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"he was getting like 21903582470 (rounding) new gateways to complement his new expansions."
- DrAwesome

Hydralisks, and the Lost Souls that love them
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Date: 11/03/99 11:11
Game Type: Starcraft
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GameOverZ : Terran 2:00 position ( Hence forth called BROWN

Roaming~Spirit : Zerg 6:00 position  (Henceforth called BLUE )

Zakaran : Protoss : 9:00 position

Game Length : 1:27:50

     To start the game off, Zakaran left early. Nothing even provoked him, he just LEFT! (Silly eh?) That wasn't of any importance, because the game was already clearly going to be in favor of the other two opponents.


    Each player started with mining minerals. Of course, this was common practice among Starcraft players, but I hoped they were not going to be common.

   As soon as he had 9 drones, blue decided to expand, because he wasn't expecting a rush (Zakaran had yet to leave) He also started on another expansion, at almost the dead center of the map. Brown, on the other hand, wanted a more secure mining spot, and built a command center to be floated to the top-rightmost corner of the map, a mineral only expansion.

   Brown was apparently looking for a high-tech arsenal of goodies, because he skimped on that barracks, and stuck with only one for several minutes. Blue, who had the advantage of three mining sites early on, went for a very normal Zerg build, that would no doubt, involve many hydralisks.

  When Zakaran finally left, (Possibly because he was upset for lack of natural expansion?) Brown was left with a problem. He had built up, hoping that his two adversaries would lack the ability to take on eachother, and deal with his high-tech gadgets. Now he was faced with himself vs a zerg opponent, who thus far had 0 military units, and 2 fledging expansions, one without any defense.

  Seeing, with a scouting SCV, the expansion near the middle of the map, brown dispatched 8 vultures to eliminate all he could from the creep. He did not succeed, but he did kill all the drones before two sunken colonies we're morphed, easily taking care of the threat.

   Finally, at home and at his 2 expansions (3rd expansion building, due north of his 2nd expansion that had just been attacked) blue had started ammasing his hydralisks. Brown, who had begun making units LONG ago, clearly had a lead, and was now expanding to another island, this one just north of blue's 3rd expansion, at the top of the map. During the time that his vultures we're at the expansion wrecking havoc, he had constructed 2 starports, a Science Facility, and was now working on a covert ops.

   Not long went bye before Blue, with his supreme income, was able to get a large force of atleast 60 hydralisks staggered among his expansions, along with 6 queens, probabally with broodling and ensnare on their minds. Unfortunately, his expansion just south of Brown's new island expansion was discovered undefended. (Save for 2 sunken colonies) 12 marines, along with medics and 4 Science Vessels attacked the expansion, defensive matrix on the marines, and irradiating 3 nearby overlords.

   Blue needed to make a dent in browns economy fast, or the Science Vessels, marines, and medics would all force him to resign. 6 science vessels were found over a cliff, near the middle expansion, and they were irradiating everyunit they could! That certainly was not nice.

  This finally motivated Blue into a agressive mode, sending a horde of hydralisks, with queens right behind, straight up north to where the marines that destroyed the expansion were still hanging about. While doing that, he also mutated 2 spires, a hive, and a greater spire (In that order) The hydralisks, which were now moving in on the north half of brown's sturdy base, had been upgraded to 2/2, while the marines we're still 2/1. Even with the upgrades, the hydralisks were no match for the 30 or so marines, with medic support.

  To counter the attack, brown sent a ghost down to investigate the middle expansion, and possibly damage it. With his patented Lazer, he pointed a little red dot on the hatchery there, and had the Nuke Silo's send the Nuclear Missile inside on a path straight for it. At the same time, 9 overlords, with 4 trailing a bit behind, were floating cryptically towards brown's base. During this time he started up a gas only expansion at about 10:00 position on the map.

  Also, 4 mutalisks were ahead, morphing slowly into guardians. The terran base, unsuspecting, was empty. Almost like a ghost town, except there were several hapy SCV's mining away. All the marines, medics, and science vessels were off to destroy the Zerg expansion that had been weakened by the nuke.

