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Why A-X Really Sucks : Apex-X and Assaillant-X vs. [9]Kain and Stranix
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Author:Bob the Newt
Date: 03/19/00 11:03
Game Type: Starcraft
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It's an indent, smart guy.First off, prepare yourself for something you haven't seen in a LONG time . . . a decent BR with actual good players! And it's not on BGH!

It's an indent, smart guy.It was a day like any other day, I was sitting in tao chat and doing the only thing I'm able to do on kali, annoy A-X members. I see Apex-X spamming for a tao 2v2, on behalf of team A-X (surprise). He is soon challenged by [9]Kain of team Gosu Chobos. I join Apex-X's game in hope of giving him "bad juju," only to see that SawRed is there with the same intentions. Apex-X tries his very hardest to get Kain to tell him to ban me, but Assaillant-X (better known as OrcManiac to us bnet lamers) loves me, and commanded Apex-X to let poor old bobo stay.

I only BR games on overplayed maps, sorry ;-<

Don't hide your feelings for me apex.It's an indent, smart guy.All players get to work on their builds, Stranix goes barracks, barracks, depot, barracks, [9]Kain does a standard 2gate opening, Assaillant-X executes the popular zerg power build, 9 ovie, 12 hatch, 13 pool, 14hatch, while Apex-X also does the regular 2gate build.
It's an indent, smart guy.Soon the two toss's build's diverge, with [9]Kain adding a third gate, and Apex-X starting a forge. Apex-X sends out his zealots and a probe to the choke of his natural and the 12 spot main, and starts to secure it with cannons. During this he tells Assaillant-X to build a whole bunch of sunkens, since zerg are so weak in hunters 2v2.
It's an indent, smart guy.A-X scouts show that it looks like a marine/zealot combo is coming for Apex-X. After getting yelled at to go go GO, Assaillant-X finally sends group of lings to save his partner. Meanwhile the attack on Apex-X was going very well, they hit him right before the cannons warped in, giving him both a low troop count and little defense.

Apex's subtle hints eventually get to Assaillant.
Wanna see something funny?
Not quite as bad as being probed . . . but still bad. It's an indent, smart guy.Assaillant-X's lings arrive just as the one surviving cannon warps in, together they're able to kill all the marines, but four zealots still remain. Apex-X falls back to his main, utilizing the time while Stranix and [9]Kain wait for their reinforcements to make enough cannons to save his chobo ass. Assaillant-X starts a lair with lurkers in mind, all the while massing lings from his three hatches. The second wave of marine/zealot arrives at Apex-X, who now has two cannons, two zealots and his probes to defend against the eight marines and six zealots.
It's an indent, smart guy.While Apex-X furiously micros to stay alive, Assaillant-X sends around twenty lings to Stranix to cause some havoc. Both Stranix and Apex-X are able to beat off the attacks with some nice micro.
It's an indent, smart guy.After the attack Apex-X starts teching up to DTs, [9]Kain adds yet another gate and continues to macro. Troops are sent out from [9]Kain and Stranix, looking as if they're going to finish what they started with Apex-X. After loitering around in the center for a little bit, then change directions and head for Assaillant-X, who has just finished morphing his first lurkers. A scout gets hit by lurker spines, causing them to withdraw their forces. [9]Kain leaves his zealots outside the choke to delay anything coming out.
It's an indent, smart guy.Apex-X sends his new DT to [9]Kain's main, only to encounter two cannons covering most of the buildings. While looking for week spots in [9]Kain's detection he expands to the bottom left main. Assaillant-X has been pushing his way out of his main very slowly with lurkers, and eventually makes it to Stranix. [9]Kain had noticed both players going cloakers, and had gotten observers. He comes so rescue his all marine ally with one obbie and some zealot/dragoon. Assaillant-X retreats the few lurkers that live to his natural, where he has just started a hatchery. Apex-X expands again to the 9 o'clock main. With mobile detection, [9]Kain immediately expands to his natural.
My CC and scv await the perfect moment to spring from hiding and destroy Apex's expansion.

It's an indent, smart guy.As you can see, Stranix and [9]Kain are going after Apex-X in a large way, and Assaillant-X is taking the 6 o'clock main. Unfortunately for Assaillant-X, a scouting zealot killed his hatch a few seconds after it was started. Apex-X had predicted that with his whorish tactics he would become the main target, and had turtled hard, with six cannons and five templar. Stranix sends four stimmed marines in first and assassinates two temps on the outskirts before sending in his main force.

There's nothing more amusing than seeing marines that are not yours get stormed.

It's an indent, smart guy. Apex-X held using some great storm micro, but lost all of his troops doing it. After the attack Assaillant-X attempts to counter Stranix with a large amount of lurker/ling, but is scared off by tanks and newly produced m&m. He settles for containment and burrows the lurkers in Stranix's natural. [9]Kain's observer noticed the lack of detection with the lurkers, so he sent over three dark templar to free up his partner.

Throw in some wraiths and we have a cloakie party.

It's an indent, smart guy. Stranix had floated a CC to the 12 o'clock main, anticipating that the area would be relatively safe since they would kill Apex-X. That much of his plan didn't work out, but an expansion is an expansion safe or not, so he transferred twelve scvs there to start mining. Stranix sends his troops out to secure the center, and starts a CC for his natural. Assaillant-X sees the terran movement, and sends out his troops to destroy the opposing army before it can get set up.

SawRed sure says 'rape' a lot.

