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"Goliaths look much more badass than they actually are"

i2e2 2v2 Round 2: Agent911/IN~Bob vs [TG]Ishamael/[TG]Snikch Marathon Game ONE
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Date: 01/17/00 07:01
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.8, # of Ratings: 5, Max: 10, Min: 9
Lifetime Rating for [FLS]prozerran: 9.0833

This is the second round of the i2e2 tournament. This series was a best-of-three game series between the IN-Clan2 and the Gauls. Representing IN-Clan2 were IN~Agent911 of ICan'tWin and IN~Bob, facing the Swedish [TF]Ishamael and [TF]Snikch playing as the Gauls. This is a [FLS]prozerran production.

This is GAME ONE of the series. Map was chosen to be Dire Straits, a popular island ladder map with 4 starting positions. Bob, Snikch, and Ishamael picked Protoss, Zerg, and Protoss respectively, while Agent randomed to Terran with his best luck on Dire.

Team Gauls decided to go with the corsair/muta combo early to gain air control. Ishamael went with the double stargates corsair production with only one gateway with no zealot produced, while Snikch went with muta rush with gas/pool/lair/spire/hatch build. Bob also went air early, with an almost identical build order as Ishamael. Agent, however, diverted from air build and went for drop instead. His early units were mainly specialized in ground to air: m&m and goliaths. Agent built one of every building available: one barracks, one factory, one starport, one armory and one academy before any major action but scouting took place.... Oh and also the Gauls began the game with some mixed Swedish and Korean speech:

First Action

First action belonged to the IN team. A dropship full of 6 marines and 2 medics was loaded and headed towards Snikch, whose main was protected only by 2 sunkens and 6 mutas. Bob's corsairs diverted the muta's attention while the load was successfully dropped on the edge of Snikch island The 6 marines were quickly stimmed, avoiding the sunkens and started shooting at the extractor and at the drones mining out of sunken range. The 6 mutas came to rescue, but they were quickly dispatched by the marines because they were previously weakened by Bob's corsairs, and the muta/drone combo didn't work out as nicely as Snikch had planned. Snikch was only able to mine from 2 mineral patches that were covered by the sunkens. Due to heavy investment on mass corsairs, Ishamael was unable to help his partner on the ground. In fact, there were several corsair battles between him and Bob, in which Ishamael had the upperhand due to his superior number of corsairs. Although Bob had micro'ed his corsairs by separating them during the battle, his corsairs were not attacking together and ended up losing in smaller numbers. Although he was unable to assist his partner to get rid of the ground issue, Ishamael was able to snap down Agent's reinforcement of another dropship heading towards Snikch's main with corsairs. Meanwhile, Snikch was finally able to get enough zerglings and fight off Agent's marines at his main and his 10 remaining drones were quickly sent back to work.

Taking the opportunity that Snikch was hurt in both economy and troop count, Agent floated a CC on the middle right island and began to fortify the island with turrets. However, this expansion attempt was quickly spotted by Ishamael's scouting corsairs, and with his 4 new gateways and a robotics facility, he was able to gather 4 zealots and dropped them on Agent's expansion. Nonetheless, Agent quickly sent a dropship of 6 marines and 2 medics and got rid of the offense. Agent also began to strengthen his defense there with a bunker and turrets. While Agent was busy with defense, Ishamael expanded to the top middle island between him and Snikch and began to fortify it with cannons. A little note, that Agent added a valkyrie to his adrenal, preparing his team to gain air dominance.

Ishamael was not content with Agent's expansion, and this time dropped 2 shuttles of zealots onto the island. 8 zealots tore through the bunker and turrets with only 4 losses because Agent did not repair his bunker. Agent's attention, nonetheless, was focused on another drop on Snikch! This time 7 marines and a medic was dropped while another CC was floated to the middle right island between him and Snikch. The offensive marines faced very similar situation as before: 2 sunkens that could not cover the entire mineral line, and a few scattered zerglings and hydras. Snikch's extractor was quickly destroyed by gauss fire again and he, yet again, was back to mining two mineral patches until he gathered enough zerglings and hydras to get rid of the marines. At this time, Agent learnt his lesson of defending his expansion, and began to turret his expansion like a badass!

Being rather silent until this moment, Bob assisted Agent's first expansion by dropping 4 zealots and dispatched Ishamael's before Agent's CC burned down. 4 goliaths were dropped to strengthen the defense there. Agent's valkyrie had finally spotted Ishamael's expansion and dropped 2 tanks on the island below it, hammering the defending cannons from across the island with complete impunity. At this time, Bob finally established an expansion above his main between him and Ishamael. Ishamael, however, was not very happy about Agent's numerous attack, and launched his own on Agent's first expansion again, this time not only with the same team of 8 zealots, but also with 2 lurkers and 6 zerglings and a hydra from Snikch. Although Agent's goliaths were great anti-air, they were unable to stop the shuttles before the zealots were unloaded. Facing a defense of only 2 zealots and 3 goliaths, the Gauls destroyed every unit on that island and forced Agent to lift his CC and floated it towards the middle left island where Agent's tanks were shooting across the water at Ishamael's assimilator. Several marines were dropped to fortify the island. Bob dropped a reaver to help Agent's old expansion, and with the shuttle loading/unloading, the reaver alone defeated the entire offense while losing only its shield points!

