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"The two Terran commanders are captured alive, and subjected to whatever fiendish new experimental torture methods that Kerrigan has devised. Some of which no doubt involve tickling."

Epic 2v2 on Dire **PIC HEAVY!!**
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Date: 03/12/00 09:03
Game Type: Starcraft
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Lifetime Rating for Sp|nE: 9.5000
3 game series

Hey. I'm proud to present to you what was really one of the best games i've ever observed. No 3 game series with crappy 10 minute games, just one of the funniest, heavily contested, and spontaneous games i've ever seen. I won't say "well played" ... you will find out why =]

That night i was in clan nwtr, trying to fit in amongst those oh so cool and mature nwtr people. I joined a game that i believe Sqick hosted, observed for about 10 minutes, and started to do my typical gay spine style lag. They proceeded to whine, moan, and bitch, despite my generous offer to save the game so they could be featured on an utterly spectacular spine br. But alas, twas not to be, as they were BAD MANNER and despite saving the game, dropped me. Of course Bob said i was lagging because i map hack ... which is definately not true .. heh heh heh. I promptely restarted my piece of trash computer, finally got a good connection, went back to nwtr, where i found Old~El~Paso and -|-GodlyCow-|- chatting with a couple peeps i'd never seen there before. Anyway, after a gay game that involved a lot of mutas, they decided to rematch. And off we go ...

NWTR vs the lamers

i need a breath mint

licking sugar off of frosted flakes is cool Team NWTR, aka: The "mature" ones

-|-GodlyCow-|- (Cow) randoms to toss, SW
Old~El~Paso (OEP) picks terran, NE

Team Lamer, aka: Team NH

$uprimo (Suprimo) picks toss, NW
~ProZerAn~| (Prozeran) randoms to toss, SE

Well, toss/terran, v toss/toss. Sounds like a gay goon or sair war. Bah. As far as the players go ... OEP said he was very good at Terran on dire, but other than that, he sucks. Cow just said he sucks at everything. I had observed Suprimo and Prozeran in the last game, and knew that Prozeran was quite good, but didn't really get to see about Suprimo since he was killed off early by a double team ... but we'll see =]

Note: Prozeran is NOT [FLS]Prozerran.

All players got gas first before their builds began to diverge. OEP then went rax, fact, and then got an academy and starport at about the same time, preparing to get wraiths, before getting a later second starport. Cow went gate, core, stargate, and then another later stargate, going mass sairs to gain air control. Prozeran went gate, core, robo bay, and then robo support and another robo bay, going for power reavers.

You're probably wondering about Suprimo's build? Well, it was so omg this guy is so gosu "unique", that he deserved a paragraph of his own. He went gas, gate, forge, core ... pylon, pylon, pylon, stargate, stargate, stargate. To the side, he brags to his partner about how gosu his build order is.

After laughing hysterically at Suprimo, i decided to look at what was going in elsewhere on the map. Cow had gotten 3 sairs out of his 2 starports, and finally set them off to get recon and possibly do their gay thing. They move east, towards Prozeran's base. Once he reaches there, Cow is pleased, as Prozeran only has 2 reavers and a freshly made shuttle. With no anti air, the shuttle is quickly dispatched by the sairs.

The sairs proceed to go towards the middle of the map, with the intention of traversing to Suprimo's base for some recon. Suprimo's starports had finished by that time, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i could see them flashing, probably indicating that he was getting some sairs. But alas, i had definately overestimated his skills. I gape in amazement as i see what came out of his starports. A SCOUT! Yes, a scout. Sigh. Anyways, his gosu scout ... scouts the middle of the map, and runs into Cow's 3 corsairs. The scout valiantly screams at Suprimo to get him the hell out of there, but gets no response. His death is quick and sudden, but manages to take a sair with him.

