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Winter Storm
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Date: 03/30/00 09:03
Game Type: Starcraft
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And be sure to wear your mittens cause its cold out there... grrr, who ever heard of getting a movie stuck in your head.
Warning: This is an emergency, this is not a test of the emergency broadcasting system. If this were a test of the emergency broadcasting system you would hear the following: This is not an emergency, this is a test of the emergency broadcasting system. If this were a real emergency you would hear the following: KE KE KE KE KE MONKEY BOY (roughly translated: This report contains 120 Mb of graphics. Good luck trying to down load it through that puny-ass phone line).

Note: Be a cool kid, download fonts here and copy them into your windows\fonts directory.

brrrrr... to get into the spirit of this report I suggest you drop 4 - 5 ice cubes down your pants... yes I have problems.
"Yeah its --- chssshhhhh -- really starting to come d-- chssshhhh," the captain heard Kate's familiar voice over the radio through the intermittent static.

"You better come in then. We won't be able to take any measurements in this shit anyway," the captain replied. Captain Ulionovich Rychesky Chobosky of the United Earth Directorate or Captain Chobo as everyone called him had been stationed on this frozen planet on a reconnaissance mission for over six months now, but it hadn't taken a single week to learn that there was no sense fooling with mother nature. Storms on this planet were unlike anything he'd ever seen, with temperatures dropping to 170 K and winds that could pull a command center right off the ground if one didn't take extra precautions to secure it.

"Knock Knock," Kate's voice again, this time clearer. Chobo hit the button to open the outer door to the command center. Soon Kate was standing beside him in the control room shaking off snow.

"Hot chocolate?" he slid a thermostat along the console desk.

"Thanks," she said after a soothing sip of the hot liquid. "What's it look like?"

"Radar shows a huge front moving in," the captain pointed at one of the screens. "This one's not going to blow over."

"You don't think anyone's going to try anything in this weather?" Kate asked pointing at the infra-red screen the Captain had on.

"You never know what a storm may bring with it." the captain responded in an eerie tone.

"Hey wasn't that from a Steven King ---"

"Shut up, Kate."

It all started the same way all of my reports started, with me being bored. I was in nohunters and I was bored, but I was not alone. I asked, not expecting to get much of a response if anyone would play a massive ffa for my entertainment. I didn't get much of a response. Soon though I noticed someone else organizing a free for all so I went to the channel that was being spammed. Seeing six people in the channel apart from myself, I decided to shamelessly use my superstar status and told them that if they played on a map I made I would report it. They agreed quickly and I made the game.

Unfortunately like so many massive ffa's two people disced, one person left stating that it was past his bed time and a fourth just didn't build anything thinking we were going to restart after the people got dropped. It thus quickly became a 1v1 between two terrans with some character named ~LeLa~ trouncing another character named [S]Ghost. (side note: my maps rule so if I ask you to play on one say YES!)

Well that game obviously wasn't much (through no fault of the map, I might add), but fortunately for me [S]Ghost was not pleased with his playing against ~LeLa~ and challenged her to a 2v2. It took a while for the teams to get figured out, or at least for me to figure out the teams. [S]Ghost's partner was Cantaloup who played in the last free for all but was easily eliminated claiming that he thought we were restarting. ~LeLa~'s partner, who's name I forgot but later tracked down with some help from [S]Ghost, ~LeLa~, and HolyAnarchy (who incidentally beat up on me on Dire Straits to seek revenge for my persistent mocking of him in my last report; he's still number one suck though, hahahahaha...). Ok, where was I? Right, ~LeLa~'s partner who materialized out of thin air, Mystical~Dragon joined the channel to become the fourth person in our little fight. Ok lets meet the players.

Who would call their government 'The Dominion'?  It even sounds evil.

I was originally toying with the idea of calling this the I_Hate_Medics Sister Chronicles, but I have enough people trying to kill me. Lieutenant ~LeLa~ of the Dominion Forces(LeLa[DF]) is the sister of the famous Major Medics of the Dominion's main force on Korhal who's adventures are well known throughout the sector. LeLa is an experienced commander who's clever strategies and tactics have made great progress towards restoring order to this wayward planet in the name of the Dominion.