The proud reaver

Ishamael was not content about Agent's claiming another island, and dropped 2 templars from the dark side, hoping to tick off Agent if he was not careful. The invisible blade of the dark templars cut through unsuspecting marines until a swift scan reveal the cloakers and the remaining marines sent them back to Shakurus. A second DT drop on the island, however, finally defeated the terran force there while reinforcing dropship was stopped by Ishamael's remaining corsairs. At this time, Bob took another opportunity and expanded again to the middle bottom island between him and Agent. Snikch was also able to expand to the middle right island, where Agent first expanded. At the same time, Ishamael claimed the other middle island, defending it with 3 zealots, a dt and a templar, along with his mobile corsairs. Ishamael also mixed in 2 scouts and observers to his air fleet.

The next conflict took place at Agent's 2nd expansion in middle right island. Ishamael ordered all his corsairs, along with 2 scout, to take fire from the numerous turrets stationed there, and dropped 3 shuttles of zealots, templars, and dark templars, although he lost his entire air-force. Feeling overconfident with his turret defense there, Agent did not have any ground defense but 2 marines. Agent hastily built a bunker, and used SCV to stall the zealots, but to no prevail, although he managed to cut down the number of zealots to only 4. Bob came to rescue with a reaver, which eliminate the remaining zealots. Nonetheless, all scv's were gone and Agent was dry in resource in-taking. To make the situation worse, Snikch was able to sneak in a small but deadly force of 6 hydras and a lurker into Agent's unexpected main. With all his force on the battlefield, Agent's main was completely undefended but by several SCV. The hydras began to pound on random buildings until Bob came to rescue with zealots and reavers, which defeated the intruding zerg forces with ease.

After the semi-successful drop on Agent, Snikch quickly faced revenge: Agent positioned a tank from his middle right island so it could hit Snikch's extractor in the middle island! Thinking that Snikch would be weak at this moment, Bob employed his gay-web on sunkens and hydras and dropped 2 reavers and 4 zealots onto the middle right expansion. Agent also assisted with 2 tanks and 8 m&m. However, Ishamael had already dropped a templar in Snikch island, and stormed the reavers and tanks before they could do much damage. Although the drop was unsuccessful except taking out a templars and several hydras, it put the zerg into a more defensive position when he morphed more sunkens and lurkers in the island.

At this time, Ishamael built 2 carriers and hallucinated 4 of them and sent them to Bob's middle left island. The hallucinated carriers took much fire from the cannon when 4 shuttles of zealots, reavers, templars and dark templars were dropped on the island, immediately wrecking the cannon defense. Snikch also joined the attack with 2 overlords of hydras, both for the added offense and for detection. Nonetheless, Bob had a mobile army of corsairs and shuttles of zealot/reaver/templar of his own, and engage the threat with the use of d-web. Most hydras were webbed while the Bob's reaver and zealot challenged the offense. Bob's templar was able to kill Ishamael's zealots and his storm also drove away the 2 real carriers while the corsairs were chasing the weakened carrier. The remaining hydras were killed by Bob's reaver and dark templars. The threat was gone, but not before most of Bob's probes were destroyed.

Now the next move turned back to Team IN: Bob's now superior air-force began to turn their attention to the zerg's middle island expansion yet again, d-webbing 5 sunkens and hydras while dropping 3 shuttles of 2 reaver, 6 zealots, and 2 templars. Agent also assisted the attack with 3 dropships of infantry. The lower part of the island was almost immediately leveled, and the 2 carriers from Ishamael were driven away by storm and matrix'ed corsairs! Bob had only lost a reaver and 4 zealots in the process, while Agent still held over a dozen marines on the island, slowly pushing their way to the top. Lurkers were stormed while reinforcements were intercepted by Bob's corsairs. The zerg infestation finally fell to this well-coordinated assault.


After this major success of taking out the middle island expansion and established their own expansion there, the IN Clan seemed to be out of luck when the "Waiting for IN~Agent" dialogue box showed up and began the countdown. It turned out that Agent's computer had crashed! And the previous save was merely a minute prior to the attack! Talking about luck, the IN team surely got some. =P But life must go on. When Agent finally logged back in, they restarted the game at the point of saving, when Bob reclaimed his mid-left island expansion from Carriers and hydras.