After laughing for a while, we start playing again. Cow gets a citadel of adun, robo facility, and gateway, because he is a putz. He also sends 2 of his sairs back to Prozeran's base, where he again, finds a shuttle and 4 reavers. Mmmm, toasty. He starts chasing after the shuttle, but 2 of Suprimo's sairs come (yay no more scouts) and start to battle evenly with Cow's 2 sairs, before 3 more of Cow's sairs come and smack around Suprimo's 2. To sum that boring crap up, 5 sairs > 2, and sairs > shuttle.

The next move is done by OEP. He sends 4 of his wraiths west, to the NW corner above Suprimo's base. He follows this by sending his wraiths at Suprimo's probe line, sairs v wraiths is what some of would like to classify as 'fucking gay' hoping to catch him detectionless there. And he lucks out, as although Suprimo has about 4 cannons in random spots on his base, he doesnt have one to cover his peon line. The wraiths start taking potshots (yes jason, pot) on the probes, before 4 of Suprimo's sairs come in and commence the smacketh downeth. I waited impatiently for OEP to cloak his wraiths, but it never came. And without cloak, the tin-can planes were killed easily before OEP retreated one back to his base.

Following this, OEP scouts Prozeran with 2 wraiths, finding some reavers and only one goon for anti-air. The wraiths cloak (took long enough), and after about 5 hours, kill the goon. They then move on and win just about the only battle they are capable of winning - vs some reavers. 4 wraiths manage to take down a single reavers, (after another 8 hours) before they are scared away by a godly goon, along with an observer. OEP then floats the CC he has been constructing in his main to the 12 o clock expansion (btw 11 and 1 o clock), where he lands it and begins to fortify with a few turrets. Meanwhile, his partner announces his plan, probably influenced by the skill level of their opponents.

damn gateway makes it hard to see the text...

Knowing he needs a lot of gas for this godly strat, Cow expands to the 6 o clock expansion, the one between him and Prozeran.

lots of micro going on here The next move is done by Suprimo. He and Prozeran, once achieving air dominance with their sairs, decide to attack Cow. Suprimo's job is to clear the path with his skill intense sairs while Prozeran does all the damn work. And is is actually able to do what is needed. His 6 sairs kamazaki into Cow's base, meeting up with Cow's 4. And contrary to popular belief, 6 > 4, so Suprimo won with 4 sairs remaining. However, they were chased away by a few goons that Cow was now pumping from his 2 gates. The pic to the side i included just b/c the sairs gay attack looks cool. Well, it does, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, OEP continues to power. He floats another CC to the right-middle island (the one in the right middle), while constructing yet another CC in his main for floating. He also puts wraiths over all the expansions so he can know when his opponents are expanding. Speaking of expansions, the mature nwtr team is definately beating the lamer team. They will soon have 3 expansions (once OEP finishes floating his), to team lamer's 0!

Remember that devious, masterful plan that Prozeran and Suprimo had? Well, Prozeran was finally ready to complete it. He loaded up 2 reavers and 3 goons into 3 shuttles, brought along a few sairs, and shipped them to Cow's base. Coupled with Suprimo's sairs, they had a formidable force. However, everyone thank evire for telling me to put a bunch of mini maps in my pics! Cow had built a pylon in range of where the reavers/goons were dropped. One of the reavers, once dropped, immediately fired a volley onto the pylon, alerting Cow of their precense. Cow only has 5 goons, and will have to pull off some tight micro and gosu skills to get out of this. And that he does ... well sort of. He uses "tight micro" and right clicks on one of the reavers, and is able to kill it while only losing a single goon to one volley. Prozeran's remaining reaver and 3 goons are enough to kill Cow's 4 goons, but reinfocements of 2 goons and a zealot easily finish off the reaver, and then chase after Prozeran's last 2 goons for a while before wasting them.

Did someone say mindless chatter?

no, 'mike' is not part of the 'jax' crowd.  prozeran apparently is his r/l friend, not me ... i'd never befriennd that screw up =P

You there, reading the report ... no sarcastic remarks about how gay that was.

Arbiters anyone?

