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"i'll play red hunters but noway will i play blue"

Secrets of Mark4 revealed! (a 3 game series) **Pic Heavy!!**
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Date: 03/06/00 10:03
Game Type: Starcraft
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3 game series

Hey all. Yet another (arent any of you tired of me by now?) br by yours truly. This time, it all started on yet another pleasant night where i was slowly wasting my life away on I was in nohunters, listening to the lamers chatter away, when [USA]Skittles started spamming .. er asking for a game. Very oddly, all the lamers suddely quieted down. A ... g-a-m-e?? What could he possibly mean from this? Anyway, i told him to try x17, where they are 2x lame but play starcraft every once in a while. That didn't work either, so he came back to nh, where he found a special lamer, by the name of Mark4. Mark4 accepted Skittle's challenge, and off we went.

Ye olde P v T

Map: Temple

Skittles randoms to Terran at 3 o clock


Mark4 randoms to Toss at 6 o clock

My thoughts? It's P v T. Mark4 is toss. You should be able to guess the rest of my thoughts.

Skittles starts off with a rax near his CC build order, not knowing he was facing toss. Once he found out that Mark4 was toss though, he built his 2nd rax near his choke, preparing to do the classic terran style that i like to call "delay your death for 10 minutes". He then starts on an acad shortly after, going for M&M rush possibly. Mark4 goes gate, gas, gate, core, preparing to contain Skittles with ranged goons.

He starts rallying his goons to Skittle's base. Soon after his 5th goon arrives, Skittles ventures out of his base with about 12 marines and 4 medics. Unfortunately for him, they march into the goons single file. However, after a hasty injection of drugs, they prove to be quite effective, causing Mark4 to retreat his bitch, get your mouse away .. what, were you expecting something witty? goons after killing one of the burly marines. The M&M pursue them all the way across the map down to Mark4's base. This reveals itself to be a poor decision, as 4 more fresh goons join the other 4, and with the addition, proceed to beat the crap out of the marines with their godly bolt things. Skittles was obviously being too optimistic, as he also built a bunker outside of Mark4's natural. But he was forced to cancel this as the goons started chasing after the fleeing medics. They pursued them all the way back to Skittles' base, where Mark4 settled for keeping his goons outside of Skittles' natural.

As far as terching was concerned, Skittles had been making a factory, as well as a machine shop. tee hee that goon is on fire Mark4's templar archives was about halfway done. Also at about this time, Mark4 tries to push his goons up Skittles' ramp, but is impeded by about 12 M&M. One goon dies before the rest skuttle down the ramp to go to their containment spot once again. Mark4 uses this small diversion to expand to the 9 o clock main. Skittles begins tank production, and also constructs a 2nd factory. Soon after, Skittles becomes relieved, as his first tank pulls up and seiges. After blasting a couple goons to blue goop, the goons manage to settle once again, this time closer to the center of the map.

Mark4 is developing his expansion, and has built 2 gates and a couple cannons there for D. However, he didn't maynard any probes there. Bah, pathetic! He has also continued goon production, as well as adding in a few dts for additional mocking. Skittles has predicted this however, and has decided to tech to science vessles before setting out to attack. He also decides to do the gosu terran tactic of turbo newbieing, so he puts 2 tanks in a newly made crapship .. er dropship, and sets off for Mark4's natural. But when he gets there, he finds no probes working =P But he seiges them anyway, actually finding a rather strategical position, seiging them on the far north part of Mark4's natural cliff, giving him an excellent sniping position to pick off enemy units coming just out of the gateways.

