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Zileas Vs My Roomate (Lots of Pics, Modem Users BEWARE!!)
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Date: 11/11/99 11:11
Game Type: Starcraft
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Sounds evenly matched to me
So it all started on a pleasant evening with my roomate (JPaikman / ObiwanJebroni / Jose_The_Monkey) and I trying to play a same old same old 2vs2 Temple game. I would call it pubbie bashing but seeings how we get bashed as often as we do the bashing it doesn't seem appropriate. At any rate no one is joining, when suddenly Zileas who as my roomate would say "many consider to be the best protoss player in the world" joins our game. Well naturally we are quite skeptical of his true identity especially since his record is something like 6-1-0 with no ladder. However, he has the right loggin and he answers all of JPaikmans questions correctly. We are still skeptical but we decide to wait and judge him by his play. So now no one is joining. We suggest a 2v1 but he says he wouldn't stand a chance saying that on Dire maybe, but not Temple. Now an idea occurs to me. I suggest that he play my roomate, and I observe.

Zileas goes random and draws zerg at the 12:00 position. He quickly tells me that zerg is by far his worst race and backs the statement up by saying that he is only a 1300 zerg player. Ha! I'd own this guy so bad. His build order is spawning pool, second hatchery (next to the first), extractor. He scouts the 3:00 with his overlord, finds nothing and then sends it to the bottom right island.

JPaikman also goes random and draws terran at the 9:00 position. Not knowing the race of his opponent he builds one barracks and gets early gas. He scouts with an scv soon after he begins construction of the barracks and finds Zileas in the first place he looks. At about the same time, Zileas sends his first 2 zerglings to JPaikman's base and notes the beginnings of a factory. Now, JPaikman is a pretty good player, I'd say he is about an 1100 and I'm rather certain he could kick my ass. This game is looking pretty interesting now, Zileas (the favorite based on name) has drawn the 12:00 which inhibits early expansion for zerg due to the lack of a good mutual choke. Furthermore as he states several times, zerg is not the 'toss legends favorite race, and JPaikman is certainly not at a loss for good zerg v terran strategy.

Try to say that 3 times fast.  Or don't unless you just have way too much free time.

The overmind sees all Realizing that his strategy is not customized for dealing with a zerg menace, JPaikman quickly formulates a plan to use his early gas. He builds a bunker in the zerg's base, just up the ramp intending to use it as a launching place for an ass-early tank push. He gets the first bunker done and begins a second one above and to the right of it. A marine arrives and enters the first bunker. Zileas' base now has 2 well placed sunkens defending it so a bunker push will obviously be ineffective. However, JPaikman is not concerned as his factory is already near completion. Unforunately, Zileas' minions note the presence of two bright shiny objects and larvae quickly become eggs. Shortly thereafter, when he has 10 zerglings, they rush the bunker. JPaikman frantically orders his SCV to repair the bunker. Unfortunately for the Terran commander, this particular scv's mother didn't raise no fool, and the scv immediately jumps in the bunker with the marine. To make matters worse. when JPaikman's voice booms over the radio, "Get Now, Galahad, Lancelot and I jump out of the bunker... out of there you FOOL!", the marine thinks the command is dirrected at him as well and both jump out of the bunker. The zerglings quickly kill both the marine and the scv and then continue to work on the bunker in peace. The remaining 9 zerglings take out the other bunker and are sent to JPaikman's base.

A zergling is a lot like a Doberman that can take 27
shots to the head. 3 marines on their way to support the offensive are hastily turned around after the attack on the first bunker. As they reach the ramp they are greeted on one side by 4 more of their companions and on the other (coming up the ramp) by 9 angry zerglings. These zerglings tear through 4 of the 7 marines while losing 5 of their number before the remaining marines pull back to the base and the zerglings retreat. In the mean time Zileas has began upgrading his base and built a hydralisk den, declaring his intention to be those subterranean terran terminators (or just lurkers is fine). He has also taken the oppurtunity to expand to the 3:00 main. But JPaikman has also been busy back home. He now has a factory with an addon, and an academy and comsat have been constructed.

Don't hate me because I love aliteration

Now, JPaikmans first tank is ready and it accompanied by 4 scv's and the 3 marines that survived the last battle, move out. Now what, I think to myself, can you do with 1 tank, 3 marines and 4 scv's? I am about to find out. Instead of heading towards Zileas' main the troops are directed towars the 12:00 mineral natural. Once there, one scv begins a bunker while another I love a good reverse turbochobo begin construction on an engineering bay. Ahhh. Light bulbs begin appearing over my head. We are about to witness a reverse turbochobo. When the e-bay finished it lifts off and the tank sieges far north of the expanion where it will be able to fire on Zileas' extractor. Now this distresses the hyrdas in the base very much and they begin to run back and forth periodically taking shots at the tank which is being repaired by 4 scvs. The extractor is soon dead. Fortunately for Zileas his 3:00 expansion is just comming on line so he is not long without gas.