Suprimo then does a absolutely pitiful attack on OEP, with a pathetic 2 goon drop. But then again, what should i have expected? Something skillful? Needless to say, they died horribly.


stupid red thing Prozeran, realizing that his team is pretty behind in resources, expands to the 3 o clock expansion. He then instructs his incompetant partner to expand as well, and he does this a few minutes later, at the 9 o clock spot. A small scuffle occurs over Prozeran's expansions, involving a few corsairs blowing up more tinfoil wraiths with the aid of a magic observer that speaks in german.

A small break in action occurs, as the players build their forces. Cow and Prozeran both begin massing goons, with Prozeran getting shuttles while Cow is almost at his goal of godly arbiters, and most likely recall! OEP has some wraiths, and realizing his surplus in resources, decides to do what is obviously the most applicable strat: mass nukes.

nukes and arbiters ... hrm

Another few minutes of silence pass by, before i notice one mighty shuttle belonging to Suprimo pass down the far left side of the map, towards Cow's main. It hooks down, and he unloads his cargo on Cow's peon line .... 4 zealots. Ah, the godly 4 zealot drop, 20 minutes into the game! Mad skills here. However, i winced as i watched many of Cow's probes helplessly being mauled by Suprimo's 4 vicious zealots. Before bursting out laughing again, i noticed several purple dots on the mini map, over Cow's expansion. I quickly looked over, and to my surprise, and possibly delight, saw that Prozeran had dropped 6 goons on Cow's expansion! Cow's only defense was a single cannon and a bunch of probes, which began to be razed at once. OEP sent some wraiths, but despite comstating the area, trying to find an observer, his wraiths were destroyed by the goons, with only a couple of casulties. This is because the observer was in an absurd spot, close enough to see the wraiths but far away (north and east) of the location of the comstat. Going back to Suprimo's godly 4 zealot drop, it actually did some major damage, wiping out around 10 probes. This, along with the destruction of Cow's expansion, crippled his economy severely.

suprimo talkin some mad smack

I begin staring off into space, amusing myself while looking at Suprimo's godly army of 6 scouts. Suddenly, i notice a huge red blob in the corner of Prozeran's base. I quickly look over ... YES! It is! The recall rush strikes again! Ah, for Cow had recalled about ~14 goons into Prozeran's nearly defenseless base. Prozeran only has a couple goons there, and they quickly become soup at the hands of Cow's farly superior number of goons. They begin taking down his buildings one by one. *que gay music* But no one fear! Suprimo is here! Ahh yes, our favorite hero Suprimo has arrived with his impressive scout army! H ingeniusly starts firing on the only thing that he can see, the arbiter. Luckily for him it is also the only battle that scouts are capable of winning, and they wipe out the arbiter in the matter of a few seconds. He then proceeds to then run his scouts right across Cow's army of goons, where all but one die. Smooth. But, this did enable his partner to actually have a fighting chance.

hey partner, whats that huge dragoon force doing in your base?

But 10 of Cow's goons remained, to only 5 of Prozeran's - but he is fortunate, as he is able to distract 3 of them to attack his 5, since Cow's other ones were busy talking about how they had just owned those scouts. 5 > 3, so Prozeran was victorious in that small skirmish. Cow next sends his other group of goons, and they are easily able to win, with 5 surviving. They commence beating up on some buildings again.

ahhh its raining .... rain = bad manner I then take a break from the exciting goons vs gateways battle to notice that Suprimo has shipped 4 goons over to OEP's base. A laughable battle, i figure. But OEP decides to make life difficult for himself, as he merely attack - moves with his 6 wraiths and 4 marines, without cloaking his wraiths. He then proceeds to get severely owned by the 4 goons, while killing only one. The 3 goons then go on a rampage, killing all in their paths! Well, actually they killed OEP's academy before i was distracted by the bitch lady saying ...

but there was more to the old west than just sex folks ... oh, a whole lot more

And again ... this time making the picture bigger for dramatic effect

what the hell is this, a tea party?  somebody kill somebody!!  *smash* AHH!!

