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Rambo Probe : Starring King-Lewis, T_Mac, IceBerG, and some pansy!
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Author:Bob the Newt
Date: 01/04/00 05:01
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.6, # of Ratings: 5, Max: 10, Min: 9
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I don't remember how these games came about, since they happened a few months ago. My guess is that longtime partners Whoop and IceBerG were asking for a 2v2 while King-Lewis and T_Mac were loitering in the channel. Always hoping for an easy double-4pool win, T_Mac and King-Lewis offered to battle them. After the game is hosted, myself and JSH also join, being allowed to observe due to the fact that if our respective StarCraft Skills were paired for a 2v2 there would be no stopping such a juggernaut, making for a very uninteresting beat down.

Let all the pics load ( it's about 1.5 megs of stuff =[ ), or I'll give ducky your phone number and house adress.

Just be glad I'm not threatening to give those to GoZ.

fu whoop. IceBerG is smurfing under the name I~o~U, and Whoop is smurfing with Chobo`of`Doom^^, although everyone in the game knows who they are so all it serves to do is confuse people reading this BR. The game starts off normally enough, we have idiotic chatter, T_Mac screwing up, all the essentials. King-Lewis does an infantry build, T_Mac goes for heavy metal with a wall-in and quick gas, while both Whoop and IceBerG do flexible 2gate then gas builds. Now, in your average game, the scouting is normally covered by something along the lines of "Scouting peons revealed the races of the players." This, however, is not your average game. Whoop's probe went straight for T_Mac, and after seeing his metal build, started attacking the scv constructing the barracks. The barracks was almost 800 hp, so T_Mac trusted his scv to finish it before being killed. He would soon regret underestimating the mighty probe, as the scv fell to its particle beam.

Mac's eloquent response to his scv's fate prompts Whoop to decide to eliminate him before his words entrance them.
If ducky gets into the hall of fame I'm gonna have to bust some heads.
Whoop sends his first zealot and another probe to T_Mac immediately, while T_Mac sends another scv to kill the probe and finish the barracks. Unfortunately for him, T_Mac tried to be clever, and shift queued the scv to kill the probe then finish the barracks, obviously unaware that you cannot shift queue building construction. As a result, the scv went straight to finishing the barracks, only to be attacked by the evil probe. That scv is killed by the time T_Mac realizes what he did, and yet another scv is sent to chase of the probe and complete the barracks. When Whoop's first zealot arrives, the barracks is still at 900 hp. The scv manages to complete it, but by the time he does there are 2 zealots slicing up his depot, and 4 more coming.
Yav likes fruit.
Mac's plan to kill the zealots in the explosion fails.

T_Mac puts up a bunker and does his best to repel the zealots, but loses most of his scvs and dies easily in the second wave.

Lewis continues to support Mac.

Post Game Tactical Discussion

Sure thing mac.


It's like regular temple, only depressing!

Yes . . . man enough . . . King-Lewis and T_Mac are once again unlucky enough to draw double terran, destroying their chances of 4pooling. King-Lewis does a factory build, with a bunker at his ramp, T_Mac goes infantry, IceBerG techs to lurks with two sunkens on his ramp, and Whoop gets 5 zealots then starts the tech to Dark Templar.

Pure genius.The first offensive move of the game comes from T_Mac, who sends 12 marines to IceBerG. While IceBerG has taken his natural, and has zero defense there, T_Mac, thinks it would be better to stim his marines and run up the sunkened choke. Myself, JSH, and Whoop all think this attack is doomed, but surprisingly the marines tear through the sunkens with only six losses. They proceed to kill the seven drones that IceBerG brought to attack them, then kill two overlords. IceBerG started two sunkens and some zerglings in his main, which was bare except for a hydra den and lair. By the time the marines get to the drone line, they are all in the 5-15 hp area, and are killed by six newly hatched zerglings.

Mac uses the 'hope he's too dumb to have lings' strategy.
At the time I write this my ladder is 1093 5-2-0. I'll keep you updated.
During this attack Whoop has taken his natural and has DTs, and King-Lewis has gotten some tanks with siege mode. T_Mac sends marines and medics to attack IceBerG again, this time receiving help from King-Lewis in the form of two tanks and a few marines. Whoop anticipated that they would be keeping the pressure on IceBerG, and had a dark templar and his zealots already en route to his base. The small protoss force killed all of T_Mac's marines due to his lack of detection, and forced King-Lewis to retreat up his ramp. But as he often does, Whoop was paying more attention to his base (ogling his probes) than his attack, and the DTs and zealots foolishly charged up King-Lewis's ramp, all dying before even reaching the bunker. IceBerG has finally gotten lurkers, and sends four along with some zerglings and hydralisks to T_Mac's. For some unknown reason, once halfway to T_Mac's base, he stops the zerglings, sends the lurkers back to his base, and sends the hydralisks to Whoop's natural, where they start morphing into lurkers.

Don't worry, this doesn't turn out like my last BR.
Well I haven't done any laddering since that last picture. I'm very sorry.
T_Mac is very proud of his superb use of stationary defense.
Something that had been puzzling us observers for a while was the three turrets at the back of T_Mac's base, very close together. We soon realized that this was because Whoop is right under him, and Whoop is very fond of storm drops. The defenses soon paid off, as Whoop tried just that. The shuttle was blown out of the sky far away from his scvs, and the templar was killed by five stimmed marines before it could reach anything important. Whoop decided to do something more useful with his shuttles, and sent a probe to the lower island to start another expansion. T_Mac and King-Lewis knew that they couldn't beat a zerg and toss with just their mains, and had started Command Centers to float to their naturals.

