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"A fucking masterpiece"

BGH Strat of the Day (Encore Presentation #3: Taking Control of the Game)
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Date: 04/10/00 08:04
Game Type: Starcraft
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BGH Strat of the Day, Encore Presentation #3, Taking Control of the Game

For many months, the BGH Strat of the Day folder lay dormant on my PC, quietly collecting cyber dust. I had moved on to bigger and better things and forgotten all about the series that made me famous. Then one day, I loaded up the News page to see that the series had been nominated as best series ever.

Seeing the series in the big lights again, I did a search on my name and re-read all 8 reports. The original parts 1-5 and the the 3 encore presentations. That was when I noticed it. The 3 encore reports were numbered #1, #2, And #4. I had skipped encore presentation #3!!

It all came back to me in a rush. The late night, the tired bloodshot eyes, the slip of the finger. I remembered making the typo now and posting a message to Johnny asking him to make the correction, but it had been to no avail. #3 had been left out, skipped over.

"Now is my chance," I thought. "One more time will I put this series under the big lights."

Of the six units that were introduced with Brood War, this is probably the one that is used the least. Anyone whose played Starcraft more than a couple of times knows that the Dark Archon is strictly a support unit. It cannot stand alone... or can it?

Playing a game of Starcraft on BGH immediately changes the perspective. Things that just don't seem possible on other maps instantly become possible. In fact Matthew 19:26 says, "With normal maps this is impossible, but with BGH all things are possible" (or something like that).

So now, I will demonstrate how to use the Dark Archon to achieve supreme victory when playing on BGH.

I created a 1on1 game on BGH and waited for an opponent. I was shortly join by XeNoCiDe_DX. I instantly knew he was cool because of the neat-oh way that he alternated upper and lower case letters in his name. We exchanged pleasantries and then I clicked the start button.

We both chose protoss at the last second. I started at the top middle position and I would later find out that Xenocide had started in the middle right position. He immediately set the Network for extra high latency. Then he said to me:
Xenocide: put ur network to extra high latency

Deciding to humor him, I went ahead and RE-set the network to extra high latency.

cannon blockadeNow when your master plan is to tech on BGH, the first thing you must do is put up a cannon blockade to keep your opponent's mean units from getting to your base before you're ready.

Using this philosophy, I went with a pylon on 8, then a Forge on 9. I then proceeded to build 9 cannons at my choke.

While the cannons warped in, I also worked on teching up, starting with a Gateway, a Cybernetics Core, a Citadel of Adun, and then a Templar Archives. While my tech buildings warped in, I continued to make gateways when I had cash available. By the time the Templar Archives warped in, I had a total of 6 Gateways.

I sent one of my probes out to scout by shift clicking on each of the starting locations. The probe located Xenocide in the middle right. Xenocide had already expanded to his natural. Along with his Nexus and Assimilator, he had also constructed a gateway there. My probe continued on into his main and found a Cybernetics Core and a Forge. He was a little behind in tech, but not by too much. My probe left Xenocide's main unmolested and continued on its predestined course around the map to each of the starting positions.

When my Templar Archives finished, I immediately started researching mind control. I went ahead and expanded to my natural since my strategy was pretty gas intensive and started pumping out DTs. I also built a Robotics Facility for shuttles and a Robotics Support Bay to reasearch the shuttle speed upgrade.

minimap statusNext I built an observatory and when my first observer went out to scout, it discovered that Xenocide had cannoned me into the top left part of the map. I wasn't too worried about this though since there were 3 very large mineral patches and 5 vespian gas nodes in that corner.

However, Xenocide seemed to think that he had me right where he wanted me, as demonstrated by this statement.
Xenocide: ur in, now try gettin out

Oh no, I'm shivering in my boots!!

I chose this moment to fly my observer over Xenocide's main base and found something very surprising. Neither one of the Vespian Geysers in his main had assimilators built. He was only mining gas from the Vespian Geyser at his natural.

I flew the observer to the northwest over Xenocide's natural where he was producing troops out of 2 gateways. It was time to bring my Dark Archons into play.

I ''borrow'' 4 dragoons from XenocideI loaded 4 Dark Archons up into 2 shuttles and landed just to the east of Xenocide's natural where 4 dragoons stood peacefully outside their respective gateways. I cloned my 4 dark archons to mind control the 4 dragoons simultaneously. It went off almost perfectly. 2 zealots popped out of his gateways as my new goons made their escape but they were only able to do minimal damage.

I ferried my goons north across the small river that divides Xenocide's main from the top right main. I landed the goons there and returned my shuttle to pick up the Dark Archons who were being chased by Xenocide's 2 zealots. One Dark Archon was killed, but the other 3 hopped into the shuttle and escaped back to my main.