Yes, 2 nukes. So i look frantically around to find out who's gonna get umm .. you guys can see his logic behind that, right? stuff blown up. My eyes finally set on 2 blue dots a bit south of Suprimo's base. I then find the red dot, centered on one of Suprimo's 2 gateways, surrounded by a core, citadel, and forge. I wasn't sure if Suprimo had seen this or not, but i assumed he did, since i saw a probe go right by the 2 ghosts .. and build a pylon. Yes, Suprimo's response to this is by building a pylon.

whatcha gonna do, whtcha gonna do when dey come for you Despite Suprimo's skillful tactic, the nukes still fell. And they blew up lots of stuff. O, dey blew up dem stuff gooood. Dem stuff being 2 gateways, a core, forge, and a cannon. Apparently Suprimo likes the feeling of being nuked. Personally, i dont get anything pleasing out of it, but to each their own =P

From nukes, to boring goons. Suprimo's huge army of 3 goons had been relentlessly pounding on some of OEP's buildings. The disturbing truth of this is that these goons had killed OEP's academy, and 3 depots, before they were finally ended by a few wraiths (cloaked this time!).

And again, from boring goons, to boringier goons. Cow's 6 goons had dwindled to 2 goons from Prozeran's goons that were constantly coming out of his gateways. These 2 goons were finally destroyed when Prozeran retaliated with 5 goons and several probes, at last getting his base free of enemy occupation. However, both of Prozeran's starports, and 2 of his gatewys were destroyed.

What, you want cheesier?

Cow, realizing he needs to quickly get his expansion, as his main is nearly dry of resources, shuttles a probe to the mid left island, and begins fortifying it with cannons.

Suprimo also shuttles a probe to an island. However, the island is Cow's drefsab has a pupil main base. I see him start making a pylon ... then a cannon .. then another ... and another ... and about 5 more. Yes, Suprimo has topped even himself in idiocy. Mass cannons seem to be the dish of the hour. However, it was not to be. Cow coincidently scouted with a zealot in that area, probably because he saw something warping in. Needless to say, Suprimo was DENIED the godly offensive cannon strat by a bunch of Cow's goons. It was cute though.

After verbally bashing Suprimo for a bit, Cow realized he was in deep crap. The expansion he was fortifying at the left middle island was never given the chance to reach it's full potential and be a young, successful expansion. For Prozeran was able to drop 4 goons on it before cannons came up, and since Cow had absolutely no way to shuttle his large goon army there, he was defenseless, and the expansion fell. A few minutes later, he takes the expansion for himself, fortifying it with a few goons.

The next few minutes are pretty boring, so i will entertain you with some gay chatter involving red being a hacker and OEP trying to find out where the hell he put his stuff:

if cow hacks, he sure sucks at it =P

Cow is in no way out of this game yet though. He still has upwards of 15 goons, and a shiney new arbiter! During the gay chatter he slowly, patiently waits for his arbiter to get 150 energy ... which takes about 30 minutes. And when it finally does, he sets of with mr magic arbiter to Prozeran's base. This time he recalls in a different spot of his base - the northish part, to be specific. This time i catch his arbiter in action doing it's thing, recalling 14 goons. Cow's 14 goons then proceed to easily kill Prozeran's smaller goon army of about 7 goons, and then slowly begin laying waste to his base. Suprimo provides help with several corsairs by again kamazakizing into the arbiter to kill it, and then dieing pitifully to some goons, but it doesn't matter this time. Cow's goons are too many in number, and Prozeran's main is wiped out. GGs are exchanged, but in no way is this game over, although our scrappy lamer team has been dealt a huge blow. Looks like Prozeran will have to rely on his super gosu partner to get them back into the game. However, Cow's goons become stranded on Prozeran's main, as he has lost his arbiter, and has no shuttles to ship them back.

did someone say gosu graphics?

