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Ap`Taktiks vs. Crazy
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Date: 05/18/00 03:05
Game Type: Starcraft
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Channel NoHunters. My decidedly negative perceptions of the channel and it's rather bleak inhabitants were, sadly, unchanged upon my initial requests for 2 players whom I could feature in a battlereport. As I waded through the nonsensical ramblings of multiple fresh-off-BGH llamas, avoiding and squelching the random crap which emanated from their (hopefully) distant keyboards and hunched figures complete with gnarled teeth, uncombed hair, and carpal-tunnel infested arthritic fingers, I pressed on, finding greater resolve as I continued my search for two players who would ultimately prove worthy of my battlereporting talents.

Soon enough, two llamas of a much different, conceivably better, breed of online warriors stepped forward in quiet agreement to wage virtual war, both eager to claim the online notoriety which would surely follow them should they win enough of these damned reported games.

Let's meet our two players.

But before we do that, let's pause for our ceremonial Pre-Game Bobo quote!

The Pre-Game Bobo Quote:

And now onto the players :)

The Players:


Known primarily for his flawless tank pushes and superb execution of various protoss Island strategies, not to mention his spectacular run on the Tao Bnet Ladder, Ap`Taktiks is, as his name suggests, a master of tactical execution. Although fully capable of winning a pure macro war, I consider his style of play to be most effective when he is making key assaults and micromanaging ALL battles. Please note that Ap`Taktiks has the requisite ladder high of 1200+, which is emblematic of all truly skilled players, especially given the mannerable nature of the "official" B.Net ladder.


Crazy is known primarily for his hard rushes. A mostly terran player with a respectable ladder high (~1170), Crazy's style of play is more about overunning your lines with mass units rather than with proper tactical execution. Nevermind that this mofo is completely nuts; Crazy has no fear, and is blessed with the talent to pull off whatever strat he decides to play. Crazy, despite his talents, has the unfortunate tendancy to overpower, and if successfully drawn into a micro war, will probably lose one.

Now onto the game.

Early Game Impressions:
Selected Protoss @12

Selected Zerg @9

Map: The Lost Temple

Following the customary pleasantries both players commenced with their initial builds.

Ap`Taktiks opened with a pylon below his ramp, followed by gates on 11 and 13. The position of his gateways obviously signalled his intent to expand early on, as his gates were positioned specifically to block off his natural expansion.

Crazy opened with a hatch on 12. To my surprise, he chose to place it at his mineral-only expansion. He then followed up with a pool on 13, then placed his third hatch at his natural at around 15 supply. While not saving up any larva.

Ap`Taktiks, seeing that Crazy wasn't at 3, chose to do the "in thing" and built a second nexus before a 2nd pylon. Of course, this left him unable to rush Crazy's exposed hatchery, but it was a calculated play designed to take advantage of Crazy not being at the 3 spot.

Take note that neither player knows where the other is at this stage of the game, nor does either of them command military units of any kind.

Here's a look at their stuff so far:

For those of you that don't know, Protoss develops much faster in the early game than zerg. You will notice that Ap`Taktiks is building a nexus at 17 supply, while Crazy's third hatch has just begun to morph. This is due to the small pauses in drone production needed to build those early hatches and the spawning pool, while a Protoss can build non-stop probes. Of course, a zerg becomes very powerful if permitted to build drones out of multiple hatches during early mid-game.

As Crazy would soon demonstrate. But for the moment, Crazy slowly built up 12 lings and a sunken at his mineral only while Ap`Taktiks focused on staying on top of his pylons while building probes and zealots from his 2 gateways.


After the requisite scouting both players chose to build up their bases, each finding no vulnerability to melee rushes in the other. Crazy added a 4th hatch in his main ~30 supply, while pumping drones from his 3 hatches. After a little skirmishing around Ap`Taktiks' very strong choke, he decided to build 2 additional sunken colonies seeing that his zergling/zealot ratio was rather weak. That done, he began collecting gas from both geysers, then quickly brought his hatch count up to 6 once he had the minerals while pumping a ridiculous amount of drones from his 4 active hatches.

Ap`Taktiks did much the same. He started collecting gas from both geysers at ~40 supply while building nonstop zeals/probes, while putting up a cybercore, citadel, robo-facility and archives, in that order. Twin forges were soon erected to allow dual upgrading. He then slowly raised his gateway count to six while training non-stop zeal/probes and upgrading 1/1, zealot legs, and psi-storm.

While Ap`Taktiks had been teching and building, Crazy had completed 5 of his 6 hatches, and a hydra den. Eager to capitalize upon his current power, he begins to mass hydras in earnest. He also set down dual evo chambers for missle attack and carapace +1.

Midgame Skirmishes:

Ap`Taktiks in a somewhat risky play, decided to expand to the 3 o'clock natural expansion. Given the sheer number of hydralisk soon to be in play, it was a ballsy move on Ap's part. As part of his preparations, Ap`Taktiks took 10 zealots and spread them out in a vertical line stretching across the map's center. Understanding that the expansion would immediately come under fire once discovered, Ap began building 3 cannons positioned so that they could layer fire into the choke entrance, precisely where incoming hydras would stumble about while attempting to return fire.

Crazy stumbled upon the expansion attempt with a drone (don't ask me why he sent a drone) and immediately sent all 18 of his hydras to engage the building cannon defenses. Ap saw the movement with his extended line of zealots and immediately withdrew his troops in a desperate delaying action to allow his cannons time to finish.

In the ensuing race to the expansion, Ap was able to marginally outrace the speed upgraded hydras with his unlegged zeals, then was able to engage the superior numbered hydralisks effectively enough that his cannons were able to complete.

