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New Game Type: Circle of Alliance
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Date: 11/18/99 12:11
Game Type: Starcraft
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Firstly, let me explain the concept of Circle of alliance. For those who understand it already, click here to jump to the actual report.

Circle of Alliance is a varient of a FFA, only with more rules. 5 people must be present for a fair competition, where their starting locations are the vertices of a right pentagon. Each player has two allies: the other players adjacent to him. The goal is to eliminate the other two players who are not beside him. The alliance, however, will not change after elimination of any player during the game. Therefore, it is your best concern to save your partner although your other partner was attempting to kill him. The last remaining two allied players, or last player will win the game.


The game started when loti, Pika_Flare, patheto, Mark4 and Drefsab joined this chaotic game setting. Here are the alliance:

The first line among the players was loti's comment on this crazy idea. Everyone was confused for a while as to ally and unally with other players because they were preset by the map setting already. To further discourage everyone, loti explained that he unconfidently "HOPE the triggers will work" after 10 minutes of downloading before the game!

During the early stage of the game, almost everyone was doing fairly safe build: double hatch at main then pool, 2 gate, and 2 rax. All got gas at about the same time and tech slowly. Unfortunately, at around the 5 minute mark, patheto pulled out a T_mac and said he had to go! DOH! Despite threats from Mark4 to rip his balls off if he leave, and cuss from loti "SUCK BALLS!", patheto conceded and left the game. This left Mark4 and Pika_Flare with only one partner left on the battlefield! Mark4 immediately announced that he was "so screwed!" while Pika_Flare remained weeping silently.

Despite the unfortunate departure, all non-terran players chose to expand at about the same time. They had located the closest expansions to their main and established an expansion there, except for Pika_Flare, who oddly expanded to the natural expansion between Mark4 and the long gone patheto.

Now with their expansion operational, the players finally revealed their plans.

  • loti:
  • Pika_Flare:
  • Mark4:
  • Drefsab:
one factory, 2 rax, 2 Ebays
3 hatches, spire
2 gate, templar archive, 1 forge
3 hatches, hydra den, 2 evolution chambers
While Pika_Flare and Drefsab were amassing muta and hydras respectively, Mark4 dispatched his dark templars to scout the map, while loti ordered a vulture to perform the same task. Loti finally floated a CC towards his closest expansion and a bunker and several turrets were constructed for defense. Pika_Flare, being a man that he was, expanded once again, this time to his closest natural expansion. Nonetheless, he still left his first expansion naked, hoping Mark4 would not find it shortly. What he did not know is Mark4's famous skill of recon. Sometimes when you are observing you cannot tell if Mark4 has turned on his trusty map-revealer except you won't see the "shuttle dance!" And of course, before Pika_Flare could mine too much resource, a scouting dragoon found the expansion and 2 more zealots were sent to destory the zerg infestation. Mark4 immediately sent a probe there, clearly attempting to expand there; however, after warping in two pylons, the probe waited impatiently for the creep to disappear from the ground before a nexus could be warpped in.

Mark4's powering was covered by Drefsab's attack on Pika_Flare. Two groups of hydras were sent from two paths: one from the top and the other from the bottom, both led to Pika_Flare's natural expansion. Mutas and sunkens fought the massive hydra force, and finally the battlefield remained 4 mutas.

Pika_Flare was hurt, but his expansion stood. Nonetheless, during the bloodly battle Mark4 had already had his 2nd expansion fully operational, and a huge number of dragoons were recalled from Auir to engage the zerg. Shortly afterwards, Drefsab also gathered another groups of hydras and scourges, and attacked Pika_Flare again with Mark4's army too this time! Loti, seeing the sea of scourges, hydras and dragoons in the middle heading towards Pika_Flare, sadly claimed that "Pika is dead...", to which Pika hopelessly responded "I know."

With only small number of mutas and zerglings, Pika_Flare could not held off the onslaught of dragoons and hydras. His mutas did not stand a chance to fight because most were scourged! His main quickly fell and the same army ran into Pika's natural expansion and every structure on the creep were decimated. Nevertheless, Pika was able to escape with one drone, and built a hatchery at loti's main to extend his miserable life. He certainly expected his terran partner, with 8 tanks and a handful of infantry, will bought him enough time to rebuild and possibly pulled off a victory if he got lucky.

Unfortunately, to sadly discourage Pika, loti proudly announced the following:

After killing Pika_Flare's main, Drefsab were assured of a victory already, and he pulled back his hydras to his base, not to interfere with the duel between Mark4 and loti. During the fall of Pika's main, Mark4 took this opportunity and expanded once more to an expansion beside patheto's old main. With 4 mining base Mark4 entered the macro stage and started pumping dragoons, zealots, dark templars and templars like a mad man!

Of course loti had realized his mistake of not researching siege mode, and soon enough those 8 sieged tanks, along with a good number of m&m and a spoting SV, set up a "don't mess with me" siege defense on the ramp guarding the common choke toward his main and natural. However, what he forgot was that there were TWO ramps leading to his main, and the other ramp was poorly guarded by 3 spider mines whose activation radius could not even stop anything troops from climbing up the ramp. Producing from 12 gates, Mark4 easily hit his supply limit and decided it's time to finish it. Waves of protoss troops mainly consisted of dragoons and templars were sent from the other ramp untouched, until loti noticed 16 dragoons bypass his frontal defense and started hitting his main.

Realizing his mistake, loti quickly unsieged those tanks and sent them to engage the offending dragoons. A quick EMP was able to drain full energy of 3 out of 5 templars. Nonetheless, the remaining templars stormed the tanks and the rest of the tanks were caught in the middle between the first and second wave of dragoons and quickly exploded to plasma fire. Pika_Flare's last hatchery was the first building to be destoryed on the way before Mark4 started working on other terran buildings. With no more troops loti hopelessly waited for Mark4 to finish him off, only to hope the pain will be short. He expressed his eager to die quickly by shouting "KILL MY PANSY ASS!" Mark4's troops easily destoryed everything in sight and rolled over loti's natural in no time.

Victors: Mark4 and Drefsab (32:49)

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