So mystical none of the bots have ever hear of him.  Maybe it was Mystic~Dragon... Mystical~Dragoon?  whatever. Less is known about the other dominion commander. A young protoss executor, Mystical~Dragon(Dragon[DF]) (at least we think that is his name) helps to keep the peace on the planet as a part of the alliance between the dominion and the protoss in this sector. He commands both the high templar and their brethren from Shakuras with great skill though his poise in battle has yet to be tested.

Die rebel scum

Whom I will periodically refer to as fruit boy The rebel commander, Colonel Cantaloup(Cantaloup[RT]) whose real name is unknown is believed to be the son of an indigenous peasant farmer. He rose quickly through the ranks of the resistance movement because of his excellent martial skills, tactical ingenuity and fierce tenacity in battle. He now leads the fight for planetary independence.

How many ghosts are there in nohunters now anyway? Little is known about the zerg cerebrate who landed on the planet during the reign of the confederacy. He is known only as the Ghost(Ghost[RT]) because he has evaded death so many times to the great dismay of the various terran rulers. He has kept his brood strong over the years hiding in the most inhabitable reaches of the planet. Recently he has formed an alliance with the rebel commander to help fight the dominion forces. What his real goals are no one can say for sure.

Well having figured out the players, talk immediately turned to the map. I again exercised my superstar status and told them I wouldn't touch anything on Temple, Dire or Rivalry. I through out my usual suggestions, Octopus, No Way Out, Ring Around the Base, etc. while the players debated amongst themselves between ladder maps like Polaris Prime. Finally a compromise was reached with Winter Conquest and everyone was happy. Well actually LeLa[DF] said she hated the map but the rest of us were happy.

Basically Temple only with a lot more snow.

A game was created, everyone joined and we were off. Being the good observer that I am, I floated my base to the upper right hand corner, killed off my scvs and asked for vision. Unfortunately after several requests I could still only see three players. After letting out a soft sigh I opened the players box to see who was missing. I quickly asked purple to vision me. His response was short and to the point: "no." No?!?!?! How dare he. After some pleading from his teammate and the other two players he reconsidered and the purple base appeared on my radar.

Opening builds and two scouting scvs passing each other.. and yes this picture is absolutely crucial to the report. The opening builds are all fairly standard. Cantaloup[RT] goes double rax while his teammate, Ghost[RT] goes early gas and adds a second hatchery next to the first. LeLa[DF] walls herself off with a supply depot and a barracks and goes early factory while her teammate, Dragon[DF] does a standard two gate build and starts teching to dark templar.

The captain's head snapped back up and he looked around startled wondering how long he had been asleep. Then he saw the blinking red light on his console. Oh shit, he thought to himself, why don't these damn things have audio alarms. He pressed a button and all the screens came on. Captain Chobo froze. "Fuck me," he whispered quietly to himself. He pressed another button and the alarm started.

Kate was in the room in under a minute. "What the hell?" she said looking at the console sleepily. Then she saw the infrared. "Holy shit."

"We got company," the captain said not taking his eyes of the screen. "Protoss, terran, zerg, you name it. It looks like the Rebels are sick of this guerrilla warfare. They're going to have it out with the main regiments of the Dominion forces."

"Do you want me to heat up the scvs?" Kate asked, now fully awake.

"No, our orders are to observe not intervene. Besides I think we're out matched. Looks like everyone's showed up for the party. Our radio is picking up transmissions from Lieutenant LeLa in the north and her protoss partner, Dragon down south. Cantaloup and his merry men are in the west. We're even picking up transmissions on the zerg frequencies from the east. I think its the Ghost."

"So the rumors are true. Cantaloup and the zerg have teamed up."

"Evidently. Something about humans fighting along side zerg just seems unnatural to me." Privately the captain thought so did fighting along side the protoss.

"Well we are going to have to do something. If this turns into an extended conflict someone is going to come for these minerals." Kate indicated the visual display which was now blanketed in white, but they both knew there were rich deposits out there and the other commanders would know this too.

"Exactly," Chobo nodded. "Get some people together and destroy those scvs. The snow will cover what's left of them. We are lifting off in fifteen minutes."

"I'm on it," Kate said even as she was turning to leave.

