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"Vultures own Goons"

Captains plus one! (long and pic encumbered)
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Date: 06/02/00 01:06
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.7, # of Ratings: 3, Max: 10, Min: 9
Lifetime Rating for Dr.Zchivago: 8.8750
Captains plus one! (long and pic encumbered)
View or Add Comments (# of comments thus far: 125)
Date: 06/02/00 01:06
Game Type: Starcraft
Report Rating: 9.7, # of Ratings: 3, Max: 10, Min: 9
Lifetime Rating for Dr.Zchivago: 8.8750
Is that "Captain" Mark4???

"Just sit right back and enjoy the tale, the tale of a fateful---"  bbbbbrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaappppppppp!

Sorry, that is totally not right.  Hmm, how about...

"When the going gets tough, and the stomach acids flow...The cold wind of conformity is nipping at your nose...When some trendy new atrocity has brought you to your knees...Come with us, we'll sail the Seas of Cheese!!!"  <--------Homage to Dref!!!

Now that is beautimous.  I think I still need one more though...

"I'm your captain, I'm your captain...And I'm feeling...mighty sick."

Sick in the head that is.  Yes, I have stumbled upon a few of the people most in need of mental help on  This is called "Captains plus one!" due to the presence of not 1, not 2, not even 3, but FIVE captains!!!  And not only are they arrogant enough to think they all need to be wearing the title of "Captain", they have the skill, and most importantly, the balls, to carry themselves so.  Of course, with all they have going for them, they must have some quirk and that quirk is not a one of them are in the least bit sane.  Being the Doctor and all, I am going to have to hit the books a little harder to figure this shit out!


Who is gracing our presence:

  • Captain-Scrotum - Nice way to start this out, eh?  Hmm, not much known here other than he is quite an exemplary player relying on his 'maniac like'  tactics to sneak in people's back doors in at least four ways...hence, the Scrotum.

  • Captain-Obvious - Master of the, well...obvious.  A proponent of major smack-talk in NoHunters and the commencment of smackdowns on those who face him.  Usually can be found in some sort of higher level gutter talk with...

  • Cptn-OfPoasAnus - Heavy Duty Fruity of NoHunters and  Walks da walk, talks the talk.  Only weakness known is some sort of infatuation with Richard Simmons.

  • Captain-STFU - Don't speak, just STFU!  Wise beyond his years this guru of the unseen forces has climbed his pinnacle of zen and has arrived at the more direct approach of "put up or STFU!!!"

  • Captain-SeX - What game is complete without the direct references and innuendos of sex?  Of course, his style is a little more directed at totally butt-raping someone while they are futilely attempting a tech-build.  He specializes in the enforcement of seldom seen sex laws and holds his forte in sodomy.

  • The Variable - Spelled with some 'dot dots' and a 'parenthesis' or something like that.  The one who goes by the ever changing Variable is indeed the balance to this set up and does provide some sort of anchor to the sane world.  He is also the only NON-captain playing.


How did we get here?  Well, it is a little long, I will try to speed the small talk up.  Not that there was much of it.  All of this really happened quite fast.


It started on the farm:

Chillin on the farm.

Well, this sure as hell didn't work.and yes, there were a few other "Captains" involved.  They had not the stamina after the farm.  So, we made anew.  Unfortunately, this new game, now a FFA, was met with mucho lag and after making their fair share of 'gay', 'can't-stand-the-lag-I-must-play-zealot farm' comments, everyone dropped and we tried again.

During all this game hopping, not once did anyone let up any ounce of NOT smack talking.  It was at this time I realized I may be in over my head in the crazy world the 'Captains' have created for themselves.  I am a trooper, though, and we finally got the game.

I have to say, if you made it this far, stick around.  I am half lit right now (notice no accent, much too hard to figure out right now), and the captains are going to take us on one hell of a ride.

Lets get to the game!


Where are you Capn-OfBobsAnus????

Yay!  We are in the game, lag is not an issue, and no one is dropping.  Perhaps this will be a serious endeavor from the captains?  Wait.  SeX had a constant scroll for at least 45 seconds.  FU SeX!    =)Captain-SeX has decided to set the tone of the game with a total barrage of superfluous chatter to try and lag out, or just create hate and discontent.  He is totally successful with the latter.

