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Bunkerless Defense
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Date: 12/06/99 06:12
Game Type: Starcraft
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That's what we're talking about. Something new for Starcraft. Sometimes innovation appears from a random place.

Like a bitchfest.

Johnny_Vegas, Snowsquall and myself were talking about inherent disadvantages of Terran. The biggest one on my mind was depots.

You see, I hate depots.

Toss have pylons that warp faster, can take more damage, able to build in batches and are somewhat small, which makes for a neater base.

Zerg have the ultimate unit. The Overlord. It's an initial scout, can fly over terrain, serve as a transport, serve as a detector, can be built in batches, can be upgraded to move fast, cost no supply themselves, and can flee a base if the base is being razed.

Terrans. Well, we have a rectangle that just sits there and burns when it takes damage. They take a long time to create, which can easily end your game if you fall under your supply limit. They require an SCV to create, who, while building it, can hamper construction of other nearby buildings. Sometimes, if you're real lucky, you get to enjoy the treat of watching a stuck SCV dance for your amusement (I usually shoot SCVs that dance for me). You should also take into account the opportunity cost of him building a depot. He could make roughly 4-5 trips at the mineral patch in the time it takes to finish it. Not to mention, that if the SCV gets killed while constructing it, it stops building (unlike pylons or eggs). And when you have alot of them in your base, they get in the way.

Yes, depots suck.

And I still think they suck. But here's what I'm doing with them to make them less sucky, and perhaps a little more valuable. The bunkerless CC defense.

The pictures below demonstrate a Heavy Metal build with a bunkerless CC defense. In all honesty, the pictured CC defense is not optimized, and you could almost definitely build it with 2 less depots. Note that this is pretty much exclusively for protoss opponents.

It's advantages are pretty big:
- Will stop 2 Toss shuttle payload drops easy
- DT's in your peon line will be easily dealt with
- You save 300 and 4 control by not building a bunker
- It's robust. Can take massive amounts of punishment before failing.
- Deals with reavers as well
- It's actually strong enough to allow you to ignore warninings that your base is under attack.

So here's an illustrated guide:
Battle Shots!

This is the standard temple wall-in. You will build your factories closer to the choke. The goal is to have 1 turret protect this production area.

This is the core of the strat. You will create small nooks to park tanks. Ideally it will be a space only a marine can fit. Tanks can overlap a bit.

This is the base defense with tanks included. These tanks are safely tucked away. You can't drop on em, and you can't hit 'em with DT's or zealots. Just remember to set up nooks, and you'll be ok.

Do not use production buildings for sealing off areas. It doesn't work right, and your troops get stuck. Same with the ebay.

This shot is from when we were doing research on using depots. It was practically invulnerable to ground assault. Hehe, I guess if you stack enough shit, you can hide in it.

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