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The Ultimate Starcraft Championship GAME1
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Author:Fox^1, Bane, and ::nobody::
Date: 06/27/00 10:06
Game Type: Starcraft
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It's almost as good as a donut

Fox: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 1st annual ULTIMATE STARCRAFT CHAMPIONSHIP! Tonight we will crown our first Ultimate Starcraft Champion. If any Champion is to repeat 5 times straight he will be awarded with an everglide mousepad. =O Joining me to host this event is two recognize figures in the Starcraft Community. They are none other then Bane and ::Nobody::.

Nobody: Thanks Fox, well today we have 2 veteran players ready to square off. Tillerman vs. Mark4.

Bane: Yes Nobody this matchup is definitely a Juggernaut vs. the Underdog.

Fox: Mark4 being the Juggernaut right?

Nobody:[with a pause]........Rrrriiiiggghht.

Fox: I was able to talk to the underdog before the match up.

[Fox^1] name/age/location?
[Tillerman] Iain Girdwood/24/Glasgow Scotland
[Fox^1] ok
[Fox^1] do you know Mark4? and if so have you played him?
[Tillerman] hes run
[Fox^1] yes
[Tillerman] and i never played him
[Fox^1] ok
[Fox^1] 1 more thing
[Fox^1] do you feel confident going into this matchup?
[Tillerman] yep
[Fox^1] and if so what is your preditcion of a 3 game series?
[Tillerman] 3 GAMES>
[Fox^1] best
[Fox^1] 2 out of 3
[Fox^1] sorry
[Fox^1] Mark chooses 1st map
[Fox^1] and you get to choose 2nd

Bane: Nice interview, Tiller looks pretty confident on this match up.

Nobody: Nice interview my ass. Tiller sounds catatonic.

Fox: Well yeah but all the confidence in the world isn't going to help you against a juggernaut like Mark4. Here's an interview with the man, the myth, the legend.

[Fox^1] Name/Age/Location?
[Mark4"/] Fran, 25, Fort Bragg
[Fox^1] ahh
[Fox^1] is that
[Fox^1] CA?
[Mark4"/] NC
[Mark4"/] Fool
[Fox^1] #(*$&$#
[Fox^1] shit
[Fox^1] I was in
[Mark4"/] ^^!!
[Fox^1] Camp leju
[Fox^1] for a while!
[Fox^1] =P
[Fox^1] it's probably quite hot over there then?
[Mark4"/] That's where I ran that marathon
[Mark4"/] Lejeune
[Fox^1] omg
[Mark4"/] Yup
[Fox^1] yikes
[Mark4"/] Hot as hell
[Fox^1] no wonder
[Fox^1] it was tough
[Fox^1] =/
[Fox^1] alright have you ever played Tillerman before?
[Mark4"/] No
[Fox^1] How do you feel going into this matchup?
[Mark4"/] I feel I'm going to be beaten like an old rug
[Fox^1] keke
[Mark4"/] I doubt it will even be close
[Fox^1] you can do it
[Fox^1] I have faith
[Mark4"/] seriously
[Fox^1] in you
[Fox^1] no
[Fox^1] I am serious
[Fox^1] I have faith in you
[Mark4"/] bah
[Mark4"/] bah
[Mark4"/] I'm good fox
[Mark4"/] But not even playing on his level
[Fox^1] I know what you mean
[Fox^1] =/
[Fox^1] it's ok
[Fox^1] you're not going to go down that easy
[Fox^1] I know it
[Mark4"/] geee, thanks
[Fox^1] hehe
[Fox^1] (#$*&*&$#Well
[Fox^1] what do you want me to say?
[Fox^1] your going to win
[Fox^1] ?
[Fox^1] Mark:NO i am not
[Fox^1] your not going to win
[Mark4"/] Tillerman isn't quite as big a name as say, Maynard or Grrr
[Fox^1] Mark:thanks for the help
[Mark4"/] He just has that level of skill
[Fox^1] yes I know his backround
[Mark4"/] Good choice in players =[
[Fox^1] I won't post all of this.
[Fox^1] ok
[Fox^1] what do you think you are going to need to do in order to defeat your opponent today?
[Mark4"/] I think I have a good chance of finding a nice winuke website
[Mark4"/] and alt tabbing out
[Fox^1] hahahahaah
[Fox^1] good answer
[Mark4"/] and zapping him
[Fox^1] LOL
[Fox^1] ok
[Fox^1] since your the home town
[Fox^1] hero
[Fox^1] you get 1st pick for the map
[Fox^1] what will you choose?
[Mark4"/] Fading Realm
[Fox^1] I figured
[Fox^1] ok
[Mark4"/] yeah
[Fox^1] thanks for the intreview and gl to you Mark4