Here Crazy showed a glimmer of intelligence by retreating his remaining troops knowing that his forces did not have the critical mass needed to defeat both the zealots and cannons should the zealots retreat to the finished cannons.

Having successfully managed the games first major engagement, initiated by Crazy, Ap`Taktiks moved his remaining troops two screens north from where he had engaged the hydras, expecting subsequent attacks.

Ap`Taktiks was correct in his expectations.

Blitzing 101:

This was Crazy's first attempt to take the pivotal mine:

As you can see, it did little more than water the tree of gayness with the blood of slugs.

As you may have noticed in the GIF, Ap has not yet achieved Dragoon range, though he does have Nike© shoes for his pimp zealots. Aside from coming away with this little tidbit of info, Crazy's foray turned out not to be a complete waste as he had expanded to the 6 main and upgraded to Lair while his hydras were being thoroughly raped.

Unfortunately, Ap's successful defense had absolutely no effect on Crazy's ability to select larva from 6 hatches and produce hydralisks.

Ever eager to kick Ap in his big brass balls, Crazy blitzed it again:

And again.

And then again.

The meatgrinder quickly became known as the place where hydras came to die. After 4 seperate blitzes and 5 withering storms, 2 hydras were all that remained to "press" the battle. Sensing that he had reached his limit of exploitation, Crazy spat hydra phlem on the effectively isolated Nexus for a few moments, then ran his two veteran hydra off a ways and burrowed them.

Satisfied with his ability to rape the 3 natural at whim, Crazy expanded twice more to the 6 natural and mineral-only, slapped down a queens nest and spire, then Maynard transferred some drones to 6 while building a second hatchery there. His hatchery count now stands at 10.

Meanwhile, Ap had begun a nexus at the 3 main.

Frustrated by Crazy having sent secondary blitzes at his main with the singular goal of stalling reinforcements, Ap`Taktiks now found himself with a rather sizable unit advantage having successfully held off ~50 hydras with 2 templar, 2 dragoons, 10 zealots, and 4 cannons. Perhaps a bit flustered by this game having been completely dictated by Crazy's actions thus far, Ap force marched his 16 zeals, 4 goons and 4 templar to the map's center.

Upon seeing massive Zealots back by Templar moving out to do him like Fishburne in Hoodlum, Crazy proceeded to run screaming bloody murder like, well, that chick in Scream.

I love Neve Campbell.

*Casper is away (Drooling over pics of the nubile Neve Campbell).

Yeah, I know she hardly ever screamed in Scream.

But back to Crazy's running like I-Ball in the communal shower at Bootcamp. Crazy quickly arranged his temporarily outmatched hydras in two groups: one to the west and the other to the south of Ap's army while frantically hatching hydralisks from 7 hatches and upgrading his Lair to a Hive.

It was at this point that I noticed Ap`Taktiks had allowed his robotics facility to sit idle all game. As a Protoss player, I can see how this might've been a problem especially seeing how Crazy was well on his way to a Hive, and therefore, a ph@t vial of Crack. I felt worried for my little Zealot homies.

Two hydras, twelve Monkeys
and the randy Templar:

Apparently bored with all this standing around, Crazy decided to throw units at Ap`Taktiks' troops randomly.

Or so it seemed. The madness continued for a good minute, with Crazy burrowing hydras in plain sight, only to have them stormed by Ap's randy Templar and their itchy trigger fingers eager to summon storms on the seemingly braindead troops.

Some of you may have sensed that I was working towards something there.

You were correct.

While Ap`Taktiks had been managing the battles, Crazy had unburrowed his 2 veteran hydra and had long since been attacking the undefended Nexus.

After having cleared out each and every one of Crazy's hydra from the map's center , Ap finally noticed over his announcer that his expansion Nexus was slowly burning to the ground. Crazy's 2 elite hydralisk had put the Nexus in the red.

Ap`Taktiks moved to save his Nexus with his victorious army. Would he reach it in time?

In short, no. A boom echoed across the war-torn battlefield as the beseiged Nexus buckled under the persistent hydra fire and exploded.


And just like that, a mere two Hydralisks had thrown this game competely in Crazy's favor.

And far off, seated upon a folding chair in a dreary dorm enclosed within an obscure corner of the United States of America sat a young man with the Battle.Net nick of Ap`Taktiks, upon whose bowed head 12 drunk Rhesus monkeys each wearing little miniature pointy-coned brassieres danced a jig.

How big is infinity?:

Now left with precisely this many minerals in his main, Ap`Taktiks was officially in a world of hurt.

Especially with Crazy in position to initiate the "Build infinite hydras then leave to eat while Shlomo goes nuts trying to kill em all" strat. So he did what any sane man would do in this situation.

To his credit, he placed the cannons on 3's cliff and NOT in his main. Crazy countered by adding 3 more hatches, and upgrading to Greater Spire.

Crazy, of course, found the cannons and sent in the Guards, but succeeded only in providing me with this pretty shot:


Past the point of caring about his "loss", Crazy got prepped to get his game in gear. And he did. And Ap`Taktiks died.

The answer is Pretty Damn Big:

Met by an endless stream of hydra/crack from Crazy's now 15 hatches, Ap`Taktiks was slowly driven back into, then relieved of both his main base and natural.

Despite landing at least 15 telling storms over the course of these lategame blitzes, Crazy just had too much stuff and Ap's well-cannoned expansion went the same way as his Main as GG's were exchanged by both players.


Post-Game chatter:

This report has been a Casper...© production.

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