There wasn't much time to ponder about this though ... because a second later, the satanic bitch lady speaks again:

why wont you just DIE bitch???

no, 2 nukes did not fall dumbass Again, i frantically look around the map. And finally, i find that little red dot on the northern part of Prozeran's 3 o clock expansion. Super gosu OEP figured out that he is able to nuke that little spot from the extreme southern part of HIS main base. I wait in antipication to see what it blows up, but am dissapointed ... the nuke's radius just missed out on blowing up about 10 probes, and it only kills a cannon and about 4 of Prozeran's probes .. bah. To the side is another YRM inspired graphic, which i have to do because i have no idea in hell as to how to do animated gif's.

After this, Suprimo decides he will be of some help to his partner whose base is currently dieing, so he brings a shuttle filled with ... 4 zealots to try to save him from 12+ goons. Fortunately, he realizes that these zealots will do somewhere near the equivalent of jack shit, so he gets their scrawny asses back into the shuttle and far far away from the scary goons.

OEP then tries to continue to hit Prozeran's 3 o clock expansion from the extreme southern part of his main. He brings 4 tanks and several yes, i believe that would be DENIED wraiths down and sees if he can hit something from his base. Prozeran sees the tanks seige up, and decides that he will not stand for this. He attempts to do a carefully planned attack, first bringing in an observer, and then corsairs to deal with the wraiths, and then a shuttle filled with 2 goons to drop right next to the tanks. However, it goes completely array from the start. OEP pings at just the right time, killing the observer. Then the sairs come in, but without an observer, they are helpless against the godly cloaked wraiths. The shuttle comes in next, and is able to drop, but drops within the range of the tanks, and the goons are blasted a couple of times, and then finished off by the wraiths.

Can this get anymore pathetic?

The immediate goal for Cow is to get an expansion ASAP. His main is dry, and probably has very few minerals. He plans to retake the 6 o clock expansion. However, there is a slight problem. Suprimo has just taken it, AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! despite the fact that Cow still has a pylon sitting there =P. Confident little sob isn't he? Well, Cow is just about to teach him a lesson he'll never forget. Cow reaches back to pull out the most humiliating, bastardly, and devestating drop that he can pull off on Suprimo's expansion attempt ... the 8 PROBE DROP!. Oh yes, goons are 2gosu4cow. Probes are the order of the day ... and with the help of some of OEP's wraiths, the probes emerge triumphant from battle. Some foolish sairs of Suprimo's, obviously again underestimating the power of the probes, try to attack OEP's wraiths. But Suprimo still does not seem to understand that you need OBSERVERS to see cloaked wraiths, so they promptly die. They then start building a nexus of their own, while having a tantalizing conversation mostly involving the words "jobooty", "groin", and "meow".

A short peace insues, while the players build up their forces (or what is left of them). Suprimo begins making a goons and shuttles from a couple gateways, while OEP continues to mass wraiths from his 3 starports along with the occasional tank, and of course, your complementary nuke. Cow just works on rebuilding his expansion and buffing up his 8 probes for some dirty mining work, and Prozeran builds up his left middle island, continuing to fortify it with cannons. He also starts building starports on it.

Uhoh, its time for the bitch queen again.


nuke > cannon Once again, everyone searches for that god damn red dot. I find it quickly of course, but it sure is hell in a weird spot. OEP is nuking Suprimo's main from his 12 o clock expansion, specifically targeting a cannon. Suprimo is not able to find it in time, and the nuke falls successfully - ALMOST being cost effective. It killed 2 cannons ... GJ OEP!

hi.  how are you? OEP's partner Cow, realizing the ineffeciency of OEP nuking stuff, decides he has to step in himself and do something useful. So he begins ferrying in goons with his one shuttle to Prozeran's 9 o clock expansion. This proves to work quite well, and his ranged goons are able to pick off Prozeran's 2 cannons one by one, destroying them with only one casulty. Cow then starts picking off probes and various buildings at the expansion.

