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I wrote down YourRoleModel�s advice of "If you lose all your buildings and units you�ll lose on a 3"x5" notecard that I take out and read before every game."

Decisions, Decisions... (an interactive report)
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Date: 04/27/00 12:04
Game Type: Starcraft
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Decisions, Decisions

Poor T_Mac has landed in the lonely Forsaken Valley. He has a small Terran contingent under his command, however, T_Mac is a timid creature and has a hard time making important decisions on his own. By clicking on the link to this report, you have agreed to become T_Mac's advisor (heh heh, next time read the fine print!).

A Zerg contingent commanded by Ko[B]old has landed on the other side of the map. His fierce zerg skills will be more than T_Mac can handle. At crucial points in the battle, he will turn to you, his advisor, for your assistance. Its up to you to get T_Mac out of this mess. Good Luck!!


The medic giggles as you show her your Full House. Yes, this game of strip poker is going quite well.

"This time you'll have to take off more than your first aid kit," you say with a sly wink.

Suddenly, your intercom buzzes and you hear T_Mac's timid voice over the speaker. "Advisor, I r-r-request your assistance in the control t-t-tower. Scouts have j-j-just reported a z-z-z-z-zerg encampment a short distance away. P-p-p-please hurry!!"

Cursing silently you bid the Medic farewell after making her promise to pick up right where you've left off upon your return. Then you run up 8 flights of stairs (damned elevator is still busted), down a short hall, through a set of double doors, and into the control tower.

Starting locationsYou look at the status screen and see that T_Mac already has an SCV working on a wall-in A supply depot and one barracks is complete and the SCV is about halfway through construction of a second barracks. It's not a very tight wall-in and you grimace as you see a couple of spots where smaller enemies could sneak through.

You glance out the window at the distant wall-in and spot something. You raise your hand to your eyes to shield against the glare of the desert sun and at that moment, the SCV still working on the construction of the 2nd barracks radios in.

"Sir, a zerg drone has just squeezed through a small opening in our wall in and is making its way toward the command center."
At that moment, a newly trained marine comes running out of the completed barracks. He immediately gives chase to the drone. He gets a few shots in as the drone turns around to make his escape. The drone is badly injured but is heading for the wall in. "Should I continue to give chase commander?" questioned the fresh faced marine over the intercom.

Let the drone escape?"He probably won't be able to catch the drone now," said T_Mac and its just a drone, it can't really do any harm. What do you think advisor? Should I have the marine chase that drone down, or just let it go?"

Yes commander, chase that filthy drone out of here. We can't let it escape

Nah, let the drone go. It can't do us any harm.

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