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"did you put in the Zileas quote?"

StarCraft Episode 1: The Blizzard Galaxy (Working version!!)
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Date: 06/20/00 03:06
Game Type: Starcraft
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WARNING: For a better View, plz wait for all the pictures and stuff to be loaded on your browser. and be sure to turn off all your mp3s of music stuffs.


Hi all, and welcome yet again to another Frenchy Production. This is the debut of i think will be a great series of battle reports. I say i think because now, with my website SC Lords keeping me busy, i am not sure i will be able to write more battle reports for a certain time but heh ... we will see. Only my friends will be allowed in this battle reports series. The Episode 1 will start with my buddys Mogalin and Ko[B]old. Of course, the famous Quotes of the Month will be included in each BRs of this series. Hehe, Let's not waste more time to see this month Quotes !!

TOP 5, Quotes of the Month !

LOL ... For those who stil don't know, `Cactrot is Bob_the_Newt and this was some hella funny quote. At the Post-Game Show of this battle report, i will tell you the funny circunstances of that quote. Another thing to mention is the great come back of OrcManiac on my QOTM with two funny quotes this time ! Good job Orc :). Oh well they were all funny anyway hehe. More quotes to come in my next BR , stay tuned... Let's get going with our Main EVENT !


We are on the Planet of Aiur, Near The Lost Temple sector, where all the terran troops are waiting to invade the Protoss main Nexus on the Lost Temple sector. Inside the Nexus, General Mogalin is preparing the defense strategy along with Tassadar, Protoss Judicator.

Mogalin: They are about to attack, i'm sure of it.
Tassadar: The radar still detect no mouvements of any kind.
Radio operator: GENERAL ! we intercepting an incoming transmition from a Battle Cruiser in orbit around Aiur to the Terran base.

INCOMING TRANSMISSION "This is Acturus Mensk, Commander of the Federation. General Ko[B]old, i want you to immedialty attack the protoss Nexus, i don't want them to be able to put up a good defense. Attack !, Attack immediatly." "Yessir !"

Mogalin: Shit i knew it!. Tassadar, message your troops to be ready, This is it.

INCOMING TRANSMISSION "To the Protoss commander of the region. This is General Ko[B]old of the Terran Federation. I order you to surrender and to give us every weapons. If not you will face the consequences and die."

Mogalin:This is bullshit Kob and you know it. Acturus is insane. Stop your attack or i will have no choice but to destroy you and your army.

Ko[B]old: I have my orders. Prepare to die!

The War begin like every usual Terran VS Protoss battle. Terran are fortifying their position with a wallin at ramp, while they build factorys for fast siege tanks defense. The Protoss, try to benefit from the terran low ammount of troops to destroy the wallin. During this rush, Mogalin also order his probes to warp another Nexus at his natural expansion.

Now that we see what the two Generals are up too, Mogalin clearly going for mass dragoons from 3 gateway with an early expansion. And Ko[B]old with 2 factorys with machine-shop add-on, is going for tanks. Ko[B]old also want to be ready for goliaths already got an armory and his researching the +1 attack tanks upgrade. General Mogalin sent 2 zealots and 2 probes to try to avoid Ko[B]old from wallin. Unfortunalty, the pylon is destroy just in time and the wallin is operationnal. Mogalin zealots try several times to kill one of the supply depot but 3 SCVs were reparing at the same time and the wallin remain. General Ko[B]old also order to build a fast E-Bay to be sure he wont get harras by Dark templars.

Now that 3 tanks are out from factorys, Ko[B]old float his barrack on the valley and let an SCV build a Command Center to his natural expansion. This even things up with the expansions. Mogalin try to deny that expansion but the 3 siege tanks are good enought for defense. The small Protoss force of 4 tanks and one zealot retreat to the Terran entrance.

Ko[B]old: constantly build tanks from his 2 factorys and it do not take long before the tank push begin. Using his plateau a very nice way, Ko[B]old is able to keep pushing to the Protoss base and to defend at the same time. Another factory is build and now tanks are coming out from 3 factorys. The invasion is began !

Mogalin: Those tanks are killing our infantry too hard! We need to get air as soon as possible".

Protoss probes immediatly obay to the General Mogalin and two stargate are being warped. During this time, the siege tanks still making their way to the Protoss base. Ko[B]old also buidling turrets at every steps of the siege.