"Oh yeah and Kate," she stopped at the captains words, "be careful. Its coming down really hard out there and there are bound to be enemy scouts. God knows how I'd run this thing without my second in command."

"I didn't live this long by being careless. God knows being your second command hasn't helped my life expectancy." And at that she was gone.

Sounds like the name of a really bad movie, starring Steven Seagal and a bunch of people who get their get ass kicked by Steven Seagal.

What happens when zealots dare dark templar to attack a zerg. No one appears to be planning any sort of early game rush and the first several minutes of the game go by quietly. Finally, Dragon[DF] completes his tech to dark templar and sends two of the cloaked killers along with his four zealots in the direction of Ghost[RT]. Now you might wonder why would one attack a zerg who has overlords when there is a terran within easy striking distance. Dragon[DF] later commented that he thought the zerg might not have his overlords near his sunkens. At any rate the four zealots and two dark templar charge up the ramp. Seeing three sunkens and some freshly spawned hydralisks the zealots immediately turn around and head back. The dark templar charge forward but unfortunately there is an overlord near the sunkens and both templar are quickly annihilated.

When marines all around you are being cut in two by an invisible force do you a) scream b) pray c) run like heck d) take the rest of your stimpack or e) stand around talking amongst yourselves? Undeterred by his lack of success, Dragon[DF] continues to produce dark templar and soon sends four of them to try their luck with Cantaloup[RT]. As it so happens the terran commander has made the unfortunate decision of placing eleven marines and three medics at the low ground choke to the natural far away from his ramp. Needless to say it wasn't pretty. After slaughtering the marines like cows at the butcher's or some similar analogy, the four dark templar continue to Cantaloup[RT]'s main. Up the ramp they find one turret 5 marines, a firebat and two medics. The following battle was complex and somehow it involved losing four dark templar to a hand full of infantry. Essentially what happened was the first two went into the base one at a time, the first one Face it.  Medics wall = 2gosu4you attacking and killing two marines while being killed by the fire bat. The second, targeted the firebat but there were still three marines hitting him and with the two medics healing the firebat won. The next two dark templar which had been delayed finishing off the medics outside the base managed to kill off two of the three marines but with the help of a medics wall the last marine finished off the fourth dark templar as he was about to take his lethal swipe.

yeah its still snowing too. While all this was going on there was also some expansion grabbing. First LeLa[DF] who had been completely quiet so far, took the north-west main. Her partner, Dragon[DF] made the curious choice to expand to the north-west natural just below his partners expansion. Meanwhile for the rebels, Cantaloup[RT] constructed a second command center and floated it to the southern plateau in the center of the map.

"Don't you remember that time," Kate was saying, "when we were hiding in the power generator and..."

"Shhht," the captain cut her off. Something was coming over the radio. It was the one tuned to Cantaloup's frequency. None of the encryption codes of either the rebels or the dominion had been difficult for the UED super computer to crack.

"Bravo team to base," the voice over the radio said. "Bravo team to base, come in base."

"Come in base, this is Bravo team. We are in need of immediate evacuation. Come in base," the voice repeated.

"Bravo team, this is base. State your coordinates." a different voice this time.

"In a frieking blizzard. How the hell should I know. I can barely keep my own men together out here. Half of my men are missing. My lieutenant found a man ripped in half this morning," the first voice blurted out angrily.

"Do you have visual confirmation of the enemy?" the second asked suddenly interested.

"I ain't got visual confirmation of shit. We need to get out of here now!" the first voice replied.

"We need visual confirmation. Have you seen the enemy. Foot prints? Any --"

"Oh my God!" the first voice cut him off in a scream. "Where are they? Where are they coming from?" A shriek of terror followed by machine gun fire. Then silence.

"Bravo team, this is base. Come in Bravo team. We need visual confirmation." Captain Chobo and Kate looked at each other.

..or everyone gangs up on fruit boy.

Extra gratuitous blood courteous of my mad screen shooting skills. Now, LeLa[DF] has finished her fast tech to science vessels and is ready to get into the action. She leaves her base with one science vessel a good amount of marines, medics and firebats and a siege tank. Meanwhile Ghost[RT] has made the unfortunate and quite bizarre decision to expand to the western gas expansion in the center of the map. This short lived expansion finds itself directly in the path of the terran army. The few hydralisks and one queen there to defend evacuate to the east while some of Dragon[DF]'s forces consisting of an archon a few dark templar and some dragoons come up from the south to help finish it off.