Bane: Well it looks like Mark4 has chosen where to battle. It looks like they will be battling it out on Fading Realm.

Fox: OMG Fading Realm. Mark4 beat me down on this map, it's his favorite and I see him actually having an advantage here if Tiller randoms Terran.

Fox: The force flows strong in Mark4

Bane: Fox lay off the angle dust.

Nobody: Anyone could beat your ass on Fading Realm Fox.... Did I just say that out loud?

Bane: Alright well there goes the countdown. Tillerman stays with random, and Mark changes to Terran.

Fox: WTF?!?

Nobody: WHAT!?

Bane: Just kidding he choose Protoss.

Fox: Whew! For a second there I thought that Mark4 was getting just a little overconfident.

Nobody: Well the races are in. Obviously Mark has Protoss in the top left, and Tillerman received Terran in the bottom right.

Fox: Yeah Yeah Yeah IMBALANCE!!!!!!!!!

Bane: But is that going to be enough for Mark4 to take Tillerman down?

Fox: Is that going to be enough? Mark4 will rape Tillerman. Who's who on my ass!!

Fox: Well Mark4 is scouting early after his pylon on 8. It seems that Mark4 wants to tech accordingly instead of a standard 2-gate build. Tillerman in all his confidence says, "I am going to lose game 1 on purpose." Mark4 sees that he is Terran and gets gas after his second gate.

Nobody: Well Tiller is going for a Power metal build with no other units besides 1 marine and workers so lets see what happens here.

Bane: Alright Well it looks like Mark4 is going for a goon rush by the cyber core and no zealots present, which is good against a metal build. This could hurt Tiller since he has almost no offense besides 1 rine. Here comes 2 of Mark4's Goons and Tillerman only has 1 marine.

Nobody: It's not looking good for Tiller 2 more goons are coming from Mark4's base to help with the ranged harassment.

Fox: I just realized who Mark4's terrier is. =[

Bane: [Shaking his head] And they made you lead host of this event.

Nobody: Well the 2 goons are starting to attack, but lucky for Tiller a tank and vulture have just popped out. Accompanied with 1 marine and 1 coming this should be good.

Bane: I agree Nobody, Mark4 loses 1 goon and Tiller loses a tank. Mark4 retreats his goon, which is being chased by 2 rines and a vulture to the reinforced goons. Which then are easily dispatched.

NO NO not THOSE kind of moves!! Sicko.

Fox: Bah it doesn't matter Mark4 is now going to attack with his probes. It's over for Tiller. Mark4 is the master of the goon rush followed by the mass probe attack. He has done it to people on countless occasions.

Nobody: And you actually beat me in Starcraft Fox? I feel really bad. But not as bad as Tiller looks like Mark4 is the driver's seat early he has plopped down a third gate, and is teching to DT.

Bane: Don't say that Nobody! Fox beat me in SC too and it just makes me frown. Well now Mark4 has 5 goons and takes them in to attack Tiller and his force of 3 vultures and 3 tanks, but wisely retreats when the tank fire rains down.

Nobody: Yes Tiller is massing Tanks and Vultures and is slowing pushing his way out. Mark4 takes this opportunity and starts an expansion in the top-right side.

Fox: Mark4 is GODLY! Here comes the DT and Tillerman has no detection MARK4 wins! MARK4 wins!

Bane: Fox.. Mark4's DT just died to spider mines.

Fox: Spider mines can hit cloaked units? That's broken! They better fix that in the 1.08 patch!!!

Nobody: [Confused with Fox] I am surprised you even know what a spider mine is Fox.