After about a full minute of Captain-SeX's unwanted spam, the rest of the captains pool together (except for Captain-Obvious, he never got the hack) and set the scroll hack .This hack comes with patch 1.4567234 .  Of course, when you set the scroll hack, there is a caveat that initializes a Warez 'no-one-can-defeat' map hack.  Now that the hacks are established we can continue on with this cluster-fuck of a game!


Everyone eventually gets settled in after the start.  There are three Zerg players.  Captain-STFU has brown zerg at 12:00.  Captain-Obvious has purple zerg at 6:00.  And Cptn-OfPoasAnus has white zerg at 7:00.  The zerg players all follow a similar build in establishing gas, early zerglings, and an early expansion.

There are two Protoss players.  Captain-Scrotum is in charge of yellow protoss at 1:00.  Variable has the red protoss at 5:00.  Both protoss go for early zealots, followed with a slow tech from Cybernetics Cores.

The lone Terran participant is none other than Captain-SeX.  He has a blue terran faction at 11:00.  Double barracks with gas and academy are the beginnings of his build.


Primus sucks!I will give a mini-map here, and you can see the map is basically split in two.  Terran, Zerg, Protoss on the top half and Zerg, Zerg, Protoss on the bottom half.  Will the battles stay on each half?  Will anyone be safe?  I think not.  Scouts abound and die.  And holding true that there will always be an early aggressor...  both protoss set out to ruin a foe.


Captain-Scrotum is the first to incite worry.  Captain-STFU has decided on an early expansion Hatchery in between himself and Captain-Scrotum.  This expansion is almost immediately set upon by 2 zealots from Captain-ScrotumCaptain-SeX has a marine on scout duty and sees almost all of Captain-STFU's drones go to fight the zealots and try to save his newly morphed Hatch.  The zealots fall, along with the hatchery, a few drones, a marine, and a few zerglings.  Captain-STFU was able to place two sunkens down on the creep before it receded.

Variable has also taken the early irritating offensive and is really succeeding in pissing Captain-Obvious off with a few zealots in his main at 6:00.  After a few moments of aggravation, the zealots are called off.

Captain-Obvious, not being bothered by zealots anymore, heads out to try and secure an expansion, and take out a new one in-between his base and Cptn-OfPoasAnus'.  As Captain-Obvious gets involved with a zergling fight at Cptn-OfPoasAnus' expansion, 4 more zealots show up to wreak havoc in his drone line, compliments of VariableCaptain-Obvious is a little disgruntled at the loss of his zerglings at the expansion, and some of his drones at home.  The zealots kill the extractor before new zerglings can stop the madness.

He ain't Captain-Obvious for nothing folks!



Back up north, Captain-STFU and Captain-Scrotum have met at a stand-off.  They have both secured the two expansions in-between them  and are setting up troops to protect themselves from each other.

Variable is just beginning an expansion north of his main, and has been teching like a whore while zealot harassing Captain-Obvious.

Cptn-OfPoasAnus has set up two fledgling expansions now, both in between him and Captain-Obvious, and Captain-Obvious has managed to expand once towards the middle despite his inopportune timing so far.

Now, Captain-SeX has been relatively quiet.  Troop-wise, not mouth-wise, so far.  Alas, he has a small group of M&M.  4 marines with a medic each are heading down south.  Apparently, he has seen his other two northern counterparts involved with each other and sets his sights on Cptn-OfPoasAnus.

Who woulda thunk 4 rines and 4 meds could create such havoc.  Must be the hot medic sex.The small terran troop I imagine was really only a beefy scouting party.  But when they get to the zerg main of Cptn-OfPoasAnus, they find it totally empty of any offensive troop or defensive structure.  You see, Cptn-OfPoasAnus was focusing on his expansions near Captain-Obvious, and has all of his zerglings are away from his main.  The marine force has stim-packs, and use them.  They are able kill quite a few drones before Cptn-OfPoasAnus is able to micro himself out and chase the remaining meds away.