  When the hydralisks landed, and the guardians thundered overhead, there were about 30 SCV's, 12 marines, and no medics on the site. 30 hydralisks rolled into the base first, followed by more. When the attack force returned, all that was left was one frantic SCV that looked to be at the end of his line, backed into a corner by the Hydralisks. Luckily for that SCV, the several marines were able to constantly come out of 4 barracks, and eventually whittle the horde down to nothing.

  Unamused by the slaughter, Brown started rebuilding his SCVS, and had them repair the burning Command Center. Then several zerglings rolled into the base, all killed before they could reach the marines.


   The game had reached a state of stand off, niether player had enough forces to do anything, and were frantically trying to gather minerals. During this time, blue expanded to a nearby mineral expansion, and also the top left starting location. Brown expanded to the spot he had taken from blue earlier. (Not the nuked one, radiation kills SCV's mining utensils)

  One he had enough to attack, 11 marines and 2 medics attacked the top left expansion, taking down the first hatchery before reinforcements could be spawned. To counter this 32 zerglings were dropped on the top right island, forcing the  Command Center to lift off. 

Brown was now down to 2 expansions again, while blue had 4. This was not good at all, and a long line of marines headed towards the Zerg Main. At the same time, 5 overlords left to take out the 2 Terran expansions.

  As a premptive strike, Brown nuked the sh!t out of the expansion next to Blue's main. While the marines and medics cleaned up that mess, Blue had taken out all brown expansions, and was now preparing to drop on his main. Of coruse, since brown had been continualy pumping marines, medics and the odd firebat, he easily handled the drop, with the loss of 1 marine that was where the units dropped.

   Back at blue's main, buildings were falling very fast, and 12 hydralisks are no match for 8 Science Vessels.


As of now, Blue had a severe mineral advantage, but had nothing to build with, not even a SPAWNING POOL! (However, he did get a lair morphing before his first one died)

   Brown started methodically destroying every base Blue had, with marines and medics. The few hydralisks Blue had were no match for the increasing supply of marines from brown (Thanks to a new expansion)

Blue was now down two 2 bases, and one base that was starting, located behind Zakaran's old base.

  Brown had 21 total science vessels on the map, and was currently running over what he thought was blue's last base, the top left expansion. Luckily for him, he also found another base, an island in the bottom right, with just enough building room for a hatchery, a pool, and a den.

  Facing certain death, Blue almost gave up. His last chance was to build up a force on his remaining minerals. At the site of Zakaran's old base (Behind the mineral line) 5 hatcheries were spawned, and many hydralisks were pumped out, and rallied behind the hatcheries. All of this could easily fit in one screen.

  When the last building fell, at Blue's island expansion, brown was disturbed, and asked blue to "just ally me I only have a few minutes" This seemed humorous to blue, who immediately followed by ramming 60+ hydralisks up his ass.


Roaming~Spirit: haha

GameOverZ: dead dead dead!!

TheRubberDucky: You checked wrong =]

TheRubberDucky: omg zerg might still win ^_^

  Many hydralisks continued to pour onto the battlefield, eliminating all but one of brown's bases, which had 5 barracks but not enough supply depots to make non-stop. Blue started sending hydralisks and overlords to key-points of the map he wasn't currently at, and sent his ever-growing army of hydralisks at Brown.


Brown stood no chance at all, but he had to go, so he left, and I congratulated Roaming~Spirit on coming back from extremely unfavorable odds. (I actually considered saying "brown u win gg" because it was so blatently obvious that he was going to win.

Lessons Learned

Roaming~Spirit is a great comeback player, and also one lucky bastard=] At one point, a marine was actually FIRING on the protoss extractor, but left in search of better targets.

GameOverZ had no problem with his recon skills, he just wasn't searching behind the minerals for things.

Medics totally rule vs similar numbers of hydralisks.

II present this to you as the first to do this, and it's really quite easy. Go here to view the stats, treat it like you just played the game. (IE clicking on "Units" will take you to the units section

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