4 more goons are mine... all mine!!Using this method, I was able to make three more trips to Xenocide's base and capture more of his troops. He then got smart and built about 15 cannons around the northern perimeter of his main. By this time, my captured troop count at the top right main stood at 4 of Xenocide's zealots and 12 of his goons.

Since Xenocide's gateways were completely surrounded by cannons, my ground troop stealing days were over. I decided not to waste my ground troops and wait for him to try some sort of offensive so I could capture more troops.

Minimap updateWhile I waited, I went ahead and expanded to the top left and sent observers all over the map. My observers discovered two things. One very important thing, and one not so important thing.

The not so important thing was that Xenocide was building cannons everywhere... large groups of cannons in random places. This irritated me because I can't mind control cannons.

The important thing was that he had warped in one stargate at the southernmost tip of his main. There were no cannons there and my observer watched as Xenocide started building Scouts. When he had 4 Scouts, I loaded up 3 shuttles with Dark Archons and headed south. I had to do some fancy maneuvering around his random groups of cannons, but I eventually arrived at my destination.

I was able to steal 4 out of 5 scouts and I killed the 5th scout before it could escape. Then I flew my four brand new scouts all the way back to the top right position where my ground troops were impatiently waiting for some action.

It was at this point that Xenocide began to get annoyed with my tactics.
Xenocide: How about u build ur own things

After losing the scouts, Xenocide built two more stargates farther north deeper inside his main. He obviously warped in a Fleet Beacon and an Arbiter Tribunal somewhere because he started producing Carriers and Arbiters.

I made two more raids, flying all the way around his cannon blockade to the south side of his base where he still had no defense and captured 4 carriers and 2 arbiters.

During all this, Xenocide became more and more upset. He began berating me each time I mind controlled a new unit.
awww, don't cwy, its okay

My total troop count at the top right main now stood at 4 zealots, 12 dragoons, 4 scouts, 4 carriers, and 2 arbiters. The stage was set for a mighty showdown between troops loyal to Xenocide and the traiterous troops that had deserted over to my side.

My observer spotted movement coming north out of Xenocide's base. 12 zealots, 8 or 9 dragoons, and 4-5 dark templar were moving north. Luckily all the troops I had captured along with 6 dark archons were in perfect position and his troops ran headlong into mine.

At first, I had a huge advantage because all of my troops were covered by 2 arbiters and Xenocide Myhad no detection. But suddenly, in from the southeast flew 6 scouts and 4 carriers. They immediately lay into the arbiters killing them both very quickly. Suddenly, my troops were wide open in the middle of the map and outnumbered.

However, my Dark Archons were able to turn the tide. All 6 DAs cast their dastardly spell. 4 carriers and 2 scouts were suddenly "convinced" to join my side. With the aid of these additional troops, my forces were able to triumph. I lost all my ground troops, but I had 7 carriers and 5 scouts.

My rebel air force now had a serious advantage because Xenocide had nothing but his huge cannon defense to combat my carriers. The carriers began attacking the cannons and destroyed quite a few before the cannons succeeded in destroying all my interceptors.

I pulled the carriers back and worked on rebuilding the interceptors. I still had an observer in Xenocide's base and I saw something interesting. Xenocide had decided to fight fire with fire by building his very own Dark Archon. I decided not to stand for this impudence and loaded up a shuttle with one of my own dark archons.

Not even his DAs are safeXenocide still had no defense on the southern side of his base and my shuttle flew the gauntlet landing safely on the southern edge of Xenocide's main. My dark archon stealthfully crept up and cast his mind control. The mind control spell succeeded in convincing Xenocide's Dark Archon to join my side. Unfortunately, my newly acquired DA was standing a little close too Xenocide's cannon web. The cannons showed no mercy on the belligerent Dark Archon and quickly blew him into oblivion.

Xenocide was enraged even more by this latest turn of events...
Xenocide: fucker, the only way you win is by stealing

My Dark Archons were able to capture 4 more of Xenocide's carriers when they stupidly tried to attack my main where I had about 16 dark archons just milling around. This brought my rebel air force to a total of 11 carriers and 6 scouts. My unit count was starting to climb too: Unit Count: 221/200

Once my carriers were able to fully load with interceptors, they were easily able to take out Xenocide's large web of cannons.

As I went around destroying his remaining buildings, Xenocide tried to convince me that he had an invisible air force of 50 carriers about to attack me and destroy my base. I was too smart for him though and did not fall for this clever trick.

Finally, I found his last pylon and destroyed it. Xenocide was eliminated and the marathon was over. My Dark Archon strategy was a success!!

And now the time has come for me to bid a fond farewell to this series. Ever since I released my last report back in January, I planned to do one more and this is it. I am officially retiring this series for good.

A big thanks goes out to everyone who read and commented on the reports. Thanks to everyone who gave me all these cool ideas to try out, even if some of them didn't make it into the reports. And thanks to everyone who voted for this series as best ever. Your support is what makes me love to write for this site.



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