknesses. He powers correctly, micromanages without error and thinks very clearly.


An excellent player in his own right, POA is well known on Battle.Net for his unique approach to Protoss vs Terran. Perhaps best known for his publicized victory over Heartcutter (which you can find here), POA is an all-around solid player with excellent skills in every area.

In a previous game against Activus!, POA had attempted a quick expansion to another main and was beaten down fairly easily by Activus!'s vulture/mine tactics. POA's relative inexperience playing against top players is his only drawback for he, too, is not lacking in gameplay.

The Game:

Activus! vs ProtectorOfAiur
Map: The Lost Temple
Activus! Terran Purple 6:00
ProtectorOfAiur Protoss Orange 9:00
Length of Match: 35:10

Both players selected their preferred race for this match, Activus selecting the nomadic Terrans and Protector the noble Protoss. They landed at the 6 and 9 spots on Temple respectively.

Activus opened with a ramp depot on 8, barracks on 11, started gas on 12, then built another depot on 15 to complete his wall-in. Following the completion of his barracks he sent a SCV off to scout the map, working counterclockwise. Dual factories were then slapped down on 16 and 18 supply, with a single marine in between.

Protector went with a standard pylon on 8 1/2, gateway on 10, and gas on 11. He then followed with an unconventional pylon on 12, cybercore on 14, a second pylon, then forged on 17, forsaking a 2 gate ranged Dragoon rush which is the preferred opening versus Terran. Note Protector's building placement. Ideally he should have placed his gateway above his nexus, and tech buildings below it.

Heatcutter's greatest contribution to the game of Starcraft. How not to place buildings when Protoss at 9 on Temple.

Protector held off on scouting until his first zealot warped in, at which time he sent a probe off to scout clockwise while stationing the zealot on his ramp with hopes of denying Activus any scouting information.

Activus sent his lone marine off to scout 9 while building the add-on for his completed factory. He did this so that he could quickly pop out a tank in the event that his marine died to dragoon fire on the way there.

Now why would POA build a cannon there? The lone marine actually made it to Protector's ramp, where it was quickly joined by Activus' scouting SCV, which had finished scouting 12. In the ensuing engagement, Activus' marine was chased down and eradicated by the speedier dragoon. Activus left his scout SCV at Protector's mineral-only for early warning against dragoon attacks.

During the engagement Activus had begun vulture production while researching spider mines. It was at this time when Protector's scouting probe reached Activus' ramp, only to be blasted to bits by twin vultures. When mine research had completed, Activus immediately began training vulture speed while laying a small minefield at his natural expansion spot, then laying a few mines around Protector's choke. Seeing that his SCV scout was still alive after all this time, Activus quickly made the following deduction:

Protector, in an aggressive play, decided to jump to Starport while training goons out of his 1 gateway. Once completed, he added the much loved fleet beacon while building carriers and researching air 1/1 at his cybercore and carrier capacity at his fleet beacon. He then added a second gateway.

During this time Activus had trained 1 tank with seige, an ebay, and a turret while laying 3 mines around his base. This had been completed while Protector's beacon was completing.

An alternative bunkerless.

Having secured his main base against an anticipated reaver drop, Activus then placed a single spider mine at each of the map's mineral deposits. He then expanded to his natural, simutaneously adding an armory for ground +1. He then gathered his vultures at the map's center while patrolling a few around the map's expansions.

Approximately 1 minute after his preperations had been completed, Activus flew his E-bay and got a nice look at Protector's base. Not seeing an archives or Robo facility, he immediately began work on two starports, starting one before the other. At this time Protector's first carrier and 1/0 air upgrade had completed. Activus did not see the starport and beacon which Protector had tucked into an obscure corner of his base, but he might as well have. At the same time he used a single vulture to get a look at Protector's ramp, where it was fired upon by the ramp cannon Protector has placed there. This cemented the belief in Activus' mind that Carriers were on the menu. Activus used his spare resources to train 3 additional tanks which he placed on his ridgeline for expansion defense against a light rush, afterwards building an expansion CC at his mineral only. As soon as his first Starport completed, Activus built the control-tower addon for cloaking while his second starport finished. As his expansion completed Activus Maynard transferred roughly half his workers as he started a 2nd refinery with the scv that had completed the CC.