If you look up efficiency, you'll see a picture of this. It's an indent, smart guy.Assaillant-X kills most of Stranix's marines, but is not able to break the terran control. Apex-X tries to expand to 6 o'clock, but it is killed by a patrolling DT before detection can be set up. Mains are starting to run dry now, so Assaillant-X transfers half of his drones at his main. For some reason, they get stuck behind a sunken and just move back and forth for about ten minutes.
It's an indent, smart guy. Stranix's completely nude 12 o'clock expansion is finally found out by one of Apex-X's DTs, so he retreats all of the scvs to his just finished natural. Assaillant-X tries to take control of the center again, this time with assistance from Apex-X. The two are able to rid the middle of Stranix, but they do not posses the troops necessary to hold it for themselves.

Note what killed the only lurker that died.
mock mock It's an indent, smart guy. [9]Kain starts a nexus at the upper center expansion, with hopes of blocking travel from Apex-X's main as well as providing another source of income. Apex-X is trying once again to prove that his balls are bigger than his brain, and starts teching to arbiters.
It's an indent, smart guy.Apex-X expands to his natural and transfers the idle probes at his main unable to reach other expansions there. The second the nexus warps in [9]Kain sends in his close by troops. Apex-X sneaks out as many probes as he can while his dragoons engage the invaders. Only five make it to their destination, but none would have survived the archon's psionic blasts if they had stayed.

Happy Fun Ball - Don't mess with him.

It's an indent, smart guy. Stranix's command center had finally floated from 12 o'clock to the center, which he is trying to retake again. Once, [9]Kain starts pounding on Apex-X's natural nexus, the demented turtling arb builder decides to try and save it. Around 15 speed zealots are sent from his two expansions, but they are forced to fight their way through the center and upper center. Apex-X loses his natural before the zealots reach it. While they're in the area, the zealots manage to kill most of the probes mining upper center before getting destroyed by reinforcements from [9]Kain's main.

SawRed has already killed the expansion below his CC . . . perhaps one day my skill will reach that height.

It's an indent, smart guy. Assaillant-X has been harassing Stranix with muta/lurker, preventing him from doing anything but try and maintain control of the middle. [9]Kain takes the contingent of zealot/goon/templar that saved his upper center exp and sends it to 3 o'clock.

ya there isn't really anything funny about this.

It's an indent, smart guy.The three goon/five cannon defense held off the attack, although [9]Kain stormed half of the probe line while the cannons fought his soldiers has been gaining a large excess of minerals from his gas heavy strats, so he started massing cracklings. Apex-X's "tech" had completed, which was revealed to his opponents during an attack on his rebuilt natural.

I don't know enough synonyms for gay to describe this.

It's an indent, smart guy.Now that [9]Kain cannot offer much help, Assaillant-X pours his troops into the center, overrunning the marines and tanks defending.

God that's corny, wtf was I thinking?
It's an indent, smart guy.A bunker being repaired by the entire scv line kills twenty lings, four mutas, and a lurker, saving the day. Apex-X sends ten goons to assault the upper center base and free up travel between his bases, while expandion to the bottom left natural. Storms and cannons keep him at bay, even though he takes out four templar before falling. Marines and dragoons are quickly sent to do some damage before he can replace the dead dragoons.Apex-X's tries to save his newbie self with his favorite spell once more.

Everyone does =[

The stasis is only able to stop so many of the aggressors, and more of [9]Kain's and Stranix's men continue to attack his base. While Apex-X has been sitting with his thumb up his ass watching his base die and his arbs look cool, Assaillant-X was getting the natural compliment to cracklings, guardians. The lings and guards swarm from his base, killing the center expansion on their way to save Apex-X. Stranix and [9]Kain leave some troops at Apex-X and send the rest to stop the rampaging zerg before he kills more expansions.

Hah, you only get to see the very end of my witty comment!

 'Gaypex.' It's an indent, smart guy. Assaillant-X has upgrades of 0/0, compared to everyone else's at least 1/1, causing the lings to fall very quickly once zealots come on the scene. Once they are removed, [9]Kain drives the guards back with dragoons.
It's an indent, smart guy.Apex-X finally gets to do what he's been planning - recall!. The protoss warriors are teleported right into the center of Stranix's only mining base. Apex-X puts his troops to work on Stranix's main after killing the natural, effectively putting Stranix out of the game.
It's an indent, smart guy. Apex-X now pulls his most brilliant move since going arbs - [9]Kain attacks the bottom left natural at the exact same time a larger group of Apex-X's men are passing by. Apex-X lets his guys run right past the base while [9]Kain pops every probe in the place.

I gotta agree with SawRed on this one.

It's an indent, smart guy.Assaillant-X and Apex-X attack upper center, bringing it down quickly.

Getting A-Xer's names right isn't exactly Kain's strong point.

It's an indent, smart guy. Apex-X recalls his army into [9]Kain's main and starts tearing it down, which is pretty pointless because it has no frontal defense anyway. In his last act of defiance, [9]Kain attacks the 6 o'clock main and natural, which were recently taken by Assaillant-X.

Dead players >>>>>> Assaillant.
gogo team Newt!!!
It's an indent, smart guy.Just as [9]Kain is about to take down Assaillant-X's extractor, the last part of the 6 o'clock base, Apex-X kills his last building, ending the game.

Close, but no bloody explosion.


Whoever kills everyone's buildings always looks like he owns.

Lessons Learned

- Apex is downright homosexual.
- A-X sucks!

This has been a

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