Run Away! Now Zileas sends 4 zerglings and 5 hyrdalisks to JPaikmans mineral natural. These troops intercept and kill a tank which is going to reinforce the reverse turbochobo. Then 4 of the 5 hyrdalisks curled up into a little ball and took a short nap while they morphed into burrowing beasts. When all four of the lurkers finished morphing all of the troops move to the main where they meet up with 6 marines, 2 medics and a tank which is surely headed out to clear the way to the offensive. The lurkers burrow and kill a few of the marines before the troops can pull back but this buys some very precious time for the seigeing of a new tank and the construction of the first missile turret. Zileas then attempts to do a lurker push into the base but unfortunately lurker pushes don't work well against a couple of seiged tanks and a missile turret. With the help of a comsat JPaikman is able to eliminate 3 of the 4 lurkers. The remaining lurker accompanied by 2 zerglings and a hydralisk which had been hanging back, then retreat and go to the 3:00 expansion to help defend it.

In the mean time JPaikman gets greedy and moves his tank as close to the ledge as he can in hopes of hitting some important structures in Zileas base. Unfortunately he is now within easy hydra range and furthermore because of the cliff only one of his scv's is able to repair the tank at one time. Three hyrdas are now able to take it out ending the reverse turbochobo. Now Jpaikman puts the comsat to good use and detects the zerg presense at the 3:00 main. He dispatches 6 tanks, several marines and a few medics to remedie this situation. One marine scouts out the location of the lurkers and is just able to yell I don't see anything before he is ripped to shreds. The tanks seige a bit back from the bloody splot on the map Jose says, 'Tank push' and begin firing at the base. Unfortunately one of the tanks and several of the medics and marines gets too close to the sunkens and are killed. This leaves 5 tanks and 5 marines. In the meantime about 16 hydralisks have been sent towards JPaikmans main. They stop at the natural however where they are soon picked up by overlords and transported to the base which is underfire. Zileas relizes that his only expansion is right now too important to risk a counter. The tanks have now managed to take out one of the two hatcheries at the expansion but the drones continue mining to the second further away hatchery. The overlords full of hyrdralisks now burst onto the scene. Undeterred by the five marines they unload their content directly over the 5 tanks. Though many of the hyrdas die the tank push is completely destroyed.

I like chocolate

Eleswhere though, Zileas has expaneded again this time to the 6:00 main, and a drone and an scv stare at each other uneasily on the upper-left island. Hydralisks are soon dropped upper-left to kill the scv and an expansion is begun there as well. At the same time though an scv notices the new 6:00 expansion and a dropship with 4 marines and a tank is sent to take out the undefended base. The drop is able to take 2 morphing creep colonies but not before the 3rd one completes its transition to a sunken and starts ripping into the nearby tank. The sunken is finally killed but only one marine is left alive and it soon falls to four fresh zerglings. To counter this 5 overlords (only four with hyrdas in them) are sent into JPaikmans Note: Blizzard does not support the use of drugs or violence or sexual harassment despite the obvious evidence to the contrary. main from the north. By unloading directly over the 3 tanks the hydras manage to take them out But two dropships which had recently been loaded full of m&m (medics and marines) quickly unload and the remaining hyrdas are destroyed without further damage. The overlords are also all killed in this battle. The m&m are then reloaded in the dropships and dropped on the 6:00 expansion. The base is virtually undefended so the marines stim and kill it quickly. In the mean time though, Zileas' hatchery on the upper-left island has finished.

Good UED propaganda material This hatchery is however to be short lived as another 2 dropships full of medics and marines unload on the one hydra kept there for defence. The m&m kill it quickly and are reloaded and and sent off towards the 3:00 expansion. Thinks are looking grim now for Zileas as he is down to only one expansion. To make matters worse a 6 lurker drop on JPaikmans main fails completely against the defending forces of tanks and m&m, and a command center has just been floated over to claim the 6:00 main for the Terrans. The 2 dropships now try their luck at 3:00. Unfortunately they run into several lurkers and withour mobile detection or tanks they are unable to do any damamge. After losing all but 1 of the marines, the marine and 7 medics are loaded up and directed back to defend the 6:00 expansion. At this time a scouting zergling finds the 6:00 base and kills an scv who is busy constructing a turret. Unfortunately a lurker is right behind the zergling and it burrows next to the command center. Surprisingly though, with the help of a comsat and 7 medics the one defending marine is able to take the lurker out by itself.