Variable is not being very variable, but he sure is consistent with those zealots.If you didn't notice, Captain-Obvious is laughing pretty hard at Cptn-OfPoasAnus' predicament.  He is quick to frown as Variable rises again and starts another pissed off zealot uprising in his main at 6:00.  8 nasty red zealots come charging into Captain-Obvious' base and begin to reign holy terror down on the two Hatcheries there.  A few zerglings are ready to counter, and that they do.  Aside from some major troop loss of both zerglings and drones, mucho micro lets the Hatcheries stand.



Seeing as how he is so ill-prepared for M&M, and coupled with the fact a hostile zerg is at his immediate right, Cptn-OfPoasAnus decides to pull the greatest defensive maneuver of all during a FFA. A ffa is not a FFA without some allies and butt-rapings. An alliance!  Of course, the chosen person to offer an alliance to is the nearby zerg of Captain-Obvious, who is at this moment barely suviving the zealot raids of Variable.  It is agreed.  Set in stone.  The pimp has got his whore.


Will this alliance be the end of all the others?  Who will backstab who?  Who will they tag team?  Who was the one responsible for creating JavaScript?  (I only bring that up because he should be drawn and quartered, keel-hauled, and then fed to the sharks).  Well, before we got on to the alliance, lets catch up on some stuff.

There is a border war up north.  Captain-STFU, at 12:00 has his expansion to his right.  This expansion has one small bridge that leads right into Captain-Scrotum's (1:00) expansion.  They both play cat and mouse over the bridge.  Both are mining from those expansions and both have taken the opportunity to expand again.  Captain-Scrotum has secured a node at roughly 3:00, and Captain-STFU has secured a very well placed node right smack dab in the middle of the map.  Mini-map update, do your thing:



From the mini-map you can see Captain-Obvious is just finishing up with the zealots in his base.  It is at this moment that the alliance is formed.  There are also 2 blue blobs in the vicinity of the white base.  The closest group of blue is the 4 medics that were chased away.  They are patiently waiting on the second blob to get to them.  The second blob happens to be 12 stimmed marines hurriedly marching their drugged asses down to create more problems for Cptn-OfPoasAnus.  This is actually a pretty quick turnaround for Captain-SeX.  He is looking for fast and bold blood on Cptn-OfPoasAnus, and indeed he gets it.


I think can just rename them Captain-Homophobics.Still reeling from the initial zergling fights and the horrendous 4 marine attack force, Cptn-OfPoasAnus is in no way ready for 12 stimmed marines with medic support.  At first site of them, he hastily tries to erect more sunkens with his drones, and tries to dance his zerglings around, but the M&M of Captain-SeX show no mercy and begin to tear down buildings in the zerg main.  Hmm, so much for an alliance.


Low and behold, Cptn-OfPoasAnus has two expansions, but no real tech buildings of any kind at them.  Yes, yes, Cptn-OfPoasAnus was afk for a short time.  Everyone missed his message saying so as it was engulfed in the scroll-a-thon of the start.As his main is being ripped down he concedes and the first victim of the FFA is claimed.  Since, his newly formed ally just left, things look grim for Captain-Obvious too.


SeX and his hot loving faggoty marines and lesbian meds.Well, Captain-SeX is on his way back up north to his base after wiping out Cptn-OfPoasAnus and runs right into a new purple Hatchery of Captain-Obvious.  The marines pause here on their journey home to happily reduce the living structure to a pile of gushy, bloody, phlegm.  They then hold a sodomy party in the remnants to the tune of "ffgay". 



Captain-SeX is not done yet, either.  He has 5 barracks cranking out his super-doped-up M&M, and heads a rather large group (about 30 M&M) to go check out what Captain-STFU is doing.  Suck on this!The marines find a lightly defended main (all of Captain-STFU's available brood is defending at the border war with Captain-Scrotum) and in this main is a HIVE!  Oh, there is no way that Captain-SeX is gonna let that thing live.  And so the super-dope-squad commences the de-gaussing of the Hive.

If you notice the dead carcass to the right, it is that of an Ultralisk.  It seems as though Captain-STFU has been very successful with his middle expansion.  Though small it is, the ultralisk-hive is located there.  From the lack of comment about it hatching and dying, I have to assume that Captain-SeX never saw the wooly mammoth mutant.