Poof goes the gigantic firebat. The combined dominion forces now head south towards Cantaloup[RT]'s main. Dragon[DF]'s forces go in first accompanied by a couple of medics. Cantaloup[RT] is a clever one however. He has mined the path to his base and put several tanks on the ledge. The protoss forces, consisting of three dragoons, an arhcon a few zealots and a couple dark templar take heavy casualties to mines and tank fire. About two thirds of the way to the ramp Dragon[DF]'s forces meet up with Cantaloup[RT]'s reconstructed medarine headed the other way. What left of the toss troops, two zealots and a dark templar, now turns around and heads out. The medarine gives chase killing both zealots before they can escape.

Still more senseless violence At the end of the choke however, Cantaloup[RT]'s medarine finally meets up with LeLa[DF]'s troops. LeLa[DF]'s army outnumbers the rebel commander's but Cantaloup[RT] still has a siege tank raining fire from the ledge. The decisive factor in the battle however is Dragon[DF]'s one remaining dark templar. Cantaloup[RT] finally comsats and kills the dark templar but by then his troops are now outnumbered almost two to one. Cantaloup[RT]'s forces are destroyed but what's left of LeLa[DF]'s troops retreat under the continued tank fire.

heh, protoss getting raped.  I love it. Dragon[DF], not pleased with the last assault, gathers his troops together and tries again. This time the protoss commander goes in with an archon, three dragoons and a dark templar. All the spider mines were cleared during the previous battle although the troops are still fired upon by tanks as they approach Cantaloup[RT]'s ramp. At the ramp they are met by a squad of about eight marines. The archon who's shield has already been blasted away by tanks pops quickly. Ghost[RT] sends some help in the form of a queen which is able to ensnare a couple of the goons and Cantaloup[RT] gets another tank sieged behind the marines. The dragoons and dark templar thus fall easily.

Captain Chobo leaned back in his chair and stretched. The sensors showed that the fighting had stopped for the moment. This was going to be quite a battle.

The electronic door slid up into the ceiling. "Popcorn?" Kate asked entering the room.

"Thanks," the captain responded gratefully.

"What's going on?" Kate asked taking the seat beside him studying the various displays.

"Looks like Lela and Dragon are sending everything they have at the Colonel, but he is holed in there pretty good and so far he's holding it off."

"Lela must be furious," Kate laughed.

"I'll bet," the captain replied. "They've got a couple of resource nodes going in the area, but it looks like the Colonel is mining out of this plateau expansion now," he pointed at the center of the map on one of the displays.

"They'll be plenty of fighting left then," Kate said as the Captain reached for another handful of popcorn. They continued to watch in silence.

No, I did not accept a bet that I could not work the word 'tomfoolery' into my report.

Shit, I have a date with one of the medics in like 45 minutes.  Where am I going to find a change of clothes. During the short lull in the action Ghost[RT], determined to get a gas expansion has morphed a hatchery at the eastern center gas. This expansion looks doomed to a similar fate as the first however, as a large group of LeLa[DF]'s medarine accompanied by science vessels is headed towards it. The medarine collides with about eight hydralisks in the narrow passage way between the two center plateaus. Ghost[RT] manages to get off a nice ensnare with a queen hiding on the southern plateau over Cantaloup[RT]'s expansion. Though this may have slowed the hydarlisks death it did not prevent it as all of the hydras are mowed down with minimal loss. Cantaloup[RT] has constructed a starport at his center expansion, and a freshly built wraith decides to involve itself in the battle until one of the marines gets tired of the annoying stinging in his ass and unloads a couple of rounds at the wraith bringing it crashing to the ground.

Oh, is that what they mean by cannon fodder. Before the medarine can make it to Ghost[RT]'s expansion however, Cantaloup[RT] comes up from the south and and engages LeLa[DF]'s forces with three tanks and some m&m of his own. LeLa[DF] only has one tank sieged but she defensive matrixes it to keep it alive. In the ensuing conflict, massive amounts of medarine are lost on both side. LeLa[DF] gets another tank sieged and defensive matrixes it as well. None of the tanks are in range with each other and as a result all of them survive. The medarine in no mans land however is nearly completely obliterated with LeLa[DF] losing almost twice as much.

