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More BR slop for all you piggies...
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Date: 05/18/00 02:05
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.2, # of Ratings: 4, Max: 10, Min: 9
Lifetime Rating for Protophobic: 8.7273

(TvT boring? Ha! Brutal, long, and stressful more like it!)

The obligatory opening stats...


Terr (Rand)


Terr (Rand)

Overheard about Bob_the_Newt:


The strategies each decided to pursue became apparent very early in the game.  Maniac went for the standard Terran Wall-in, before immediately beginning construction of a Factory.  Rookie, however, adhered to a more fluid build, lightly defending his choke with a single bunker and raising multiple barracks.  "Heavy Metal V. Deep Six" I thought to myself, happy that I managed to through these completely inappropriate clichés size=-1> into my battle report.

Holy Shite!  Did I just see what I think I saw?  Yep!  Rookie just accidentally shot his own bunker up!

It was an accident.  I started to have my doubts about this guy but he proved himself  a talented player after all.  I would best attribute this to the frustration of playing a race with so much tedious micromanagement involved.

Besides, we've all shot up our own stuff before, right?  :O

In any case, Rookie initiated the onslaught soon enough, sending a rather anti-zergish medarine rush to Maniac's base 11 minutes into the game.  Rookie obviously concentrated more on growth, he expanded moments before sending most of his infantry on their doomed expedition.

The God's of  bitchslapping rained on Rookie's parade however, leaving fie size=-1>ry craters where the soldiers once stood.

It didn't matter, Rookie had better production going at this point, h size=-1>aving taken his natural while Maniac curiously opted for the min-only.


Maniac, however, decided to take full advantage of the opportunity to counter-strike, with a six-tank push backed up by a few marines.

Rookie had nothing, and I thought "Ugh.. game over"...

Rookie's Natural was leveled, and he lost his entire standing army fighting tooth and nail to repel the push.  Meanwhile Maniac took the 12' and the game seemed to be almost over.  Rookie, however, proved he could micro as well as any of them, using nothing but SCV's and troops to make quick calculated attacks in between tank blasts, before being vaporized every few seconds.  Despite reinforcements, Rookie surprised me entirely by finally breaking the push with a CC in-tact.

For the next several minutes only minor skirmishes occurred during regular scouting expeditions across the map.  Rookie's decision to go mainly for ground units was starting to pay off;  He now had a sizable force of upgraded troops pumping from several barracks.  Rookie also managed to secure his natural once again, as well as take the Northern Island.

Maniac seemingly wanted to power his way though the game, constantly expanding then defending with mostly factory units to both the 12' and the 3' bases.

It was now Rookie who decided to take the offensive once again.  A massive force of marines, medics, and firebats moved to Maniac's 12', although they did take several losses on the way from spider mines fields laid earlier by Maniac.

The flood no doubt came as a surprise to Maniac, as he quickly lifted his Command Center off over the river, the rest of his forces however fell, and all static buildings were razed.

It seemed Rookie had successfully taken the base, and the tide of the game had turned, but what Maniac did next was pure brilliance..

Maniac brought several vultures to the 12' choke while Rookie was razing the base, and laid down a large minefield effectively imprisoning most of Rookie's army in the 12' base!


Rookie must have known that he was stuck at the 12', since the culprit vultures attacked the crew after laying the field.  with only 1 dropship for over 20 troops, Rookie's army was stuck for several minutes.

Maniac had made the shift from factory to starport mass production, and proceeded to kill most of Rookie's trapped force with Iradiate raids before rookie finally evacuated.  Maniac settled the floating CC back down and had thus saved the 12' base!

Rookie decided to keep the pressure on.  Though he had only 2 starports on production (compared to Maniac's 6) He had a larger standing army of wraiths, and made a devastating cloaked attack on Maniac's main.

When goliaths and wraith's finally get to the scene from Maniac's 3', Rookie quickly withdraws, deciding to quit while he's ahead.

Interestingly, Rookie somehow managed to make a massive tank drop on Rookie natural ledge while this whole aerial exchange is transpiring.

Rookie rushes his wraith force up and make do with both the tanks and their dropships, teasing as he does it...

It is a costly loss for Maniac, whose once economic edge is beginning to slip to Rookie's 3 bases.

The Late Game (Battlecruiser's and mo')

In an almost comical display, Rookie brings his wraith fleet up to Maniac's 12' along with a floating Command center, and lands his CC and commences production while the wraiths still fight the defenses.  Rookie hijacked the base!

Rookie was now firmly in command of the game, with 4 still operative resource fields to Maniac's 2.  Now would begin the long process for Rookie of eliminating the rest of Maniac's multiple production facilites.

Maniac was willing to prove he wouldn't go down easy, however, With a nuke silo no operative, he snuck a ghost into Rookie's 9' and successfully got off a nuke before being killed.

What happened next was the first major air battle of the game.   And I mean major.. as in both side used every last aerial armament they had in duking it out.  In continuing with his obsession with destroying Rookie's natural, he BC-wraith force fought for 3 minutes with Rookie's Wraith-valk force before Maniac finally vame out on top.  Both side used D-Matrix heavily in the battle.

Notice Rookie's disappointment with Goliaths which, despite being called into the battle, merely square-danced on some less-important part of the map. 

With the loss of the air battle, the game had completely turned around.  Maniac drove his cruisers and level Rookie's 9' expansions.  He seemed destined to eradicate Rookie's 12' as well thus driving him exclusively to the islands.  But Rookie had in store a massive force, and Maniac lost his entire fleet in the failed invasion.

Rookie now had 12' and both islands, but lost his entire air fleet thus terribly limiting is oppurtunities.

Maniac decided that the only way to destroy the 12' would be thru a good ol' fashion tank push.

Or a nuke.

He went with a nuke.

At this point Rookie was too demoralized to continue.  Tanks began knocking at his door and a newly raised BC fleet destroyed his islands.  Knowing he had lost, he called a gg and ended this arduous match.

Winner: ManiacMarine

Elapsed Time: 1:02

  Units Structures Resources Overview
MaNiAcMaRiNe 137600 35480 77954 251034
Starookie 94500 11805 64606 170911



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