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3 on 3 Tribes! 1hr 30 min
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Date: 05/30/99 02:05
Game Type: Starcraft
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1:30:21 game on Tribes 3 on 3. Yup you heard me, an hour and half.


Meeting in channel NoHunters, I was able to find Johnny_Vegas, accompanied by his wife, WarriorPrincess, and created a 3v3 game on Tribes. =X-22=, mav[@3], and Cashew-of-Doom joined and we began the game.

Johnny and Princess both elected to command the human terrans, while I went random and warped my nexus to engage in this long lasting conflict. Our opponents all went random, two morphed their hatchery to summon the bloodthirsty zergs
DNA strain and one landed their command center as a counter-part to our terran forces.

Our positions are as follows:

First Strike

With my 8th probe scouting, I quickly found =X-22= on my left and Cashew-of-Doom at 9. Johnny
s SCV also located mav[@3]s command center and hardworking SCVs. Our farmers did a bit of harassment, until they are driven away by opponents farmers. I decided to go hard zealots with double gate early on while Johnny went for early marines with 3 barracks. Noticing both of our zerg opponents spawn right next to me, Johnny sensed an inevitable zergling rush at my base. Johnnys prediction was proven when 12 hungry zerglings from both =X-22= and Cashew-of-Doom ran into my base while my 4th and 5th zealot was wrapping in. Johnny was on the way to my base, trying to rescue my base from the massive zerglings. However, this first hit was driven off as my 5th zealot warped in. Nevertheless, sure enough another 20 zerglings ran into my base a minute afterwards; only this time also with 6-8 marines from mav[@3]. Fortunately, my zealots were able to repel the assault with loss of all my zealots while Johnny cleaned up the remaining zerglings. However, there were 3 marines able to sneak into my probe line, which I killed with the swarm'sof probes with 2 losses. I fend off a triple rush!'s I cried with joy. In order to prevent more assault, I quickly built 2 cannons behind my gateway and my nexus.

When I have finally recovered and amassed 5 zealots, I asked Johnny to join my force to seek any opportunities from our zerg opponents. We tried our luck at =X-22=
s base; nevertheless, we can easily repelled by 4 sunkens which were built when our force was spotted on the way. Fortunately, I only suffer 2 losses of zealot while 2 more were warped from my gate. We decided to hit Cashew-of-Doom instead. 8 zealots and 12 marines marched into Cashews 2nd hatchery which was located at his choke at his entrance. 2 sunkens and zerglings, along with mav[@3]s marines and X-22s zerglings were able to stop our first strike with the loss of all his zerglings and one sunken, but when our second force came in, this time with more zealots and the critical medics, we were able to destroy the hatchery and all the defenses. The morphing sunkens at Cashews main was not fast enough to stop us. Cashews main fell, but his 3rd hatch had just morphed to his left expansion. Our final strike there was repelled by a horde of hydralisks from =X-22=.

At this point, Johnny reminded me to expand, which I had planed by moving my probe to the base between Johnny
s and mine. With excess probes that I had built from my main (which was a pure luck, since I didnt even notice that until I look at my minerals, and I never meant to do that), I was able to maynard transfer lots of probes to my new expansion.

However, the silent terran had revealed his plans, as he teched to tanks and dropships and dropped 2 siege tanks and marines at Princess
s ledge above her main. Without transport of any form, we were unable to eliminate the threat on the ledge. Johnny quickly gather a lot of wraiths, while I went to robotics facility and templar achieve, which turned out to be one of the most influencing factors in the game. Nevertheless, we were unable to eliminate the threat on the ledge throughout the entire game. =(

Shortly afterwards, mav[@3] tried the same trick on the ledge above my main. Although I was alarmed earlier from his same assault on Princess
s main and dropped several zealots and dragoons there, I was unable to hold my high ground when =X-22= dropped a sizable force of hydra to assist the tanks during the second try. I eliminate all the hydralisks with 2 tank reinforcements from Johnny in the low ground, but there were still 2 tanks and some marines landed on the ledge. Fortunately, I finally get rid of threat when I dropped 8 zealots, 3 dragoons, and 2 templars there. For convenience sake I also expanded there. Princess at this point had expanded to her high ground natural of her right. Johnnys wraiths, however, was only able to destroy a few of mav[@3]s tanks on the high ground of Princesss main, but not all.