I am not sure if it any ultralisks will save Captain-STFU from the butt-snorfling (that's MEDIC butt-snorfling) marine parade that is decimating his 12:00 main base.  The marines level the slime of any erect structure and proceed to the immediate border war area.  Captain-SeX loses some of his marine force but is successful in ruining another of What is his first favorite?  The one that died a moment before?Captain-STFU's bases.  Captain-STFU sheds his thought on losing his second expansion to the delight of others.


Captain-SeX tries to push on through the border and into Captain-Scrotum land, but is denied by cannons, goons, and a templar.  The tattered remains of a marine force that took out two zerg clusters marches back towards familar territory.

Captain-SeX finally decides it is time to expand.  His main is totally mined out.  His main focus has been on M&M, but he does have quite the terran tech buildings all in a close formation.  He expands to the north of his main with a ready made CC and resumes resource intake.

Captain-STFU also decides to expand.  Considering he just lost his 12:00 main and his border expansion, he expands to a single entrance drop down ledge close to inbetween Captain-Scrotum and Variable.

Not much has been heard of in regards to Captain-Scrotum and Variable.  Both have been content to sit back and amass as many troops as they can.  Captain-Scrotum has what the zerg would consider a horde of dragoons buffered with Dark Templar and a few token zealots.  Variable has several templar each base and an army of Dark Templar, zealots, and goons.  He has expanded twice more.

And believe it or not, Captain-Obvious has rebuilt his economy, added another expansion and is now commanding a very sizable hydralisk horde.


Contrary to popular belief, Ultralisks >> Probes.The little red dot towards the center of the map is a scouting probe sent by Variable to check things out.  The probe is very handily dealt with by a few of the lumbering elephant looking thingies crowding around Captain-STFU's center base.  Captain-STFU shouted curses and hopes that Variable doesn't give away his growing pack of mutated pachyderms to the rest of the crew.


Captain-SeX was set back a little with the loss of most of his marine force trying to press Captain-Scrotum.  He got his expansion up and running fairly quickly, but it is obvious he was a little short in the bank.  With him laying low, and Captain-STFU not ready to strike yet, we finally have some action from the long silenced Captain-Obvious!


Groups of his purple hydralisks (upgraded quite nicely) begin streaming towards the one who irritated him so much in the beginning of the game...Variable.  He has his hydra's split into to two groups and begins to attack Variable's main from the western and southern entrances.  Unfortunately for Captain-Obvious, Variable has placed a few DT as scouts to the entances of his bases and he sees the incoming threat.


The groups do not attack simultaneously, and since Variable had the advantage of seeing it coming, he was able to hold of both attacks without sustaining much damage.

It is about this time that a giant brown line starts to form on my mini-map.  It is beginning in the center of the map and moving east towards Captain-SeX and his blue terrans of doom.  This brown line very much resembles a big piece of poop sliding across the screen.  A little closer observation reveals it to be a 3/2 upgraded group of ultralisks!

Look out SeX!  You are about to be POOPED on!


Captain-SeX has been playing 'catch-up' in regards to the expansion war and the ultralisks of Captain-STFU find a naked CC on the way over.  It is razed in a matter of seconds.  Captain-SeX attempts to rally all of his troops the confines of his main, but the sheer number of the powerful beasts (they are upgraded here, so they are not total 4 ton sacks of shit) are more than enough for the valiant terran commander.  Captain-STFU has waited (or survived) all game it seems just to amass his army of ultralisks.  He has them now, and they waste no time at all in leveling the terran main.


Captain-SeX's days are numbered now, and Captain-STFU seems pretty happy about it.  One person that does not seem so happy is Captain-Obvious.  His first dual attack on red failed, but it was not the end of the world.  The zerg can hatch troops faster than a crack whore can throw a trick for a rock.  Captain-Obvious assaults the red protoss leader once again with a squad and a half of hydralisks.

The approach is from the south and the hydras make it across the bridge into the Variable's main.  They destroy the left over goons and DT's (overlord support this time) and as they begin to throw green Pylons/Gates/Archives beat the hydras down.spittle at the protoss buildings, electric fire lights the skies and bolts of blue thunder crackle through the vulnerable, fleshy bodies of the zerg.  There are still many hydras still attacking, and now they want the templar responsible for killing their brethren.  The hydralisks take the shortest path to the templar, which is through, and between the buildings.  The templar on duty sees a wonderful opportunity and storms the mobility-hindered hydralisks as they try and move between structures.