Once Skittles finally gets an SV, he sets out to attack. 14 marines, 4 medics, 4 vultures, 2 tanks, and an SV come down from his ramp. A lone dt is killed at Skittles' natural (although it manages to kill a drunk tank driver). Skittles' army has a high morale as it successfully kills a dt and a templar with only one loss - before running smack dab into Mark4's 12 goons and one templar. Guess what happenes next. Yes, the templar storms ... and every single marine dies. Sigh. The remaining vultures and tanks are rather easily killed by the goons, facing only 2 casulties. Mark4 does not choose to attack Skittles yet though - instead he takes the 12 o clock main.

pvt is balanced

Ahh!! The terran is fighting back!

omg i am so gosu, i have 0 minerals Skittles is certainly not out of the game though. Remember those 2 tanks that he dropped off on Mark4's natural cliff? They have been doing quite well. They have over 10 kills between them, and have pissed Mark4 off a bit. Skittles also expands to his natural, knowing that he will need to try to stay semi-even in the resource game to win this. He also gets valuable recon, finding Mark4's 2 expansions with a medic and wraith, respectably. Knowing that these expansion just won't do, Skittles loads up a dropship with a tank and 4 marines, and heads off to the 12 main to try to kill some probes and possibly do more damage. It unloads, and he is able to kill about 4 - 6 probes before Mark4 sends several goons to clean up the terran scum, losing only a couple goons.

Mark4 next finally gets rid of those 2 annoying tanks at his natural by dropping 2 goons right by them. Goons from one matrix thing away > seiged tanks, so the tanks died ... dah.

By now Skittles has his natural at full capacity, and with a pretty decent economy (finally) he decides to go on the offensive yet again. This time he is much more careful - he loads up 2 tanks in a dropship, and drops them close to where he thinks that Mark4's containment crew is. He lucks out, and finds a lone templar ripe for the killin. The two tanks (unseiged) are able to kill the templar successfully. make up your own witty comments you lazy biatch Skittles then calls in the real troops, consisting of 5 tanks, 10 rines, 2 meds, and 2 SV's. Mark4's containment has been thinned down to a mere 6 goons, and realizing that he is outgunned, retreats his goons to the 9 o clock mineral only (or that general area), but not before picking off an SV and losing 2 goons of his 6 goons. Skittles' terran force goes south to Mark4's main, arriving to see a mere 2 goons guarding the ramp. They are quickly dispatched by the tanks, and Skittles moves up the ramp. Mark4's reinforcements arrive from his other bases, but they are easily shot down by the tanks since they have the advantage of the high ground.

The tide turns however, as reinforcements continue to roll in from all sides. 2 of Skittles' reinforcing tanks are killed by goons, the infantry is stormed, and goons and more storm finish off the remaining tanks.

During all of this chaos, Mark4 somehow had the spare time to load up a dragoon and 2 templar into a shuttle, and ship them to Skittles' natural. sorry, it was too tempting ... Yes, he was gonna hallcuinate his goon 4 times and scare the crap out of Skittles with the amazing dissapearing goon trick .. tuhu ... er sorry i wont try to be funny anymore =P. In reality, he did a storm drive by. Lightning was unleashed upon innocent scvs by the templar, resulting in countless casulties, actually, it was 19. See, i have proof.

Skittles, although he took a very large hit from this, is no where close to giving up. He rebuilds scvs from both CCs, rallying them to his natural. He also goes on the offensive again - actually setting off even before his first attack was killed off, i believe it was a combination of skittles being a dumbass and toss being a gay this time consisting of 9 rines, 2 tanks, a med, and an SV. They arrive there to meet up with 3 goons and a dt. Once Skittles hears the slashing of a dt's blade, he scans, and manages to kill it. The goons fall pretty easily, without a casulty. However, with the infantry busy firing upoin a gateway, a dt coming from one of Mark4's south bases skips up the ramp, preparing to do his "dirty work". He managed to kill BOTH the tanks, despite the presense of an SV there. Mr nasty then moves on and rips up some marines, before he and a cannon finish off the rest. GAY.

owww stop it!  those bulltets hurt! Skittles is truly relentless though. Just a few seconds later he attacks the 12 main again, with 2 tank, 6 marines, and an SV. Mark4 tries to be as gay as possible, as 3 dts pop out of his gateways at 12 just after Skittle's small army arrives there. Skittles is quite prepared though, as his troops are positioned correctly to kill those damn dts - almost. The dts manage to kill a tank and 2 marines before they are destroyed. Sigh.