Seeing Johnny
s massive wraiths, both =X-27= elected to amass hydralisks to assault Johnnys main. Half of the hydras were discharged by Johnnys tanks and wraiths until the defense line was broken. I quickly shipped 4 templars to Johnny, and most of the remaining hydras were stormed to death. The little remaining force was dispatched by Johnnys reinforcement. At this point, I was sending endless save of dragoons to assault =X-22=s expansion at his right main. Although his hydralisks at his main was outnumbered only by a little, templars made a lot of differences. The expansion was gone, but Cashews cracklings saved the day. The remaining cracklings tried to assault my main, which has only little forces but mostly templars. Cannons and dragoons, assisted by the well trained psi-storm, was able to with dispatch the cracks. Now I had 2 robotics facilities pumping observers across the map, and revealed most of our opponents'sexpansions.

Fall of mains

Expansions thus far:

Another assault from the zerg at Johnny
s base, now with even more hydralisks and cracklings. Most of Johnnys tech buildings in main were destroyed, thus there isnt enough tanks to fend off the assault. I sent, again, 2 shuttles of templars and 12 goons to assist him. Many 2/2 hydras are eradicated by my now 3/3/3 goons and, of course, by templars; however, the cracklings made a lot of differences. Even though they were never upgraded, dragoons cannot hold them off. Johnnys main finally fell. To add to the insult, Johnnys CC was infested. =(

Princess at this point proceeded to nukes. There were actually quite a lot of successful nukes during the entire battle, both from Princess and mav[@3]. Johnny also realized that our chance of winning was to produce the most cost-effective units to fight cracklings and hydras. He decided on the Zerg-doom: Science Vessels. I decided the same, but with a lot of zealots and dragoons, and of course, templars and shuttles.

At this point, =X-22=
s main was gone due to Johnnys m&m and my dragoons/templar. Cashew had made a lot of queens, broodling 4 of my 6 temps until I cowardly hid them in my shuttles. =) He proceeded to broodling my goons though. =(

Expansions businesses

The rest of the game dedicated to mainly expansion raids. Along with Johnny
s SV equipped with D-Matrix and Irradiate, my massive goons/zealot force was able to tear up most of the zerg units defending their new expansions; however, after every conflict I suffer very heavy losses as well, so the little remaining troops that were pounding on the expansions hatchery/drones are easily repelled by most reinforcements within a minute. Now Princess had decided on mass wraiths both for harassment and tactical assault along with her nukes. In the other side, multiple assaults were done to Johnnys expansion above my main, my hiding expansion on the top of the map (which I didnt even defend), and either Princesss expansion on the top right. I tried to set up cannon/templar defense for those bases, but nukes and cracklings destroyed them mostly, with heavy loss of both sides. However, all expansions were almost mined out before it fell, except mine, which was killed when I started. The insult was that mav[@3] tried to nuke it, but I found the red dot a second right after it says Nuclear launch detected'sand my probes immediately ran away. Too bad I didnt have an observer there, else my probes can kill the ghost. =)

To my surprise, one zerg (I think it was =X-22=) had tried to expand to the high ground above my main, unnoticed until my wandering observer found it! It was lightly defended, so 12 zealots tore through the hatch and other tech buildings there. The insult was that there was an infested terran there, instantly blew up 3 zealots. =] Reminded by Johnny, I quickly expanded there. Johnny also grabbed the 2 high ground expansions. Another insult to our forces was that when mav[@3] was trying to nuke Johnny
s expansion in the middle, his 12 SV flied by the spot when the nuke was dropping. Boom! The doom nuke of the day.

The Ending Fleet

While my mineral resources is getting lower and lower due to the intense conflicts, Johnny was silently gathering massive Battle Cruisers. Since my ground force was never able to get the high ground tanks, it
s finally time to eliminate them with Johnnys air-borne fleet. I was clearing any remaining zerg expansions with a relatively small force (12 goons and 12 zealots, which is small compared to our numerous conflicts) without much resistance, since their minerals were out. GG was exchanged when our opponents conceded.

This 1 hour 30 minutes and 21 second game finally ended with numerous sacrifices of the honorable terran lives, zerg blood, and the protoss spirits. It was the bloodiest game that I had ever played.

Noteworthy things:

- Doom nuke of the day

- My templar with 54 kills!

- 2857405829 hydras attacking Johnny
s main!

- 309824097 cracklings jacking at my cannons. =]

- multiple infested CC. (I think there were 2 or 3 of them)

Nuclear launch Detected's Johnny: not me!'s Princess: me!'snot me'sFLS: umm shiet, my expansion.'s

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