Captain-Obvious is obviously not fairing to well in the protoss main.  And to make matters even worse, Variable has begun a counter attcack on Captain-Obvious' upper expansion...with a carrier fleet!


Yes, Variable was left alone for far too long.  If you notice the big pic above of the ultras killing blue (these events were kinda happening simultaneously), you will see in the comments a wonderful observation of Captain-Obvious.  He states his revelation somewhat profoundly:

Captain-Obvious:  someone kill red



While Captain-SeX was cheering on his own demise to the large behemoths of death, Variable charges on with his fleet of overgrown watermelons into the upper expansion of Captain-ObviousVariable inflicts large amounts of damage to this expansion but is forced to pull his fleet back to the home front to take care of the rest of the rag-tag hydras Captain-Obvious is still sending his way.

Finally, Captain-Scrotum comes to life and sends out his response to Captain-Obvious' request for "someone kill red".  He takes a group of 12 Dark Templar and head them out...WEST!!!

If you can't remember, or are just skipping through to see the pics, Captain-Scrotum is in the upper right portion of the map and Variable is to his immediate South.  The only thing west of him is the beaten down remnants of Captain-SeX, which the DT help to hurt even further.  The ultralisks and DT don't meet up immediately, but eventually run out of terran bases to tear apart and wind up dancing around together.  Captain-SeX has saved a lone SCV that he has erecting half-depots in every corner he can find.  So....

Variable left without an immediate threat that he can see, turns the carrier fleet on to Captain-Obvious' main base.  The fleet is backed with observers and corsair armed with the frilly gay-web.  Having sunk most of his effort at Variable's base, Captain-Obvious is left with the hatching of scourge to try and stop the juggernaut.  The scourge do not work very well against 8 carriers and 8 corsiar, all with the "nicely equipped" package from the dealership.

this is the last alt text.  I am not that funny and this is killing my head.


After killing a whole bunch of blue terran, Captain-STFU rallied the ultras back to his center base, and Captain-Scrotum put his DT on a 'round-the-map' mission.  Heh, they encountered another Hatchery that was just put up by Captain-Obvious and proceed to his western most expansion.  Captain-Obvious is most displeased with developments as they are and voices his opinion (see above picture comments).


Captain-Scrotum has a momentary lapse of heart and decides to leave Captain-Obvious well enough alone.  The Dark Templar make their way across the map and run right smack into Captain-STFU at his center base.  Seizing a golden opportunity, the DT lay the smacketh-downeth upon the Ultra Cavern (WWF was in town last night, sorry).  Can you smell what the Scrotum is cooking?

Captain-Scrotum is successful in making sure no MORE ultras can be made, but Captain-STFU still has about 10 of them.  And I figure 10 Ultralisks in the late game are pretty damn good, but how they fair with the carriers will be interesting indeed.



Variable still has quite a grip on Captain-Obvious.  He has not stopped the overgrown watermelon onslaught and doesn't look to be able to.  Despite the Dark Templar leaving his western expansions alone, Captain-Obvious has had enough and bids everyone a gentlemanly good night.


With no Captain-Obvious as a threat anymore, Variable is able to turn the fleet of impending doom in the direction of Captain-Scrotum.  The air fleet on its way north to Captain-Scrotum just barely misses the long, brown, poop-train of 10 big ugly beasts winding their way to the entrance of Variable's main.  Ultralisks are in no way threatened by carriers, but the carriers are a long way off and Variable has committed his entire ground force to the push north.  Right about now Captain-SeX figures he is down also and leaves about 7 half built supply depots to the rest of the players.



About the time Variable is ripping the first Captain-Scrotum expansion apart with both air and ground, the mighty 4 ton sacks of shit bludgeon their way into the red protoss main. 



Variable is dealing some damage to Captain-Scrotum, but is forced to pull his air fleet back to deal with the giant tusks ripping important tech buildings apart back at home.


