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Chaos within!
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Date: 11/08/99 02:11
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.5, # of Ratings: 4, Max: 10, Min: 9
Lifetime Rating for [FLS]prozerran: 9.0833

6 o'clock (Protoss)
3 o'clock (Terrans)
In this battle report, you'll discover the strangest tactics to distract your enemy's attention and thus lead your way to victory!

Today we have two staffs in fighting against each other: YourRoleModel, our adminstrator; and TT.Boy, one of our early raters. Both got enough balls to select random on this relatively small island map, and TT.Boy landed his circular CC at 3 o'clock while YRM warped his nexus at 6.

Both parties tech very fast towards their first transport. TT.Boy, however, built rather conservatively and erected an E-bay and academy before his first starport. YRM, chose to reach the templar tech and robotics early and got his first shuttle before TTBoy.

YRM immediately shuttle a probe to the 9 oclock starting position, an attempt to expand there early. Back at home YRM was busy to prepare his assault with templars, dark templars, and dragoons. During the time when YRM was mad teching, TT.Boy was able to float a CC to the 12 o'clock starting position and started mining before YRM's expansion was up! Also, he ordered a dropship of infantry and headed towards the other starting locations. First he headed towards YRM's expansion when the protoss just started warping in pylons. Several marines were dropped to stop the expansion attempt, and YRM canceled his pylon in order to save the cash. Fortunately for YRM, the probe was able to escape and hid itself in the corner undetected. The same squad of infantry was loaded back into the dropship and headed towards YRM's main. However, this small force was almost instantly repeled by the psionic might of the templar, cutting 6 marines 2 medics into 2 marines that died to defending cannons in no time.

At this time, YRM decided to pay back a visit to TT.Boy's main, dropping 2 cargoes of 2 templars, 2 dragoons, and 2 zealots behind TT.Boy's mineral line his main. Although all the loads were dropped, YRM lost one of his shuttles to a well-positioned turret. Nonetheless, YRM pulled out a Whoop-style and casted 3 psi-storms on the mineral line, destroying half of the mining SCV. Defending tanks and marines, along with a wraith, were able to repel the force with no loss of other units except SCV's and a turret.

The next action belonged to YRM again, when he dropped 2 dark templars and a dragoon at TT.Boy's main again. Turrets were unable to cover the entire base, and the refinary was promptly destroyed by a lone dark templar who was fortunate enough not to run into detection range. Finally TT.Boy realized the invicible threat, and used all his SCV, a wraith and 3 com-sats to eliminate the assassin.

Thinking that his opponent's economy must be hurt from all the assaults, YRM finally began his expansion at 9 and warped in 3 cannons and a gateway there. His scouting shuttle also found TT.Boy's expansion at the 12, and he immediately dropped 2 reavers, a dragoon and a templar to destory TT.Boy's other node of income. With only one bunker with a mere marine in it, TT.Boy's defense there was quickly dispatched. Feeling experienced in storming SCV now, YRM stormed twice in the middle of the patch, but unfortunately Whoop's spirit wasn't with him at that time and he completely wasted 2 psi-storms killing nothing. This allowed TT.Boy's wraiths and a dropship of 2 tanks to come to rescue because the templar has only one storm left. Powerful tank fire destoryed the offense with the loss of only one wraith. Using this confusion, YRM also expanded to his the closest natural expansion on the right of his main and below TT.Boy's.

Seeing that YRM had lost a significant number of troops, TT.Boy decided to launch his own attack. 2 wraiths were sent downwards and found YRM's expansion. They cloaked and drove away the guarding dragoon when 2 tanks were dropped behind the mineral patch. Nonetheless, one tank was not in the mood of just sitting there blasting cannons from a safe distance, and decided to run into a high ground cannon, only to be destoryed before it could even siege. The remaining lone tank was then owned by 2 dragoons and probes.

Angered by the incompetant tank, TT.Boy abandoned the dual tank idea and instead dropped 4 marines and a tank at the 9 o'clock position where YRM had established as his first expansion. With only cannons as defense, the tank blasted away with impunity. The remaining marines, however, was not guarding the tank, but ran into the mineral line for probe kill. Nonetheless, they didn't realize the tank was firing too.....

Again, the lone tank was owned by 2 reinforcing dragoons that YRM sent for rescue.

TT.Boy, seeing a semi-successful drop previously, got greedy and sent two more dropships of tanks and assorted infantry towards same target at the same path. Nonetheless, YRM had 3 dragoons and a cannon sitting at that exact spot. The first dropships arrived and it was blown off the sky almost instantly. The second dropship mirrored the exact same move and exploded in the air. The wraith pilot didn't learn the lesson at all, and yet again followed the path of transport pilots, only to walk into the plasma of doom.

YRM was not pleased with the continous attack from his terran foe. He decided to obtain map control in order to stop any further assault. Normally I'd see protoss warping in more corsairs and observers and patroling them across the map in order to achieve map-control; nonetheless, YRM got a better idea. He shuttled a probe in the middle of the map and started warping in series of cannons all over!

TT.Boy quickly realized the threat in the middle and dropped 2 tanks on the low ground of YRM's second expansion below his main. This would be a good idea if this was carried out earlier, but now YRM already had plenty of shuttles and templars. The tanks exploded quickly to the might of a reaver's scrabs and a templar's storm.

After establishing 2 expansions and map-control via cannons, YRM finally decided that it's time to attack! 4 shuttles of dragoons and templars were went towards TT.Boy's expansion on the top to seek to cause some trouble!

YRM=T_mac smurfing?

Luckily (or unluckily for TTBoy), YRM's inner self denied the hidden T_mac charactor inside of him and came back before the countdown went to 0:00. The cargo was dropped quickly and the templar stormed 3 ghosts before they could cast lockdown against the dragoons! The remaining 4 dragoons was able to destory the defending bunker and a few marines while the reaver destoryed the mining SCV in no time. Now TT.Boy's resource node was down to one: his main base.

Realizing that the loss of his only expansion would cause him the game, TT.boy deployed his last ditch effort: NUKES!

While TT.Boy was hurrying for his nuke, YRM was confident at his situation that he's gonna win regardless, and built something I haven't seen in a while: a all-purpose SCOUT! 3 of them were built when TT.Boy finally finished his nuke. 3 precloaked ghosts were dropped on the ledge of YRM's natural expansion and hoped to cause some nuclear polution at the probes below them. Nonetheless, what he didn't notice was that there was an silent observer hanging right above them. These 'ding's' quickly reported the threat and the 3 scouts were sent to kill the ghosts. The 45 hp ghosts bravely fought the 250 hp scouts. Unforunately, they were no rambo and were killed quickly before the nuke could drop.

Failing the last effort of nuking, TT.Boy conceded to YRM. Later on YRM commented on TT.Boy's transport tactics and explained his own stragegy:

-- End of report --

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