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"Unfortunately, guardians do not do nearly as well against carriers as he thought"

Enter Ninja Turtle
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Date: 02/05/00 02:02
Game Type: Starcraft
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Deep in the heart of Turtle Town, a tremor is felt. The great Splinter, master of Zen, awakens from his sleep. His eyes move to his small table where a turtle shell is lying. A tiny light is blinking furiously on the shell. He stands and touches the button that flashes. The shell opens and a small screen flickers to life. The face of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stares back at him. The footsoldiers are attacking. Splinter closes the TurtleCom and kneels in meditation. The Battle of Turtle Town has begun. The Technodrome is rising..............

The game came about after I had just gotten through beating Mark4 to a bleeding pulp in real life. See, I'm a 230 pound Ranger so it wasn't that hard. Anyway, he needed to play a game which he could win at, so a game of SC was begun. Mark4 and Afk-X on a team opposing svenge and =Ace=. Could the Ninja Turtles pull through this? Never before had Shredder put forth such an effort, but we would see. And so it started.

Mark4 started with a double gateway build as his partner, Afk-X went with a late pool and second hatchery at his ramp. The opposing team went with similar builds, as RockSteady (a.k.a.svenge) also opted for a double gate and BeeBop (a.ka.=Ace=) started with a wallin. Afk's first 2 scouting overlords were stationed at svenge's natural and =Ace='s natural cliff. Afk threw up a sunken at his ramp and also got gas.

The first offensive gambit was by the footsoldiers. =Ace= and svenge contributed 9 marines and 6 zealots to the attack force and set out for Afk's base. Mark saw this and ordered his zealots to attack move to Afk's base. Afk readied his lings and waited, but the attack did not come. The malevolent soldiers turned right and headed for Mark's base instead. Yes, they were going to strike the very heart of the Turtle defense: The Lair. Mark met the warriors in front of this mineral only and quickly withdrew to his base. There he fed his force with 2 more fresh zealots and prepared fight.

Mark saw the marines and zealots and voiced his opinion of his defense. Indeed it proved true as the last of his zealots fell with many of the enemies remaining. But Afk had 8 lings bearing on the intruders; and the intruders got 8 more kills. It looked very grim for Mark, but he had yet skills to draw upon. He took his first 2 new zealots and some probes and dispatched the opposing troops. The turtles had survived this attack, and more importantly, The Lair was safe.

But Shredder was no fool, for he had been pumping willing troops to fuel his war machine this whole time. Again =Ace= and svenge moved out with 6 zealots, 7 marines and 2 medics. Could Mark withstand? Would The Lair withold its secrets another day?

The situation looked very bad for the Turtles. Afk had invested much in tech and had few troops with which to aid Mark, and Mark himself had few zealots. Still the attack loomed closer.

The zealots marched up the ramp and were met by Mark's own. The zealots busted many proverbial caps in one another's heads until a victor was decided. And it was not a Turtle. svenge marched into Mark's main thirsty and goo. =Ace= encountered Afk's lurkers coming to aid Mark at the bottom of the ramp and with a well placed scan and some twitching trigger fingers the beasts were taken care of with little loss. Now the complete fury of the attack lay on Mark. He now had a 3rd gateway and whenever he got 3 new zealots he took them and microed like a crazy-micro-thing. He managed to kill all of the opposing zealots but there was a new force of medics and bats coming up his ramp. Mark looked very dead, but in a last act of desperation all of his probes turned and fought madly. And to their credit, they won.

Afk-X now moved 3 of his lurkers and a small number of hydras to =Ace='s choke. There he moved the beasts forward and planted them. They managed to kill a few stray marines but were eventually pushed back by a tanks and magic swirly stars in the sky. Mark felt they had a window to attack, so he told Afk to get ready to hit svenge. Afk moved his forces alongside Mark's to the Protoss's choke. Afk informed Mark that he had crack, and after a quick hit they moved their troops in.

The cracklings raged and the Dragoons spat out balls. svenge called for help, but his own goons could not hold the attack long enough for =Ace='s firebats to reach him. The cracklings poured in and took out the all of the expansion and the Nexus of the main before the bats took care of them. =Ace= placed a tank on svenge's cliff to help prevent further attacks and started production of an army of his own. svenge warped in an expansion at the lower right island and desperately struggled to help his comrade. Afk-X now had a greater spire and 12 waiting mutalisks. He forwent guardians at first and took the mutas to clear svenge's cliff of the tank. They wheeled up and headed for =Ace='s natural expansion after the tank had been taken care of. They managed to kill a few SCVs but were chased away by a turret and some repair skills. They went to the middle and went through puberty.

There they joined Mark's growing Army of Dragoons and High Templar. The guardians exploded from their cocoons and army moved out towards =Ace='s main base.

All was bleak and calm at the Terran's base, his troops listlessly turned round and round. Then the first guardian fired and the battle was on. =Ace= quickly glanced at his partners base and saw that there would be no aid. He ordered his troops to attack, but they had no chance.

Storms flew and cracklings flooded the battle field. =Ace= knew that now he was defeated and withdrew from the game. Mark ordered his HTs into archons and readied his Dragoons for battle. It was Afk-X who would finish the match, however, as he moved his cracklings towards the hollow remains of svenge's base and his guardians towards his island expansion. svenge knew he had to do something quick or it was Rhino Meat for dinner. He readied his few HTs to throw storms and warped in last minute cannons. The attack came and neither storm nor cannons would help him against the raging Ninja. Soon he was eliminated and The Turtles were victorious.

Now the city is once again safe for all. The Technodrome has been stopped and Shredder is defeated. We have a friend and a hero walking our streets now, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Thanks to all players for a great game, and righteous props to Mark4 for some mad survival skills. I can still kick his butt in real life, though :D Again, good game.





"Whos been ruttin' on my Mayella?"

Mr.[Buns of Steel]Mediocre


Thanks for reading and look forward to my next one!

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