While the carriers are on the way back to save his base, Captain-STFU begins to laugh about having his Ultras wreaking havoc undeterred in the protoss main.  Captain-Scrotum thinks he is being laughed at for losing his expansion so easily to Variable and sends a full squad of Dark Templar to take out Captain-STFU's last base.

Dark Templar have shredded Captain-STFU's defenseless center base.  Luckily, one drone escaped and morphed a hatchery in the lower left quadrant to give Captain-STFU something to keep his ultralisks alive.  What good they will do I know not.


Well, it is amazing how much damage upgraded ultralisks can take and dish out.  It takes an abominable long time for the carriers and templar to rid the base of ultralisks.  Only a few protoss structures remain standing in the once mighty main and everyground troop the protoss had in the vicinity is back on Aiur, even including some reavers that tried to go toe to toe with the big tusky bags.

Who needs alt text when these comments are so funny anyway?


Captain-STFU did survive with 2 fleeing Ultras.  However, between random-map DT's and the carrier fleet searching down stray stuff, the ultras are pretty much done.  One does manage to sneak back in the protoss base, but several zealots are able to take it down.

Captain-STFU has no army now.  He has one base consisting of 1 Hatchery, 1 Spawningpool, a few drones and that's it.

Variable is looking for other expansions of Captain-Scrotum and is destroying all vacant/non-occupied structures left behind by the other players in the process.

Captain-Scrotum is on the prowl for the last of Captain-STFU.  As he is on his search, he playfully asks if Captain-STFU would like to ally.  He asks this question right as he stumbles upon his last outpost and decides to just...  Well, look at the comments =)



And then there were two...


Captain-Scrotum and Variable.  Both of them are still building troops back at their mains.  And both of them still have a roving squad of destruction.


Variable has his fleet of carriers and sairs cleaning up the left portion of the map.  And Captain-Scrotum has his group of Dark Templar out doing the same.  The carriers stumble over the remote group of DT and with the aid of a few observers tagging along the DT are disposed of most expediently.

Captain-Scrotum screams at the loss of his "caped shitheads" (I forget who I saw mention this term, insert name HERE).  He gets a sense as to what is going to happen and decides to keep his dragoon army at home in preparation.


There are many more goons right off screen.  No, really!Variable has already pushed Captain-Scrotum earlier and decides to test the waters again with a zealot attack force right up the gut into his main.  The zealots do not get very far as Captain-Scrotum has a good sized army of dragoons backed with more DT and zealots of his own.  Variable doesn't even get past the bridge.  But that is good information regardless.

...the carriers are en-route.


Captain-Scrotum asks for some mercy and then begins warping in a few Nexi and pylons.  Starting in the vicinity of where Captain-SeX once stood and making his way around the map counter-clockwise.


Variable on the other hand has decided to flank Captain-Scrotum.  He saw the massive goon army accompanied by some corsair at the southern entrance to Captain-Scrotum's main and has decided to circle the carriers to come in from the western side.  Variable also adds a shuttle to his air entourage.  This shuttle conveniently drops off templar when needed (or at least for show).  Corsair that Captain-Scrotum had at the ready find out first hand what it feels like to be put in a blender and put on puree.


Captain-Scrotum tries to fend off the inevitable, but it is indeed inevitable.  The carriers are destroying everything in their path.  Variable sends his own ground troops up to help in the carnage.  The lack of templar in his ranks makes for a very, very painful death for Captain-Scrotum.

"There caan bee onlee wahn!!!"


Omg!  The game is over?  Yes it is.  Of the 5 Captains and one Variant.  The Variable emerges triumphant.  Victory is his, but the Captains have damaged him anyway.  No one comes away from an encounter with the Captains unblemished.  But for the record, here are the final stats:



I was hoping for a big get together after this game so we could all delve a little deeper in the mystique of the Captains.  But, due to large gaps of time between players being eliminated and the game lasting an hour all of the elusive ones were not to be found.

The chit-chat that followed was mostly spent trying to figure out the real identities of all the Captains, Variable had no idea.  Though I did not state their alter egos, I think I did make it quite obvious as to who was really who.  Hats off to all for such an entertaining game.  I hope I was able to capture some of the essence of it.  My brain is still swimming from all of the spamming smack talkin whores that go by Captain.  Good job Variable.  And good job Captains!!!

And with that I bid you all adieux.







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