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"Unfortunately, guardians do not do nearly as well against carriers as he thought"

Bob_The_Newt vs. Vision~X
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Date: 03/29/00 06:03
Game Type: Starcraft
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Frankly speaking, I would have much preferred if both Bob and Vis had entered this game just a little bit pissed off. Call me evil, but I find it rather amusing when two Bad Manner NHers take their little squabs off to the Temple in order to settle their differences spurned by objectionable comments uttered concerning their respective parentage, sexual habits(no comment), appearance(well-groomed?), or any number of physical, social or sexual impairments placed upon them by their genetic/ socio-economic/ psychological profiles. And as we all know, NH peeps are all students of Humanity.
Of course.

But, alas, 'twas not to be. Bob's obvious issues aside, this was a "Manner game". Let me be absolutely clear about this: what I'm saying is that Bob simply advertised a 1v1, and that Vis accepted. That is all. There were no mother jokes, no claims of "ownage", no random insults, no comments about the other's mothers; frankly speaking there was absolutely NOTHING gay about this game at the time of hosting.
Oh happy day.

Early game impressions:

Map: The Lost Temple

Bob_The_Newt randomed to toss@3

Vision~X randomed to zerg@6

Both players started off with decidedly conservative builds, both opting for a fast development. Bob went 8 pylon, 10 gate, 12 pylon, and 14 gas to start, with an eye towards goons and reavers. My instincts were confirmed when he started his core immediately after his first zealot was completed.

Vis' build was unorthodox as far as zerg builds go. He went 6 lord, 9 pool, then 10 hatch to start. He then got gas on 13, placed his third hatch @ his exp ~16, then quickly built up 10 lings and a sunk to defend his expansion, building a hydra den at this time.
At this point I was scratching my head, wondering what the hell Vis was doing, but, hey, who am I to question Vis' strategic moves in a game which he knew would be BR'd? Suffice it to say, Vis was playing a pseudo power-build with faster Hydras.

While both players were building up their bases, Bob managed to sneak a probe into Vis' base for scouting purposes. Vis on the other hand, felt content with his lone overlord scouting, and although he knew by way of a suicide ling that Bob had two zealots blocking his ramp, Vis was unaware of the tech branch which Bob had selected.

Bob quickly added a robotics facility, 2nd gateway, and forge, in that order. Vis upgraded to lair while pumping hydra/drone out of his 3 hatches soon adding an evo chamber for +1 hydra attack.


BTW, what was that thing I said earlier? Oh here it is:

"there was absolutely NOTHING gay about this game at the time of hosting."

As the Bay Area pimp rapper Too $hort would say, "BEE-AAcH!!".

As you may recall Bob had built an Early Ass cyber core. He in turn had followed that with an Early Ass robotics bay. In a classic Newt moment, Bob picked up a probe using his first shuttle and dropped it on the cliff overlooking Vis' expansion. He then warped in a pylon and 3 cannons.

The turbo homo was on, and Vis had no overlord immediately spotting the ramp. Because of this he was unable to get at the cannons with his 7 or so hydra before all 3 warped in.

At this time Vis' first overlord, having made it's leisurely way around the map began to slowly approach Bob's base from the northwest. Out of respect for that Overlord's family, I will not go over the gory details of it's passing. Suffice it to say that the overlord died REALLY fast, but not before Vis learned that Bob had not only completed a robotics bay, but a support bay as well. Losing his overlord perhaps shook up Vis just enough that he could get over the loss of his expansion. Nonetheless, reavers were imminent and Vis knew it.

Vis responded accordingly by placing a sunken in his main so that it offered fair coverage of his peons, as well as building a spire at his expansion, perhaps in order to prevent reaver popping, as well as to get rid of those cannons which had plagued him. This also meant that his gas was being stretched ridiculously hard. Fearing that his opportunity to strike while his hydras would be most effective might pass without his having a chance to strike, he quickly gathered up his 15 hydras and 9 lings at a point north of his expansion as he impatiently awaited the completion of his hydralisk upgrades.

Time to show and prove:

Needless to say Vis was in serious trouble. To compensate for the lost mining time, he had his surviving expansion drones long distance mine from the nearby mineral only, while building a hatch there. Then his hydralisk range upgrade clicked in. Vis moved out big time against Bob commanding ~18 hydra and 15 lings.

(That big white line on the enlarged minimap is "NOT" a "big white stain".)

To defend this offensive, Bob had 5 goons, 2 zealots, and 2 reavers.

Given that he had just committed a large cache of resources towards upgrading his weapons, range, and shuttle speed, as well as cannoning his opponent's expansion, things looked fairly difficult for Bob.

The twin reavers quickly unloaded matching scarabs upon the invading troops.

The psychological effect of pushing uphill through scarabs quickly dissuaded Vis from pushing here and he retreated back to his mineral only with 80% of his original forces intact.

Unfortunately for Vis from here the game was pretty much over as Bob's dragoon range and weapons upgrades completed. Bob scouted with an observer, then simply pushed through Vis' standing troops, reinforcement troops, and finally Vis' bases using a solid group of goons and reavers. While expanding to his natural. Vis resigned with a very solid "gg".

Victor: Bob_The_Newt

The final tally:

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This has been a Casper... production.

Lessons learned:
Yes my programming skills are raw.
Yes I would appreciate constructive feedback.
Yes you can lick my balls if you flame this.

*For Rachel, who's off at Western.

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