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"Warning: There are two types of people reading this report. The first kind is already off staring blankly at my pretty pictures. The second are the ones reading this warning because none of the pictures are loading. The reason for this is one of the following: Bill Gates is the devil; Netscape Navigator was programmed by a bunch of monkeys; a butterfly flapped its wings in Hong Kong (or one of its near by suburbs); you are actually trying to download this through a phone line (be serious people); or Bill Gates is the devil."

Winter Storms
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Date: 01/17/00 11:01
Game Type: Starcraft
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As we all know, I suck major portions of donkey ass at battlereport writing (Or so I've been told) Since I'm tired of all this bs about some people telling me how much my reports suck ass in spurs of 1237124703841290312-93 email messages (Am I the only one who has to constantly put people on my Ignore list in Outlook or other mail reader, due to the fact that I'm getting 1238971208947231 messages about how much my reports suck ass) I've decided that the general public is full of idiots who shouldn't be alowed to use e-mail, because all they know how to do is type the same email message and use some hack program to send it to me 123901293082193821093 times. (Seriously, I spent an hour downloading the same fucking porn pic 10,000 times because of how much Outlook 2000 sucks ass) In spite of all this, I continue to bring you battlereport like the one below. I'm not interested in how much you hate my reports, and I've taken the liberty of playing with "Trojan Horses". Email me even one thing about how much my report sucks, and I'll have it reply to you using the same technique, Because I'm sick of how much idiots like to piss me off (It's a wonder I even write reports anymore) Anyway, here, in it's entirity is my first attempt at a Flash 4 battlereport. Enjoy.
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