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Not Just Your Ordinary TvP
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Date: 12/23/99 08:12
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.0, # of Ratings: 2, Max: 10, Min: 8
Lifetime Rating for Toilet-Duck-: 9.0000
~Electro28~ vs ~`DarkRider`~

Map: Dark Temple
~Electro28~: Brown Terran
~`DarkRider`~: Orange Protoss
Observers: bad_yellow28, Toilet-Duck-28, ~Status_28~

The game starts and ~Electro28~, henceforth known as Elec, starts off using the wiley terrans in the mid left position. ~`DarkRider`~, now known as Sid, starts off in the bottom mid position commanding the erotic protoss.

Each player goes for a standard build, Elec doing 8 depot 10 barracks 12 barracks, while Sid goes 7 pylon 9 gateway 11 gateway. Well, both builds are not very standard for a TvP, but these are no ordinary players.

Here their builds differentiate. Elec floats one of his barracks to his ramp and builds a supply depot there, commencing the dreaded wall-in, at which point we realized his strat - "Electro Heavy Metal". Why he did not just build the barracks at the ramp in the first place is a question that is unanswerable by us non-enlightened mortals. Elec also adds another bunker and supply depot, almost completeing his wall-in, and then finally starts to make a refinery.

Sid has not been idle during this and makes a forge and a pylon near his ramp, starting the strategy of walling off ones choke with cannons. He makes an assimilator after three cannons have been constructed at his ramp, and has five zealots there for defense. He adds another two cannons next to his nexus for extra measures, and then finally starts to warp in a cybernetics core.

After this Elec adds another bunker thus sealing off the last crack in his wall-in. Now he is free to continue the "Electro Heavy Metal" at his will, as he starts a factory as well as an academy, more than likely to have comsat in case of dark templars. But, as you can see, Elec must be so confident in his ability to handle the cloaked dealers of death, that he builds his unmoveable academy right in the path of his command center add-on. He then adds another factory and starts on the construction of tanks.

Sid however, feeling confident in the defensive power of his multiple cannons, starts building several stargates and begins warping in... scouts! Yes, with his four stargates, the scouts can start coming in by the bucketload, but just after his stargates are completed, he decides the time is ripe to attack. He sends the five zealots that he has had for the past five minutes on a march to Elec's base. I can only speculate as to why he did not attack earlier, but I must figure that he was so confident in his ability to micro five zealots against a wall-in, that he could give Elec that extra time to prepare a defense. The zealots plod along and lo and behold, they end up being rifled down by the bunkers lining the cliff. Sid loses one of his zealots before even reaching the ramp and decides to pull back. Apparently he under-estimated the skill of his opponent, treating him as a newbie instead of the master that Elec is.

After the attack, Sid has started warping in the scouts and added another two cannons to his main base and one more to his ramp. This brings his total to eight, four at his ramp and four scattered around his buildings. Sid has pulled his four zealots back to his base where they meet up with another zealot and dragoon, but they do not go into his base. Sid shows his ingueniety by keeping his force just to the right of the center, so that if Elec should attack, Sid could pull a deadly pincer move upon him. Meanwhile, Elec after realizing that he was not defended properly at his ramp, took his four tanks and sieged them at the ramp while adding a third bunker behind them. He also made a starport and sent an scv to make a naked expansion at the 12 o'clock position. A few minutes later, our fellow observer Status draw our attention to Elec's exp by commenting, "look at elecs exp at work" - you can obviously see how we reacted to this.

Sid then takes his now five scouts to harrass Elec's worker area, but are repelled by a lone turret. But, after realizing that one turret cannot stop the might of five scouts, he turns around and attacks it headlong. Elec, confident that his turret would not fall, does not repair it, but instead starts to construct another turret next to it. However, the turret does fall, but the scouts wind up retreating when Elec's twelve marines come to the rescue. Yes, Elec only had twelve marines, all of which were formerly housed by his three bunkers at his ramp.

Finally though, Sid's scouting probe finds Elec's expansion, which was nothing more than a command center and seven scvs. Immediately as the probe arrives however, Elec liftoffs the command center and runs away his scvs. Sid also sends his force of five zealots and one dragoon to deal with the expansion but when they arrive, they find nothing but dust, so they return to their post. Knowing he flew away, Sid uses his scout fleet to destroy the command center, which had floated to the nearby island.

Now Elec loads up a dropship and sends it off, apparently to the cliff above the 3 o'clock natural. Looks like he is pulling a turbo newbie, but Elec being the master he is, flew the dropship right over Sid's lone dragoon where it was almost shot down. Once the dropship was out of range of the dragoon, he unloaded its contents, which were surprisingly five scvs. Apparently, Elec wanted to make this turbo newbie so newbiesh that he was planning on building a factory on the cliff to make tanks, rather than have them ferried over by dropships. At least that is all I can figure, for it is near impossible to figure out what goes on inside the mind of a master like Elec.