Freaking DTs keep trying to kiss those damn mines.

Fox: Well Tiller is getting himself an e-bay, starport, and another factory. Looks to me he is going to get some detection to combat the powerful DT.

Bane: That and he is starting a second CC so that he can expand.

Nobody: Well he better pay attention cause Mark4 has just started a small assault consisting of 6 goons and a templar.

Bane: I don't know how good this is going to do against high ground. Mark4 did get some good storms in, but the tanks range and high ground were too much.

its like the Roadkill café.  But not.

Nobody: I think that was more of an expanding attack. It was just enough to put Tiller on guard. As you can see Mark4 is expanding again to the middle-right.

Fox: Look at how Godly Mark4's recon is. Tiller's attempt at expanding is being thwarted by 1 of Mark4's goons.

Nobody: It isn't that Godly! As you can see Tiller uses a small vulture force to remove the goon and start the expansion.

Fox: He is Godly he is just toying with Tiller Don't even try! Tiller is trying to cut off the middle with a large tank push, but Mark4 has a large enough force to keep Tiller at bay. Tiller then just takes the other expansion on the Western side.

Bane: Fox your head isn't up Mark4's ass enough. Tiller's defense is very strong he has 15+ tanks, with Turrets, mines, vultures, and SV. He is taunting Mark4 by saying, "attack plz. I dead"

I can just hear POA saying this :)

Nobody: Actually Tiller better start something soon, Mark4 is starting his Stargates and that can only mean 1 thing. Carriers.

Fox: Carriers really can be the hammer against a terran metal player. I should know I lost to Aenslaed because of them.

Nobody: I hear that Aenslaed guy is pretty good.

Bane: I heard that he is just some random "nobody" that got lucky against Fox.

Nobody: HEY!

Fox: Mark4 is Godly, he isn't going to take the bait. Look how gosu he is with all his observers on the map. His skill is astounding. That and the carriers that he is starting to mass.

Insert funny quip here

Bane: Look at your God now Fox. He drops at the Western Cliff for a storm raid, which fails big time.

Fox: Dude he is just messing with Tiller. Making him think that he has a chance.

Bane: I hate you Fox.

the moose made me do it!!

Nobody: Tillerman is now starting to get goliath power. The question is will they be effective against Mark4's already large force of carriers?

Fox: Nothing can stop carriers!!!!!

Bane: Your parents built your swing set facing a brick wall didn't they?

Nobody: Fox you take the short school bus to school don't you?

Fox: Your just jealous that Mark4 is my God and not yours.

Bane & Nobody: [with a small pause] rriiiiiggghht.

Fox: OMG Look at the power of cliffs. Mark4 first attacks Tillers main and starts to lay waste to depots and other random buildings.

Bane: Yeah which is a good idea, because Tiller has to make a choice bring his goliaths to keep Mark4's carriers from killing all his tech or protect his tanks.

Nobody: Looks like he wants to keep that tech here comes the goliaths.

Bane: But unfortunately for Tiller carriers fly, goliaths don't. Mark4 simply moves them to the middle and starts to take out the defending tanks.

Nobody: The build up of these to forces looked to be a clash unlike anything, but those carriers just spoiled it.

Fox: GO GO GO GO GO!!! Mark4 YEAH!!!!

Bane: Fox stop rooting for Mark4 and do your job!

Fox: Alright =[ Mark4 Ownz! Well Mark4 adds a few more carriers and now just pushes through what's left of Tillerman's defense.
Bane: Wow you know Tillerman is a great player, he is doing quite well against what Mark4 has with some good micro, but it's not enough.

Nobody: Yeah, but Mark4 just has the superior forces Tillerman knows this and gives Mark4 a gg

bigger isn't always better…wait…nm…yes it is.

Fox: Well that's round 1 and Tiller went down on that one, but don't count this player out. It's his choice for the map next game.

Nobody: Yes folks, I know the suspense is killing you, but games 2 and 3 (if needed) are on their way in the next couple of days :) Can Tiller pull it out by winning two straight? Or will fox's god finish the job? Tune in next time on…


Nobo wouldn't let you down, would he? :)

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