Hrm ... need more nukes?


ooooh, hello mr pretty red dot Yep. OEP's ghosts are able to hop onto Suprimo's island now since his 2 cannons were blown up by another nuke. So OEP lands a ghost to the right of Suprimo's 3 starports, sets his ghost up, and aims his nuke. I was unable to get a pretty picture of the nuke, but the single nuke was not enough to kill the 3 starports, although it did bring them hundereds of hitpoints.

You might be wondering why i was unable to get a pic of das nuking of de starports. bad manner? i think so! Well, it was because my jaw just about hit the floor when i was what Suprimo did. He dropped 5 goons and 2 dts on Cow's main base. Keep in mind it took him about 40 minutes to mass this huge force =P. Anyway, it didn't matter how long it took him to build this force up, because Cow's main base was only defended by a few goons. Without detection, the dts were able to rip up the goons while Suprimo's own goons were able to act as fodder. The goons and dts then commenced ripping up Cow's base, until something .. or someone, interupted them ...

OEP had to pause for an "unknown" reason (he had to wank it). Anyway, this went on for about a minute (boy hes quick). During this, we had a particularly retarded conversation, of which i was going to include the whole thing in a dementedly huge 110 kb graphic, but i decided to spare you poor people with 56k modems the loading time, and just included 2 lines that pretty much summed up the whole thing:

OEP is almost at 'completion' at about this time...

Soon after finishing, OEP unpauses, and Cow continues dieing. He calls for help from OEP (wraiths), but several of OEP's wraiths get caught by a few cannons, and die. Damn tin cans =| Meanwhile, Prozeran finishes warping in a fleet beacon (the thingy that lets you make blimps), probably preparing to make blimps =P GAY! OEP, being the good partner that he is, starts attacking Suprimo's stargates with his remaining wraiths rather then helping his partner. Oh well, Cow wasn't of much use anyway, right?=] OEP does make himself of some use though, as his wraiths help finish up Prozeran's 3 o clock expansion. He TRIES to send some wraiths to save Cow's main (again), but gets caught in a web of cannons at Prozeran's left middle expansion, which is completely filled with cannons and stargates. All he needs is templars and he can be as gay as toss can be!

Sorry about that long wordy paragraph, i don't like to read either, so i try to cut down on things like that ^^

Hrm ... i sense we are have a void or something .. that we need something ...


i will get you one day ...

This time it's easy to find. The ghosts are where they were last time, to the east of Suprimo's stargates. However, OEP this time has 3 nukes am i the only one that wants to give that poor templar a hug? in his arsenal, and uses this for "fun". Boy, he must have been pretty happy after that pause. Unfortunately, i was unable to get a pic of the huge explosion because of my GOD DAMN DAD who had to check his email like an idiot and then take 10 minutes to figure out his to print it. GRRRRRRRR... so all i have for my loyal fans is a "before and after picture". Hopefully you can guess which is the before and which is the after, or you might just be a redneck.

Below, Cow tells me to quote him on that, while OEP is still searching for random things he forgot. Hrm, maybe that little pause fest had an effect on his memory?

dont worry, i dont think it was possible to miss this screen considering i got 450 others

Not just pathetic, but gay

Guess why?

apologies to all those queers i left out

While Bob and Tmac have sex, and Lewis watches Orc and Cathy (off screen) go at it, Suprimo reloads his goons and dts into dropships, and sets off to Cow's 6 o clock expansion, his lone base at this point. His cargo unloads successfully, and Cow only has 2 cannons protecting his base. offstage: 'ohhhh bob ..... ohhhhhhhhh bob .... OHHHHHHHh .....' -- 'HAW HAW HAW, DOS ARE SOME NICE FRENCH TITTIES! The cannons die quickly, and his other buildings start to go down, but dont fear *que gay music again* Old El Paso is here! And NOT the salsa, although that is quite the spicy stuff. No, it is the Paso with the wraiths, and OEP brings down his paper planes to Cow's lone base, and finally starts helping him. And since wraiths are cloaked, and Suprimo and Prozeran have still not, 50 minutes into the game, figured out that you need OBSERVERS to see wraiths, the goons die slowly .. very slowly. So slowly that Cow's nexus is destroyed, as well as all his probes. So he's effectively out of this game, with only a few goons sitting around with no way to ferry them. But he can bitch at partner a lot for not saving him, which is often more fun than starcraft.