It would take Ice and Whoop to make lurker/templar get beat by marines.
1023 7-6-0. Fuck you too. TvP is gay, and ZvZ is gayer.
Whoop and IceBerG resolve to attack T_Mac, and their troops meet in the center of the map. IceBerG can only supply a few hydralisks and some lurkers morphed on the spot, because he has been pumping drones and just started a hatch at his mineral only. The only thing that has been stopping King-Lewis and T_Mac from attacking was their lack of mobile detection beyond comsat, but King-Lewis had just gotten a science vessel, so they move out to attack the zerg yet again. T_Mac's marines meet up with the lurker eggs and hydras, and manage to kill them with few losses (the lurkers died to concentrated fire and quick comsat the second they hatched). Whoop sends his zealots and a templar to help, but the marines overpower them and an irradiate destroys the templar.

That could mean a good number of things, and I don't like any of them.

You've probably figured out by now that I like it when stuff explodes.
T_Mac has just killed both opposing armies at the loss of half of his, so he and King-Lewis continue the march to IceBerG. King-Lewis's tanks begin to pound on the sunkens protecting IceBerG's ramp, while T_Mac's marines gun down the drones at the defenseless natural. IceBerG tries to kill the tanks with lurkers burrowed right next to them, but they are turned into tomato splats before they can do any damage. Whoop and IceBerG try to pincer the push before the final sunken falls, but the large number of marines and high ground tanks (at the edge of King-Lewis's base) prevail.

YRM taught me how to do this. Well, not really, but if I say it here then he has to think of something original to say in the comments for once.

IceBerG morphed six more lurkers during the attack, and managed to kill some marines with them before tanks forced him to give up the ramp. King-Lewis moved his troops up to kill IceBerG's main, while T_Mac sent his infantry to kill the mineral only natural, which they had just found. IceBerG scourges King-Lewis's SV as soon as it strays from the marines, and then brings in the lurkers. With no hotkeyed comsat due to his academy-less build, the lurkers kill a good number of marines before T_Mac can sat for him. Once the lurkers are removed the zerg main crumbles to the gauss rifles and arclite shells of King-Lewis. Whoop wasn't about to let his partner lose his last expand, and sent ten dragoons to save the mineral only from T_Mac's marines. Corsairs were seen escorting the goons, obviously for GayWeb. Once IceBerG knew his mineral only was safe, he loaded a drone into an overlord and dropped in on the top island to start a hatch.

Whoop now takes his mineral only, announces Why can't we all just get along?, and sets out to do just that. The twenty or so goons begin their assault, and it looks like T_Mac is in it deep. He manages to stall the mechanical hulks with dmatrix and repair until King-Lewis comes with reinforcements. The dragoons cannot compete with both Terrans' marines at the same time, and are destroyed.

Objects in the gif are larger than they appear.

King-Lewis sends a CC to the 12 o'clock natural and secures it with bunker/turret, withT_Mac taking the 12 o'clock main and teching to ghosts, adding a nuke silo at his natural as well. IceBerG drops a drone and a lurker on T_Mac's cliff and begins what can only be called the Uber-Turbo-Newbie. Whoop has ten gates pumping goons and two stargates for corsairs, so he has another huge army at his disposal in no time. He sends around thirty dragoons to kill King-Lewis, but unlike his last attack he has dweb out the ass.

I will refrain from my normal attempt at a witty comment to say : FUCK YOU DISRUPTION WEB.
RATM owns you.
I'm 95% that the dragoon is saying 'Ow quit it. Ow quit it. Ow quit it.'
Even with all the gayweb flying around, King-Lewis manages to kill at least twenty goons. T_Mac sends help in the form of seven ghosts and a handful of marines. It takes a mastermind of micro like T_Mac to handle the lockdowns so that the lockdown canister is halfway to the target goon before that goon dies. He wasted at least five lockdowns this way, but out of dumb luck got a few. He then cloaked the ghosts and began mocking Whoop for not having detection. I say mocking because when your being attacked by ghosts, that's what it is, it will never hurt you but you may feel bad about it.

Meanwhile, IceBerG has completed his Uber-Turbo-Newbie.

Ice = Gosu.

Whoop is no fool, and had started making speed zealots since his last attack. He sends a dozen to King-Lewis's main, and encounters only anti-goon resistance. The protoss warriors are quickly reinforced by zerglings and more of their brethren, bringing down the base in no time. T_Mac, on the other hand, is a fool, and thinks now would be a great time to start nuking Whoop's main. The ghost makes it in, and with use of EMP destroys most of the buildings with two nukes.

Now Whoop cant make any of the units that he doesn't want to!

While T_Mac does this Whoop and IceBerG do something that will actually have an impact on the game, killing both terran expansions at 12 o'clock with their huge zealot/crackling force. The army moves onto T_Mac's main shortly after, and the players all say gg in their own way.

Whoop expresses his love for the Canadian opponents.


Whoop pimping the score.

Lessons Learned

- Don't let one opponent power as hard as he wants.
- Especially Whoop.

This has been a

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