You suck!
Zileas shares his opinion on the game so far

The success is short lived though as about 8 hydralisks charge into the base. Medics and scvs stall them for a while but Zileas is targeting and the scv count is going down sharply. Medics, marines and tanks soon arrive from the main though and the hydras are quickly destroyed. Now Zileas sensing a need for a change in strategy builds a Spire at his 3:00 while retaking the upper-left island and finally expanding to his natural. JPaikman's comsat notes the taking of the natural and a dropship with 1 tank 3 marines and an scv is sent off to turbochobo it. Unfortunately the comsat does not note the 8 mutalisks which are now crossing the center Hey, are you ok?  You appear to be glowing. of the map. The mutalisks intercept the dropship and kill it. The mutalisks now begin a process of harassing both the 6:00 expansion and the main. However due to stimmed marines and a freshly built science vessel the harassment is unsuccessful and the mutalisks pull out after losing almost half their number.

Now though, Zileas tries a combined attack of about 5 lurkers and 8 mutalisks on the 6:00 terran expansion. JPaikman is able to hold it of losing most of his defensive forces. But Zileas has quite a sizeable source of income now, and 8 more lurkers are sent to the 6:00 base. They easily take out the remaining 1 tank, 2 marines and you guessed it 7 medics. JPaikman is forced to lift off the base and send it to his natural. Even more troubling, Zileas starts a hatchery at the 3:00 natural and will soon have 4 working expansions. JPaikman now tries a 2 dropship drop with 1 tank, m&m and 3 science vessels for support. He also sends some marines to the 6:00 choke presumably to cut off the lurkers from trying You'd think the last marine would sense something was astray to return and save the main. The marines are however brutally slaughtered when one of the lurkers burows and the terran commanders attenion is focused elsewhere. Back at Zileas' main scourges chase away and kill 1 of the 3 science vessels just in time for the lurkers to return and eliminate the threat.

Where are your templars when you really need them?

Now Zileas has a hive and his Spire appears to be undergoing some unusual transformation. JPaikman drops and destroys the expansion on the upper-left island with m&m for the second time this game. The zerg commander no longer seems to be worried about such things as 4 guardians, 5 mutalisks and 2 devourers head to the ledge overlooking JPaikmans natural. The two science vessels manage to turn all of the guardians green while the mutalisks and devourers chase the science My roomate was surpised to see Zileas had switched strategies again and was now attacking with green blobs vessels around over top of marines until all of the zerg air and one of the science vessels is dead. Now five lurkers attempt to clean up the expansion but these too are taken out with the help of the remaining science vessel and some m&m. At about this point the dreaded waiting for players screen pops up and I begin to hold my breath. Fortunately he comes back Zileas = Mark4? when it counts down to about 20 and the game continues in peace. Now Jpaikman uses his comsat again and detects the pressence of a defiler mound. Fearing cracklings and dark swarm he starts cranking out firebats. Unfortunately for our terran friend Zileas has one more thing he'd like to try before using cracklings. About 6 guardians and 10 hydralisks role into and through the terran base. Firebats in case you're wondering are not the appropriate counter to guardians and hyrdas. Firebats and tanks do manage to take out the hyrdalisks and JPaikman's science vessel is able to kill all of the guardians only after his expansion and much of his main is destroyed. He says good game and leaves as cracklings head towards his base to finish the job.

It is worthy to note that Zileas never built an evolution chamber. His ground was 0/0 the entire game. His air was I beleive 1/0 by the end. How bad/good this is I'm not certain. JPaikman also upgraded very slowly reaching 2/0 infantry only very late in the game and I beleive never building an armory. JPaikman told Zileas to meet us in channel No Hunters after the game. The post game conversation was however interrupted by everyone in the channel arguing about whether or not he was the real Zileas. I am still not sure myself. My roomate says he has since been convinced it was after reading web pages and realizing that everything he said about his colledge, high school, etc was correct. He claims his small record is a -TOOL-, you really ought to read this. result of not playing for 3 months and having his account deleted. Of course this means in theory anyone could have takken the loggin Zileas. With a little research anyone could have learned those facts too. Like I said, I remain undecided. Regardless though it was a good game and deserving of a battle report. Certainly more deserving than the last game I br'd was, which was as about as deserving as my dog chasing a rabbit around my back yard. (by the way if anyone would like to see a battle report about my dog chasing a rabbit or any other animal around my yard I will write it. I'll br anything) As a side note, I haven't eaten in 3 days, send help.

these things take forever so you better freiking appreciate it

Lessons Learned

1. If you right click on an unfill bunker your scv will go into it.

2. Never ally an observer in a 1v1 because your medics will chase his 5 hitpoint scv all over the map trying to heal it.

Game Statistics

- # of reverse turbochobos: 1

- # of lurker pushes: 1

- # of pissed off hydralisks: 13

A WC3 production

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