The lone tank seiges up and begins firing upon some random buildings at Mark4's expansion for a little bit, until both player's reinforcements start to arrive - almost at the exact same time. 2 dropships full of infantry arrive from Skittles, and several dragoons start to stream in from Mark4's expansions. Mark4's dragoons that came from his 12 expansion targeted Skittle's lone tank, and were able to kill it, but Skittles' infantry was able to beatdown all of Mark4's goons, and then templar, with the aid of careful micro and a gosu d-matrixed marine.

yo adrian! (if anyone gets this they get a bj and a cookie ... no wait, <u>two</u> cookies)

Skittles, without any tank support at the 12 main, decides to bunker the ramp with the scv that he brought. I see his plan come into action as he brings a force consisting of about 4 tanks, 10 marines, 6 meds, and an SV to Mark4's 9 o clock main expansion. Unbenownest (sp?) to Skittles though was that Mark4 had just taken the 9 natural and was starting to fortify haha you can see the medic's red cross symbol it with a few cannons. The cannons warp in just before Skittles' force arrives, and kill about 8 marines that were waltzing in using the gosu single file technique. However, as the tanks start to roll in, they seige up and start smacking down some cannons. Just then i caught a glimpse of Mark4's forces that came from the gateways at the 9 main - 4 goons, 2 dts, and 4 templar. Oh great, more templar. Mark4's forces stroll happily down the ramp, knowing they have gay storm on their side. And gay it is, as lightning is unleashed many a times in the face of the poor tanks. The infantry dies immediately, and the tanks manage to kill all but 2 templar and a goon before dieing gloriously.

Skittles notices more hellishly bad news when he an scv desperately tries to get into the bunker sees that his bunkers at the 12 main have been destroyed. This is because Mark4 had made several goons and dts at the 12 main's gateways. This combination proves to be too much for the bunkers, as the sickening damage done by the dts combined with the sickening range of the goons led to the quick burning death of Skittles' seige.

The bubble had to burst sometime

These major blows were not enough to completely dissuade Skittles. oh look at that another gosu pic ... looks like a ghost tank He has loaded up an scv, 3 marines, and a tank into a crapship for a classic turbo newbie at the 9 o clock natural. They unload, and move to an appropiate position, only to find that Mark4 already has 2 goons unloaded there! The goons focus fire on the lone tank, and are able to kill it. The only conclusion that i came to from this was that Mark4 hacks. It's obvious.

After this, Mark4 begins the process of cleaning up the terran mess. more signs that mark is a hacker He loads up a goon and 2 dts to get rid of 2 annoying tanks that were above Skittles' natural, who had an excellent sniping position. He unloads them right next to the two tanks, and is able to easily dispose of them. Skittles tries to get rid of the toss infestation upon his natural ledge by dropping 5 marines, 2 meds, and an scv on there. Unfortunately, dropping them right on top of the dts turned out to be not such a good idea.

thats not kosher Mark4 then loads up 2 templar and a dragoon into another dropship, and unloads them right to the left side of Skittles scvs at his natural. The result is certainly not pretty, as probably over 12 scvs died before tanks were able to kill those 'pesky' templar. Yeah, those templar are sure balanced.

In desperation, Skittles makes one final attack, consisting of 15 marines, 3 medics, and 3 tanks. Just before he sets out to his immenent death he mutters "temps > terran". And oh, isnt that ironic? EVERY SINGLE one of Skittles units were killed by storm. Mark4 didnt even need to use his 24+ goons sitting there.

this pic is in no way falsified

Game one goes to Mark4, master of kicking a terran when hes down

what if i died ... what did i give .... i hope it was an answer so you might liieeeeeeve ..... name that creed song, win 5 bjs and 3 cookies

Pointless pre-game bs

Didn't think i would only do one game did ya? Ha, you obviosly think i have a life

Anyways, yeah, it's time for pointless pregame bs. Before the second game, we had a tantalizing discussion about smurfs and Mark4 being naked.

he really did send me pics ... plz kill me

Nanogirl is ugly

Yeah, so sue me. That was what we talked about during this part of the game.