This time, instead of dropping the zerg middle island again, the IN team decided to be unpredictable, and pointed their gun towards the protoss middle island on the left side. Bob webbed 5 cannons while landing 3 shuttles of 3 reavers, 4 zealots and 2 templars from the bottom of the base. Agent assisted the assault with 3 dropships of infantry, along with a handful of science vessels. Storms were casted everywhere, killing mostly probes, reavers, dropships, zerglings, overlords and basically everything on the screen! Nonetheless, now Snikch had seen the previous attacking force on his island before, and noticed the weakness of the dual drop was weak anti-air siege; therefore, he immediately built several guardians and told Ishamael to get more carriers. However, their move was not enough to stop the IN team demolishing the expansion with an archon, 2 templars, 3 reavers and several zealots left from Bob.

The Gauls, nonetheless, decided to retaliate with 4 overlords of zerglings and hydras. Agent discovered the drop when they were landing at the edge of Bob's main. Nonetheless, the only mobile force Agent had were SV, and he did not hesitate to irradiate as many zerglings as his SV could afford. The remaining zerg charged into Bob's main, only to be slaughtered by Bob's 3 reavers behind his gateways without doing any substantial damage at all. The attack, however, was not completely inefficient. Ishamael's carriers were able to lure Bob's corsairs to his deathtrap of 4 cannons at the top island while Bob's attention was occupied with the zerg drop. Bob lost ALL his corsairs without killing one carrier in the process.

While the IN team lost most of their air force, Ishamael and Snikch were amassing their own: carriers, Dev, and mutas. Using their superior range, Ishamael's carriers killed Bob's archon and 2 templars using hit-and-run tactic without losing full shield of any of his carriers. The remaining reavers and zealots were unable to fire at the air, and were quickly dispatched by 7 carriers. 3 cloaked wraiths from Agent tried to intercept the carriers, but they were not enough to stop 7 carriers and 3 mutas when 4 overlords arrived for detection. The carriers proceeded to kill Bob's nexus on the leftmost island expansion without any air counter from IN.

Seeing air dominance of their opponents, Bob continued to build corsairs and scouts while Agent, with more limited minerals, decided on more SV and ghosts. After the IN team amassed their anti-air forces, Ishamael's carriers were chased off Bob's left island by Bob's corsairs and Agent's ghosts, and Snikch's ground drops consisting mainly hydras, zerglings and defiler were foiled by Bob's 2 reavers. Agent then floated a CC on that island probably because Bob did not want to spend extra minerals on the immobile nexus! =P However, Bob did provide extra defense there with cannons and templars. Ishamael tried to drop that island before it was operational, but with his watchful eye, Agent lockdown the shuttle before anything was landed. Bob also began to build dark archons facing Ishamael's superior number of carriers.

Now Agent decided to use the terrans ultimate weapon: NUKES! Yes nukes! Agent added a nuclear silo at the right island expansion, and with plenty of ghosts he enlisted for lockdown, he cloaked one and dropped this nuclear engineer at Ishamael's main island, and aimed the red dot at the probes on Ishamael's middle left expansion across the river! The Gauls could not locate the red dot, and Ishamael, being the smartest SC player, figured that Agent must be aiming at his carriers being the highest priority of a nuke target, and moved them TOWARDS the dot!! Agent's sweat must be dripping down like a river once the dot disappear from the land and the nuke started dropping, when Ishamael finally noticed the dot and move his carriers away ASAP!

The nuke landed, destroying ALL but 3 probes, and taking off all the shields of the carriers and even took some down to yellow health! If the IN had a larger air force, it could be cost-effective even to sacrifice them to kill the weakened carriers. Nonetheless, they don't, but this nuke had put Ishamael to weep since he almost lost his entire fleet to one nuke! He must be spending time looking for tissue from the bathroom since for the next 5 minutes he did not build any more troops! =] More dark archons and ghost were called upon the battlefield from the IN, while the Gauls built more mutas, hydras, and zerglings.

Ishamael's long term of silence was broken when he hallucinated his carriers into 8 fake ones, and they were sent towards the left island again! The hallucinations were proven to be very successful when they attracted 2 mind-control and 3 lockdowns while Ishamael's real carrier fleet took out the remaining defense. At the same time, Snikch dropped a number of zerglings at Bob's main, along with 6 mutas, only facing a defense consisting of 2 cannons and a dark archon. Everything was frozen by Bob's dark archon's maelstrom, but he had nothing to stop Ishamael's carriers assaulting his expansions. Agent tried 2 more nukes, but these were not effective because one was found and killed, and the other did not destroy anything but 2 sunkens and 2 drones. The IN finally conceded when Bob was losing his main to more hydras from Snikch.

Victor: The Gauls

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