Mogalin already have his robotic build and he built a shuttle as soon as the tank push started. The zealots drops slow the tank push a bit but without causing any serious damage. The thing is that Ko[B]old's turrets stop Mogalin from microing his shuttle and zealots drops are easily handled. Mogalin is now making a very smart move before he is getting completely sieged, he send a probe at his mineral-only expansion. A nexus and some more gateway will be build at this place.

As you can see on the mini-map, Ko[B]old is starting an new expansion at the sector west of the Lost Temple. You can also see that the Terran tank push keep marching into the south valley and its about to hit Mogalin natural expansion. Another thing good to mention is that the two stargate are warped and Scouts are on their way. Yes, i said scouts hehe. Mogalin also have 4 more gateway at his mineral-only expansion and is warping speedy zealots. So let's get back to the tank push and see what scouts and speedy zealots can do for the Protoss resistance.

After some scouts harrasemment, Ko[B]old build goliaths and start researching range. Only 3 goliaths are enought to make run the Scouts from the Terran base. Seeing the siege coming to his base, Mogalin just wait for some more zealots and scouts to charge the siege tanks. On the upgrades, Both generals neglicted that aspect. Only Ko[B]old got +1 attack on tanks. Mogalin still have no upgrades of any kind.

Here is what happen to the first wave of zealots to charge the tank push:

The last attack may not have removed the siege but still, he killed some tanks and Mogalin lost none of his scouts. With 4 gateway, more zealots are warped soon after. A second wave of about 12 speedy zealots is charging the siege once again. Unfortunatly, with the addition of some goliaths, the zealots are dying almost all in the same time, mostly due because of the tanks splash damage. Mogalin got no choice but to concede his main base to the forces of general Ko[B]old. Ko[B]old also take this opportunity to expand again on the south sector. I gotta say that both generals scouted really bad on that battle. They both let each other expand with no defense.

Mogalin realize he can no longer help his main base, and decide to be more agressive and send almost constant zealots to Ko[B]old main base and natural expansion. Mogalin attack got a really nice timing because the main Terran forces are currently killing his main and that left Ko[B]old base low on defense. While Mogalin attack he also expand at the 9ocloack mineral-only and natural expansion.

Ok lots of things happend here so let's see what happen on the mini-map.

After losing their main, Both generals have to rebuild their base. Ko[B]old apparently got lots of money and build 5 startports and around 10 barracks on south and west. Mogalin been able to keep his gateways at his mineral-only expansion and only have to rebuild his tech tree. Unfortunatly, the Protoss resistance seem low on gas and Mogalin is only able to rebuilt 1 stargate. Some corsairs and canons are warped for defense while a group of zealots is finishing the rest of the Terran main.

The terran forces seem in really good position to win at this point. General Ko[B]old just ordered his wraiths squad to destroy the new warped Nexus at 9ocloak natural, and the Protoss Resistance is out of gas again. Ko[B]old decide he can get this over right now and attack the main Protoss expansion from both side.


Thats of course only a matter of time before more marines/medics/firebats/wraiths charge the last stand of Protoss resistance. This time, only templars would have been able to stop the Federation. The lack of gas will finnaly cost the battle to Mogalin.

Mogalin: You have won the battle but the war is not over my old friend. You can be sure we will come back stonger to hunt you down.

Ko[B]old: HAHA that sound more like a wish you fool!. We will rule this sector and everyone on the galaxy will live under the control of the Terran Federation.

Mogalin: We will see ..

Winner: General Ko[B]old, Terran Federation


hehe i got some funny stuff about that bob quote here. Let me explain you the circunstances of that quote. Me and him were looking for a 2v2 in nohunters, and the only game we could find was a 2v2 tao. EVen if im not on tao ladder anymore, we joined pretending i was T_mac. I explain them that `cactrot is bob_the_newt so they can report the loss to the good persons. Look what that guy said when he heard that `cactrot is BOB:

That conclude the Episode 1 of the StarCraft series. This will also be posted at For those who have not visited my site in a long time, lots of change have been made and i think its pretty good now. I hope you will all like this idea and that i will be able to continue this reports series. Stay tuned for Episode 2. CYA!

Editor's Note: The flash is missing so even though the page seems to still load, don't bother sitting around hoping it'll appear eventually.

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