Map: Lost Temple (it wasnt my choice, so just blame the nh lamers)

Mark4 randoms to red zerg at 12

Skittles randoms to white terran at 6

Well, for once i would get a chance to see Mark4's "gosu" zerg. Terran is Skittles' best race, and TvZ is his best matchup. But Mark4 is in the army, so its pretty close.

Mark4 starts with a fairly standard zerg v random build order, going conservative with 9 pool, 12 hatch in his main (next to his first), and another hatch at his ramp around 18 supply. Skittles also goes standard-ish, going depot, rax, rax, depot.

Their builds change a bit when their respective scouters meet up. Mark4 builds a third hatch at his ramp, gets gas, preparing most likely for lair tech. 3 hatchs while teching is rather risky, but i have seem stranger strats work, so anything could happen. Alright it's just plain stupid =P Skittles begins massing infantry, and also preparing to make a third rax for more happy drugged up infantry.

i have no idea why i called this pic sac The first move of the game is done by Mark4. Shortly after he morphs his lair, he sends about 12 lings to try to generally distract Skittles, and give him valuable time for his lair to finish morphing. However, his lings meet up with about 8 marines and 2 scvs. Normally this would be a pretty close battle, but Skittles has gosu kali style micro, so he pulls out a surprisingly easy victory, winning with 2 scvs and 6 marines remaining.

His small group of adventerurs trek towards Mark4's base, where the 2 scvs begin building a bunker and a turret for the classic homosexual terran seige. Mark4 tries to kill the scvs building the bunker with 4 lings, and succeeds, keep reading, nothing to see here only losing 2. This helps him little though, as another scv arrives, along with 2 more marines and 2 firebats. One scv finishes building the bunker, while another builds a factory right behind his little seige! Gutsy maneuver (sp?), but very helpful if it works, because his tanks arrive asap on the seige, as opposed to having to slowly move the behemoths all the way across the map.

Skittles tries to get a bit too greedy with his push, and puts a bunker a little too close to a sunken colony. Once he notes the scary spike coming from the ground, he cancels it lurker hack does its thing and builds it farther from the sunken, and closer to Mark4's choke. He also continues to mass infantry at Mark4's choke. Mark4 has not been idle - he has been teching towards the lovely anti terran weapon, the lurker. Soon he starts to morph a few hydras into them, and once they hatch, he finds a very good burrowing position for them. He notes that one of Skittles' bunkers is still quite close to his choke - remember that the cliff at 12 sort of juts out a bit to the left of the choke. Well, Mark4 burrows 2 of his lurkers there, and is able to hit the bunker. Skittles has to unload his marines from that bunker, and Mark4 is given a little more room to breathe.

well, they are Mark4, feeling confident in his success, decides to test Skittles' seige. He gets his 4 lurkers, and bravely brings them down his ramp. But alas, it was not to be. Skittles had 2 bunkers and 2 turrets carefully positioned there, and Mark4's lurkers were quickly put to their death. They did make some pretty cool circle designs in the ground after they died though. Yeah, that was cool.

Aww Mark, psi storm can't save you now!

Mark4 and non-psionic beings just don't seem to mix do they? =]

thats too bad, you evil satanic bitch Skittles' seige is going quite suberbly. He has already finished his 2nd factory (yeah i know i forgot to mention he built it), and his first tank has finished. Mark4 manages to sneak a lurker by this somehow while Skittles is sleeping. It .. lurks all the way to Skittles' main, but is unfortunately vanquished by a few stimmed marines and an scv guarding the choke. Ohhhh, so close!

Meanwhile, amuse yourself by critiquing my pathetic attempt at copying off of YRM's seige graphic that he did in the WW3 report.

the merciless peppers of quetzeltakazalongo!! ... uh wiggy, my chilis getting cold

Right about after this, once Skittles gets a few tanks, he starts to comstat and slowly make Mark4's sunkens waste away. While they do this, Mark4 prepares for the inevitable encounter with the powerful terran force. He has amassed a large force of about 12 lings, 12 hydras, and 6 lurkers.