The gloves come off:

This is what Activus' first wraith found.

After pumping a few volleys worth of gemini missles into the nearest carrier, Activus withdrew his wraith in order to charge up some mana for future blitzes.

Protector responded swiftly to the cloaked wraith threat by building a central cannon beside his nexus and progressing swiftly to observers. This 2 minute delay was huge given the economy that Protector had sacrificed in order to go carriers.

Once his observatory was 1/2 completed Protector launched a probing attack with his three carriers but was promptly denied by Activus' cloaked wraiths.

Having no illusions about the probability of his main surviving, Activus expanded on as many platforms as he could, swiftly. He acquired the 3 main and 3 natural in short order, then transferred all but 12 peons to his working natural and mineral-only expansions. Activus then built 4 turrets at his natural expansion while pumping wraiths non-stop in preparation for the coming seige.

As his first observer completed Protector launched his attack, fielding 3 carriers and 2 corsairs. Activus answered with 6 wraiths.

As the dust settled, two carriers remained to press the battle. Two more corsairs in turn joined them, and Activus was definitely not going to hold his main despite building wraiths out of four starports primarily as a delaying action while he attempted to get his bases at 3 going. Protector expanded to his natural, then long distance mined while the nexus warped in.

Yet the carriers were taking an arduously long time to clear Activus' main. Activus' expansions at 3 had successfully completed, and were mining at a high level of efficiency. Factories were quickly being raised one after another.

Hoping to press his temporary advantage, Protector rushed the mineral only and natural expansions of Activus, having cleared the 3 defensive tanks and four starports remaining in Activus' main with his carriers. He was successful in eliminating the workers at both sites.

And Activus puts his foot down. Dispatching 6 goliaths and 3 marines from his new main base at 3, Activus eliminated Protector's zealots with minimal losses, then proceeded to give chase to Protector's 3 carriers and 2 corsairs. Protector is now forced to circle around the map to assault Activus' new expansions. While circling around, he picks up a newly trained carrier bringing his count to 4.

Taking advantage of the breathing room he has secured for himself, Activus expands again to 12's natural expansion while training 2/0 upgraded goliaths out of his now 6 factories.

Protector assaulted Activus' new main base with his carriers from the left.

Upon receiving heavy fire from Activus' quickly swelling goliath army Protector reconsiders his approach and moves towards the top-right corner of the map, skirting the base's edges.

Hoping to salvage a win, Protector expands twice simutaneously to the top left expansion and his mineral only.

Here Activus pulls a dazzling move. Activus dispatches 12 goliaths to pursue the carriers while positioning 8 or so gols at the northernmost portion of his base. As the carriers pause to raze the expansion at the 12 natural, Activus lifts his CC enabling his goliaths to get shots off on the carriers hovering over the expansion cliff.

Playing his trump card, Activus simutaneously expands to 3's mineral only, the 12 main, and 12's mineral only while building 12 barracks a few screens north of Protector's new mineral-only expansion.

End result: Protector's carriers are trapped in the top-right corner with nowhere to go. Protector sends out 8 dragoons to fight the goliaths but is defeated by 8 new goliaths sent out by Activus. To top it all off, Activus micromanages the battle and loses only 4 of his buff goliaths to Protector's 8 goons.

Feeling the pressure, Protector's hand has been forced. He lays as much D-web as he can and attempts to break the 3 main by force. And fails.

Also, he sends out some additional ground units and stumbles across Activus' proximal barracks. Activus responds and defends his forward outpost, taking minor losses compared to Protector.

Once his new expansions complete, Activus Maynard transfers his excess peons, distributing them evenly amongst the fresh mineral patches. He begins production in earnest, training infantry and goliaths out of his 18 production facilities in anticipation of ending this game.

Satisfied with his army, Activus charged Protector's expansion in game-ending fashion.

Wave after wave of marines and goliaths pounded Protector until he could no longer hold the flood. At this time mutually respectful comments concerning the game were exchanged. As his nexus fell, Protector conceded with a gg.

Victor: Activus!

Final Statistics:

Protoss always owns the unit score, no matter what.

Mail me your questions and comments!

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