OEP decides that he has to strike and he has to strike now. So being the gay 'tactical strike' player that he is, he shoves 2 ghosts into a dropship and unloads them at the extreme northern end of Suprimo's base. Keep in mind that Suprimo is 100% resource dry at this point. If these ghosts are allowed to succesfully nuke Suprimo's buildings, and he loses his tech, he will be unable to build them, and he is effectivly out of the game.

Again, the bitch queen speaks her satanic tone:

at least she drowns out the sounds of tmac having an orgasm

The ghosts aim ... right at Suprimo's nexus. The horn signals. The nuke is armed and ready, and it springs from it's containment area, prepared to do incredibly destructive damage. The nearby templar sits for a while ... sits for a bit more .. and .....


of course, the climax of the game ends up in a templar storming something

Following this tense moment, silence ensues. Prozeran builds up his carriers, OEP prepares for the inevitable encounter with the carriers, since he knew that they were coming with the aid of one of Cow's observers. A few scuffles with some of Suprimo's scouts and OEP's wraiths occur, with OEP winning since Suprimo still hasnt figured out that you need OBSERVERS to see cloaked wraiths.

Finally, Suprimo gets the necessary observers to complement Prozeran's gay carriers - 2 of them to be precise. Then, they set off. 7 carriers and 2 observers, along with a scout of two belong to Suprimo. Their first destination is OEP's 12 o clock expansion. They get there within seconds, and quickly start razing a few turrets in his base. OEP reponds quickly. 12 wraiths are on call, ready for some dirty work with Bob and Tmac. A quickly comstat is placed, and the observers are located. The wraiths go to the spot, knowing their orders. However, OEP makes a crucial mistake, and does not comstat again. The wraiths kill the first observer, but a second remains! The wraiths, not knowing what hit them, proceed to get thoroughly owned by the carriers, only killing one carrier. OEP's 12 o clock expansion falls, and the gay carriers move on ...

bob showed those bad boys good alright

Suprimo then decides to be cute and storm stuff anyway. He ships 4 templar to OEP's base, prepared to show off his gosu storming skills to everyone. Here's more pics to add to the fucking demented loading time that this br will already have

just point and laugh

The gay carriers move on to OEP's mid eastern expansion, where they meet up with little resistance. Lockdowns were numerous, but troops were few. More carriers joined in, bringing their number to 9, and OEP knew he was done for. Here, come sums up the game rather nicely...

i couldnt have said it better myself ... well maybe i could - 'YOU GUYS SUCK!'

In a heroic and truly epic last effort, he lifts off all his buildings and sends them to Suprimo's base. Suprimo actually had shuttled over a few archons to OEP's base, but still didnt figure out that you need OBSERVERS to see cloaked wraiths. So, they began firing those sexy psionic things at the poor buildings. Amazingly, Suprimo was able to survive the deadly random building drop on his main with the aid of the approximate 10 cannons that he had in random places, and OEP, knowing that he was truly dead, surrendured. GGs were exchanged for the second time, and it truly is over.

GG guys! It was really a great game to watch.

Final scores

jk guys! you are all very gosu

Das Lamer Poll!

hahaha this should be funny

Well, Darkhawke asked for it. Folks, it's up for YOU to vote. Who is lamer? Your choices are below ...

Lessons Learned

  • Scouts own
  • Pubbie lamers > nwtr
  • My neck hurts
  • Voting in "The Lamer Poll" is cool

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