The tanks continue to pound on Mark4's sunkens and hatchery at his choke, and the pressure continues to mount. Finally, all the buildings there are destroyed. Skittles climbs the ramp with a few tanks and infantry, builds a turret, and seiges up. An arclite cannon nails a ling in the ass, and the charge begins. All of Mark4's hydras and lings charge at the cannons. He makes a CRUCIAL mistake though, and does not bring his lurkers with him until almost all of his hydras are dead! The lurkers arrive there, but it is too late. After a couple scans, 6 lurkers lay dead, and Mark4's army lay in ruins. Here's another absurdly large picture to make you understand these sequences of events better.

the hotpants?  yar, the hotpants

Needless to say, Mark4's main falls quickly, as Skittles 12+ infantry and 6 tanks roll over the few remainders of his army.

Winner of game 2 is Skittles, taking advantage of Mark4's pathetic zerg =]

Yes, Mark is still naked

On to game 3 ...

Map: Dire! Mwa..

Mark4 randoms to toss, bottom right

Skittles randoms to zerg, upper right

Toss pretty much dominate dire, and Mark4 being that toss doesn't help Skittles' chances much. But Skittles is a good player, and anything could happen. Plus Mark4 is 0-1 naked, and still not clothed =P Oh yeah, has anyone else noticed that Mark4 has gotten red all 3 games? =|

Both players go with a quick gas build, knowing that tech is essential for island games. Skittles goes gas on 9, followed by a 2nd hatch on 12, before he powers quite hard, not getting his pool until about 18. Mark4 gets gas on about 10, a gate on 11, and follows with core on about 13.

dont feel bad, i was aroused too Both players plans soon become clear to me, as Skittles morphs lairs simultaneously once his pool finishes, and then gets a hydra den. Mark4 gets a robotics facility at about 18 control (almost the same time that Skittles got his pool!), and surprises me a bit by following this up by making a citadel and then templar archives. Are we gonna be seeing some old school Zileas style gay as hell island toss? Only time will tell. While commencing with their builds, Skittles finds out that this is an air map while Mark4 says "I'm still naked".

gosu... The first major move of the game is done by Mark4. He is counting on Skittles not having good recon early on, as he expands to the 9 o clock island (the one between the NW and SW islands). He then loads up a single templar in a shuttle, and brings it all the way across the map, hooking to the left of Skittles' base, then back to the right, eventually just above his peon line. Then, surprise surprise, 2 storms come from mr templar, resulting in at least the death of 10 drones.

being afk sucks The irony of this is that just at about that time, Skittles' had loaded 12 hydras and a lurker into 4 overlords, and had headed south for Mark4's main. Unfortunately i had to alt tab to fool around with pics during this battle so some of the details of murky. However, i easily saw once i got back that Mark4 had won the battle with the aid of, what else? Storm. His cannons probably proved to be good fodder as well.

Despite not doing much damage, Skittles was confident that he had put Mark4 on the defensive. Therefore he expands, taking the 12 o clock island. im sick of trying to say funny things for these, cant i just finish up this fucking br and get my 10? He also drops off another 12 hydras on Mark4's island. However, Mark4 is satan, and he has shuttled in another 2 templar to do his patented "storm the peons and run away like a pussy" attack. Again, he storms, killing many a drone, again upwards to 10. Skittles quickly rebuilds his economy and sets out to using his 12 hydras to their maximum potential. He sends them down to Mark4's base, and proceeds to micro like a bitch. He quickly takes down a templar, dodging a storm, before dodging another storm. However, he can not run from the gayness of storm forever, as the next one hits right on target, killing most of the hydras and softening up the rest for a few goons to finish off.