Stupid protoss, screwing up the good TvT battle. To finally end the stand off between the two terrans in the center, Dragon[DF] comes in with a shuttle containing a goon and two dark templar and drops them right beside Cantaloup[RT]'s tanks. The tanks are easily taken out by these troops which are too close to be fired upon easily destroy the tanks freeing the passage for LeLa[DF]'s troops to get through. Unfortunately she no longer has a large army of medarine so things are once again quiet while the players rebuild.

protoss hacks. Things do not stay quiet for long, however as Dragon[DF] decides to try another tactic for breaking into Cantaloup[RT]'s base. Two shuttles drop three dark templar and two dragoons directly in Cantaloup[RT]'s supply line right next to a turret at the cost of one of the shuttles. These troops wreak havoc in the relatively undefended area for quite a while. The scvs and a tank help destroy the dragoons but several miners and the tank fall to the dark templar.

Now, there's a reverse turbochobo Finally an scv manages to lure the dark templar to the ramp where several marines, another tank and a missile turret await them. At the same time however a small force of medarine and a siege tank of LeLa[DF]'s are headed at the very same ramp. Somehow the infantry get way ahead of the tank and is completely obliterated at the ramp by superior numbers, a disadvantageous position and a siege tank. The tank meanwhile, seeing the uselessness of attacking the ramp sieges up further north and begins bombarding Cantaloup[RT]'s gas with sight from the science vessels.

Snowy with a slight chance of not so snowy. At about this time all four players decide nearly simultaneously to take their naturals leaving only three bases unclaimed on the map.
The bowl of popcorn was empty again, but both of them were too entranced by the action now to get up and refill it. "Sir, our refinery has come under attack."

"Shit," came the reply. "Not another one of those damn invisible warriors." The captain recognized the voice. It was Cantaloup.

"No, sir. I believe its tank fire."

"Where the hell is that coming from?" the colonel snapped.

"I think its coming from outside the base. It appears as if Lieutenant Lela's got some support craft hovering just outside our base giving the tanks the coordinates."

"She would," Cantaloup said in disgust.

"Sir, incoming transmission. I think its the Ghost."

"About time. Patch him through."

"Ahhh, my good Commander. It is good to be talking with you again," A deep grumbling voice came across the radio.

"The feeling's mutual," the colonel snapped back. "We made a deal, Ghost. You're supposed to support us in battle not hide over there and collect resources or whatever you're up to."

"I assure you, we are not hiding and we are not merely collecting resources my good Commander," the cerebrate voice replied.

"Great. That's great then. Meanwhile over here we are knee deep in invisible warriors, siege tanks, archons, you name it. We've got some sort of flying creature of yours hanging out over our base--"

"Yes. My queen," the cerebrate responded still calm.

"Well whatever it is, it certainly doesn't shoot anything. You're lucky I convinced my men not to shoot it down."

"I believe there is a saying amongst your people that patience is a virtue. I have been preparing my brood for an attack. We move at break of day, and when we move there will be no stopping us."

"Very well. End transmission."

I see dead people.

Lela manages to remain cool even while getting her base overrun by 150 hydralisks. The next thing which happens in this exciting brawl is Cantaloup[RT] sending about 7 marines to attempt to rid himself of the reverse turbochobo. These marines are obliterated by tank fire so rapidly it does not even warrant a picture. However at the same time, Ghost[RT] decides to finally get involved in the action. He sends about three control groups of hydralisks at LeLa[DF] who has recently taken her natural. The hydras encounter a few forces on their way to reinforce the reverse turbochobo and quickly destroy them. The natural itself is completely undefended. The hydralisks take down the command center and most of the scvs.