At this point, both players are down to about 450 minerals in each of the patches at their main base. Sid has also added another 2 gateways to his main and a robotics factory. He is continually making scouts, as well as zealots and a few shuttles. Elec, after realizing the threat of scouts, has constructed an armory, another starport, and approximately ten turrets throughout his base, two of which are located at his ramp for added air protection there. Also, wanting to be a contender in the air war, he has made two valkyries and several wraiths with cloak, as well as non-stop goliaths from his two factorys.

Sid then finally expands once his minerals are almost gone.

Here Sid drops the hammer. He drops four zealots on Elec and covers them with his eight scouts. Zealots shred with psi-blades, goliaths launch hell-fire missiles, wraiths fire lasers, scouts fire anti-matter missiles, and observers observe, all in this epic battle.

It looks like Sid just may conquer Elec's forces, until Elec deploys his secret force of two valkyries and the rest of his goliaths. Sid ends up limping away with only one scout left. Not even the observer made it out. He did manage to kill half of Elec's wraiths, one of his valkyries and a few of his goliaths. Back at Sid's base though, he has not been active during the battle and his expansion has not changed since when we last left it.

With that battle over, both contenders finally start to do something with their expansions; Sid has maynarded his probes to his natural and Elec did the same once his minerals mined out. Sid starts to rebuild his scout fleet and zealot army while Elec starts the churn mass goliaths from his three factorys.

Ten minutes later, Elec decides its time to "counter attack" Sid. He sends his total four tanks, twelve marines, about twelve goliaths, and his reamining air force of about three or four wraiths and lone valkyrie. Sid has also been rebuilding and has about five scouts as well as a samll contigent of approximately ten zealots.

However Elec, with his mastery of the "Electro Heavy Metal" strat, has made a wall-in so thorough that he ends up having to fight his way out of it.

Sid, not realizing the approaching doom, drops all twelve of his zealots on Elec's virtually defenseless base. But Elec, undaunted, continues his "tank push" and proceeds to lay waste to Sid's natural. He also shows his distain for his opponents skill by moving his units to the natural instead of attack-moving.

Sid's attack was foiled in the end though. How Elec managed to pull a defense together so fast amazes me. He is truly a man of skill.

Note: Elec used the five scvs that were there as well as a few marines and goliaths to kill the zealots while they engaged the treacherous supply depot.

With the destruction of Sid's natural, he was out of resources and it looks like Elec had the game in the palm of his hand. But Sid, refusing to give up, transports two probes out of his base and deposits one of them at the top left island, and the other at the 12 o'clock main, unaware of Elec's expansion right below him. Sid, also confident in his ability to win the game despite the circumstances, even waits a long while before even starting to make probes at his expansion.

Elec continues with his tank push, but pushing up a ramp guarded by four cannons proves to be very difficult and he ends up losing half of his forces to the tricky cannons. Finally he makes up the ramp once two more tanks come to replace the ones lost to the cannons.

During this however, Elec has continued with the "Electro Heavy Metal" strat by making non-stop goliaths.. and nothing but non-stop goliaths. He also made another command center with intent to expand to the 12 o'clock main, but as you can see, this failed miserably. He ends up floating the command center to the top left island, where it lands never be used again.

Now that Elec knows of Sid's exp, he attempts to nuke it into oblivion. But Sid not yet giving up, uses his only fighting unit, a lowly probe, to kill the ghost. But! The nuke lands regardless, and although it landed, it does not kill anything - Sid had cancelled the four warping in cannons, so the nuke merely weakens the pylon and nexus there. After the nuke is gone, he quickly replaces the four cannons while the forge at his main base is still intact.

However, no amount of cannons can save Sid now. For Elec has a formidle size of goliaths ready to explode at the might of cannons. Watching these goliaths fight the cannons was just heart breaking. If you have never seen goliaths fight cannons, consider yourself lucky. Although Elec's losses are high, the goliaths shown here in the picture are merely a third of Elec's total army, which consists of 100% goliaths. The goliaths tear through, well, more accurately, they slowly chip away at the cannons until they prevail. Sid finally concedes after a grueling 56 minute match. "Electro Heavy Metal" has paid off!

Lessons Learned:

1) "Electro Heavy Metal" should only be used by those skilled in the art of idiocy.

2) Watching goliaths fight cannons is pure torture.

3) Scouts do still have their uses, even though this was definately not demonstrated in this match.

4) This has to be one of the funniest matches I have ever had the pleasure of observing.

5) Cannons on a ramp are not greater than a tank push, despite that they almost were in this match.

6) Making buildings in the place of your command center add-on is very idiotic.

7) When you make an expansion, don't let it just sit there collecting dust, something which happened to every expansion made during this game.

8) If you wait to expand until its a do or die situation, consider yourself a good candidate for the "Electro Heavy Metal" strat.


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