Mark4 then tries to extend his mineral advantage by expanding to the 6 o clock spot. However, moments after his starts a nexus there, 2 overlords full of hydras arrive - that were either there because Skittles hacks or he is just gosu guesser. They unload, and Mark4 is forced to cancel the nexus asap.

leno is so lame Skittles then takes his 2 overlords full of hydras and moves them over to the 9 o clock position where he had previously found that expansion with an overlord. He attempts to unload directly over a cannon, and is successful, but the other cannons are too much for the small number of hydras, and the templar are not even needed to cleanup, although Mark4 obviously does feel the need to storm his own templar.

Mark4 then retakes the 6 o clock island, this time being more careful, as he defends it with 2 templar, and soon builds a few cannons.

He also makes his first true offensive move of the game, filling 5 speedy shuttles full of goons and a couple temps, and heading them towards Skittles' 12 o clock expansion. my balls itch Mark4 is a cocky bastard, and he sends his shuttles right through a rain of spore colonies, without losing a single one. Skittles' only ground D there is 2 sunkens, and he is forced to use his poor drones to defend as well. Miracously, he is able to hold off the attack, defeating the 6 goons and 2 temps with several drones, that lone sunken, and reinforcement hydras. Only 4 drones survived however, as again, his economy was severely hindered.

its 12:15 now, i wonder if i can finish this by 1 Silly Skittles then does a godly 8 zergling drop on Mark4's heavily defended 6 o clock expansion, which is obviously a complete failure. In fact the only reasoning for mentioning it is because i got a cool pic of the ovie blowing up. Take a looksie. He also makes a spire, preparing to make anti-shuttle scourge.

This may have been a mere distraction though, as he is somehow able to fill 7 ovies full of hydras, and at that time was planning a drop on Mark4's main! the ppl at shocks are mocking me for wanting pics of ugly men ... am i WRONG for doing that? =| The hydras reached Mark4's base safely, and set off to cause some destruction. They immediately meet up with a a couple storms, but Skittles is able to dodge them. However, he was not expecting reavers at all. Yes, for Mark4 had been working on reaver tech, and already had a couple. He unloaded them from the shuttle they were stored in, and they started wrecking the hydras immediately. Hydra gore and mush flew around the air, almost making it unable for the templar to do dirty job and completely overkill the hydras. So surprisingly, Mark4 was the easy victor of that battle.

Skittles begins to get greedy, and quickly follows up his failure by dropping another 8 hydras. Needless to say they were quickly killed with a couple archons and a few dragoons.

Mark4 expands again, this time to the lower left main spot. He also loads up 4 shuttles full of reavers and archons. The shuttles wrap around the map, trying to avoid detection from Skittles. thats either a sunken exploding or a dark archon bleeding ... ke ... hey, its EVIL EYE LASER MAN!!! They then drop successfully on his 12 o clock expansion, despite losing one of their number from a scary scourge encounter. The deadly cargo of the remaining dropships easy kill the couple sunkens at the expansion, and then the drones. Skittles attempts to retaliate by dropping a mere 8 hydras, but he is way overpowered, and the hydras die easily. At this point Mark4's huge mineral advantage is clearly showing, and he has the chance to win the game with one final blow.

Skittles desperately tries to get back his mineral intake by taking the mid right island, but it is too little too late. Mark4 is able to drop a single archon before some shuttles are scourged to death, and that one 3-1-1 archon takes out about 15 drones and 4 hydras without breaking a psionic sweat. Seeing this, Skittles realizes he has no chance. And a good game, and series, it was. Very well played by both, despite my occasional sarcastic comments.

The series goes to Mark4

its amlost time for gimpy

Crap Mark wanted me to put in

Well, here it is

you're almost there for ... nude mark4 ... u know u want it ...

And now ... the moment you have all been waiting for .... the real Mark4!! Standing right in front of his supposed "pimpmobile". This may be too graphic for you younger and more sensitive viewers (, so here's a link to it : Mark4

Lessons Learned

  • I should be asleep right now
  • Mark4 has a red hack
  • Mark4 is very sexy
  • I prefer orange skittles
  • Sleep is good

I seriousley did not mean to offend disfigured midgets in any way. I like them, i really do.

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