In the words of [ST]CoolBlood, 'Shit, its a trap' Seeing the well defended terran ramp the hydras think better of trying to advance into LeLa[DF]'s main. Instead they turn around and begin to exit the natural the way they came in. However at the end of the choke they encounter a tank and a small medarine force heading in the opposite direction. At the same time another tank, about ten infantry units and three science vessels head down the ramp and begin sandwiching the hydralisks. To add to the mayhem, shuttle boy, Dragon[DF], brings a shuttle in with a few dark templar. The hydralisks finally break out of the trap and return to base but they suffer heavy casualties first.

Woohoo, physics!

At this point in time quite unfortunately, my parents called. Because I am of the school of thought that observers should observe and not bitch I did not ask to have the game paused. My roommate took screen shots for me and I tried to keep one eye on the game. If therefore, I missed anything please accept my apology and please excuse the red cursors in the middle of all my pics as a result of my roommates chobo screen shooting skills.

ouch Seeking to exact revenge for the loss of her natural, LeLa[DF] immediately sends about five tanks and a sizable squad of infantry at Ghost[RT]'s main. On the way they hit and knock out the eastern gas expansion in the center of the map. When they get just out of tank range of the beginning of the creep of Ghost[RT]'s natural the tanks siege up. Several hydralisks charge and are completely destroyed.

run barracks, run While the terran juggernaut pushed onward however there is a large red blip on the radar heading in the opposite direction. Around eight overlords pass over the north-east main and drop their content of hydralisks to take out a nexus being warped in by Dragon[DF]. Once the nexus is destroyed the hydras are just as quickly reloaded and the overlords continue to their final destination, LeLa[DF]'s main. With most of the terran's forces pushing on his base, Ghost[RT] finds the base nearly deserted and razes it in record time.

I honestly don't understand what happened to all those hydralisks. LeLa[DF] calls once again for help from her teammate. This time Dragon[DF] sends in about six dragoons four zealots and a dark templar. The protoss forces do surprisingly well against the battered hydralisks destroying all of them with only minimal loss. The reinforcements did not however make it in time to save either LeLa[DF]'s main nor her natural. LeLa[DF] manages to save a few tech buildings by floating them to her last remaining base at the north-west main.

I'm sure there was a zerg base around here somewhere.. In the mean time, back at Ghost[RT]'s main, LeLa[DF] continues her tank push. The lightly defended natural falls easily. Then using science vessels for sight, LeLa[DF] begins tanking the sunkens and other structures up the ramp. As soon as the sunkens fall the infantry charges in and Ghost[RT]'s main is soon a distant memory. The cerebrate is survived by a quickly morphed hatchery inside of Cantaloup[RT]'s main.

So, after we finish off this tank you want to go get something to eat? While all of this excitement is going on there is also a couple of interesting side shows. First, Dragon[DF] drops a probe off on the northern plateau and warps in a nexus. Cantaloup[RT] notices this and drops two tanks by the nexus to destroy the expansion. Dragon[DF] to counter this drops off two dark templar to kill the tanks which they do easily. Also though I have no screen shots of this, I was later able to put together from the mini-map that Cantaloup[RT] dropped off a couple of tanks on the ice between his main and the north-western natural. From there the tanks proceed to destroy Dragon[DF]'s expansion at the north-west natural.

A lot fewer bases.
Kate and Captain Chobo were playing paper football with some mission briefings when a new voice broke over the radio.

"I want those tanks sieged just out of range of the creep. Get some infantry down their to support them. Now send the vessels ahead," a woman's voice was saying. It was lieutenant Lela.

"Um.. Lieutenant. We've got something on radar... Big," another voice said.

A short pause followed by, "Holy shit. Get those barracks in the air. Prepare this base for evacuation. I want this command center in the air in ten minutes. Move people!" Lela started shouting.

"Wow, the rebels are really putting on a show today," Kate said to the captain.

"Yes, its turning into quite a battle." He responded as he flicked a field goal. "Damn, hooked it left."

Rook to King - seven... or uh, something chess-like.

More floating bases. The next attack is also the first combined strike from the rebels. Cantaloup[RT] loads up the troops he used to take out Dragon[DF]'s north-west natural from the ice, and unloads them right in the middle of LeLa[DF]'s last remaining base, the north-west main. At the same time Ghost[RT] who managed to hide two of his hydralisks from his drop on LeLa[DF]'s main and morph them into lurkers, brings the lurkers in to support the terran troops. Dragon[DF] brings in some troops to help but he lacks detection and so all of LeLa[DF]'s base with the exception of a couple supply depots burn down. LeLa[DF] who is now baseless still has one floating command center and some miscellaneous troops which finished off Ghost[RT]'s main.

While the dragoons are doing their victory dance, Lela sneaks her CC in to take the expansion. His partner now temporarily out of commission, Dragon[DF] springs into action dropping two shuttles containing three dragoons and two dark templar on the southern plateau expansion of Cantaloup[RT]'s. Cantaloup[RT] has just constructed a barracks and three marines and has a couple of missile turrets building. The protoss troops prove two powerful for the terrans though and even before Dragon[DF]'s forces can finish off the command center, LeLa[DF] has hers their waiting to take the expansion.

How to ask your teammate for an expansion. In retaliation for his lost expansion, Cantaloup[RT] drops a dropship full of infantry on the northern central island where Dragon[DF] is mining. The marines kill all of the probes, however, a couple of dragoons dropped by the protoss executor, with some help from an irradiate by LeLa[DF]'s science vessel manage to take out the infantry. At the same time, at the north-east main Dragon[DF] is warping in a nexus. LeLa[DF] is not happy about this though and surrounds the warping nexus with all of her remaining troops thus persuading her teammate to cancel.

reverse turbochobos galore Dragon[DF] now looking for a place to expand decides to retake the north-west natural. Cantaloup[RT] won't tolerate this however, and drops tanks down on the ice again to take out the expansion. As soon as the nexus explodes, Cantaloup[RT] picks up his tanks and drops on the north-west main again with a science vessel for support. All that is there is a couple of burning supply depots of LeLa[DF]'s and these are soon destroyed. However, before Cantaloup[RT] can pull out his troops, Dragon[DF] shows up with five shuttles full of dragoons, zealots and dark templar. Cantaloup[RT] irradiates one of the zealots but other than that the protoss forces destroy the tanks without loss.

So he did build templar. Things are not looking good for the rebels now. Although neither of the Dominion commanders has much of an economy, Cantaloup[RT] has been reduced to just his natural and a few troops while Ghost[RT] does not seem to be making much of an effort to get back in the game. As a final blow, Dragon[DF] loads up the troops which just fought at the north-west main and shuttles them into the northern part of Cantaloup[RT]'s main. At the same time LeLa[DF] takes all of her remaining troops and begins tank pushing through the natural. Cantaloup[RT] doesn't have enough troops left to deal with this and both rebel leaders concede the game. Ghost[RT] sends all of his overlords on a suicide mission into Dragon[DF]'s main, and just before I take the bloodiest screen shot of the game, I run out of space. Damnit.

The marines' poker game is suddenly interrupted.

Woohoo, finished.

Captain Chobo awoke to find himself still in his chair. He turned to his left and saw Kate still sleeping in her seat. Looking at the clock, he saw they had been asleep for hours. He shook Kate's chair gently.

Kate woke up slowly, looking around recollecting where she was. "Is it over?" she asked sleepily.

"Looks like it," he replied. "The rebels appear to be dispersing into the woods. Intelligence is going to want to know all about this. I guess I have a lot of writing to do," The captain moaned.

Kate had already fallen back asleep. The captain laughed to himself and then drifted into his own sleep. Meanwhile outside the snow was coming slowly to a stop and one could just see the sun peeking up over the horizon.

Lessons Learned

  1. Always bundle up when its snowing or you'll catch your death of cold.
  2. ~LeLa~ and I_Hate_Medics aren't the same person. They live in the same town. It is called a very good ISP.
  3. TvP is imbalanced. Alright no you didn't learn that, I'm just trying to get more comments.

Game Statistics

  • # of bases ~LeLa~ had floating simultaneously: 5
  • # of times I had to edit mouse cursors out of pictures: 4
  • # of reverse turbochobos: 3

I play with mercury. A lot. KE KE KE KE KE.

One Last Thing

Sp|nE told me this would help my rating.
Shit, wrong elves.

This report was brought to you by the Paper Shredding Society, The Paper Shredding Society - Because we are. and by the Anti-Establishment Establishment, The AEE, An entirely different head to ass chain altogether.

A WC3 Production

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