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"But then I'm rated under 1000, and he's rated around 1200, so I'll shut up now."

Whoop/Johnny taking on Bob/Valdmir on Hypothermia (28 images, SS and Ani GIF)
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Date: 10/21/99 02:10
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.2, # of Ratings: 8, Max: 10, Min: 9
Lifetime Rating for [FLS]prozerran: 9.0833

Warning: This report will take forever to load. Please be patient, you'll like it

Map: Hypothermia

This game was started as a rematch of the previous game on Aftershock, in which Whoop/Vegas creamed Bob and Vad into nothingness. Map was selected to be Hypothermia, and .Praetor and I was honored to be allowed to observe again.

After numerous AFK attempt by Whoop and Johnny, the game finally started with their usual greeting such as "no huking disc", "^^ chobo", and "gogogogogogogogog!!!" Man their second language must be so good that they can communicate with ease in a language that is completely alien to me. Johnny selected his usual Terrans while Whoop picked the evil Protoss. The papa team let fate decided their race, and Papa'Toss ended up with terran while Papa'Zerg got toss.

Whoop: bottom right
Johnny_Vegas: bottom left
Papa'Protoss: top middle
Papa'Zerg: top left
Both sides started with very interesting strategies. Firstly, Whoop decided that Johnny's nuke rush is not unique enough, and formulated his version of arbitor rush! He described his style in this game would be "whoring". This term had confused both me and Johnny, but Johnny had a better idea. With all different kinds of "whoring" he's familiar with, he inquired which specific kind would that be. Of course, Whoop provided his formal definition before my lung burst.
While Whoop and Johnny was solving their whoring phenomenon, Papa'Protoss, with a great strategic brilliance, proceeded to build an E-bay before his first barracks was finished. Check out that potent E-Bay rush!! Once the E-bay was finished, he floated it to the top right starting position to scout, but found nothing there. While the E-bay was slowly making its way to search for the enemy, Papa'Toss decided that it's not enough to rush with only one e-bay, and erected another one before he even build his first military unit: a all-purpose goliath! Whoa E-bay rush proceed by a goliath rush.

Papa'Zerg had other things in his mind. While Papa'Toss was having fun with his numerous floating e-bays, he silently warpped in dual stargates and began production of corsairs. Nonetheless, he seemed to like powering all his important buildings with one pylon. Imagine a 4 zealot drop killing that lone pylon supporting his only gateway, robotics facility, cyber core, and forge. Notice that one dragoon there? It had been his only land force other then probes for at least 10 minutes. As I told .Praetor, "a two dragoon drop will own red."
Thinking silly, Whoop deployed his whoring strat as a start to his arbiter rush by sending his first shuttle to his natural expansion before any one else. He added a starport to his production team and also produce a number of corsairs as an attempt to gain map control which had been taken over by E-bays. Another probe was shuttled to his nearest island expansion too, only to be caught by Papa'Zerg's scouting corsairs, and was promptly destoryed before Whoop's own air force drove them away. At this time, Whoop had gotten his natural expansion fully operating, while all others except Papa'Zerg had also started building an expansion at their naturals.

Papa'Protoss finally gathered enough assorted troops from his three factories which he built early on a 128x256 island map. His first 4 goliaths bravely walked into a new dropship and asked for air assistance from his partner to escord his drop. However, his request was in a very strange form:

Being the best ally, Papa'Zerg sent a whippo of 2(!!) corsairs to clear the way of the drop. It was very peaceful on the way until they came close to Whoop's natural expansion. Getting ballsy, Zerg moved his corsairs away from the lone dropship and decided to search for potential expansion attempts while the confused terran commander continued his voyage. Nevertheless, Whoop's patroling corsairs caught sight of the in-coming 'dropshit' and happily blew it off the sky, but not before 2 goliaths were landed in some isolated island, long away from home.

Cursing at Whoop's whooping on his homeless goliaths, Papa'Protoss's second E-bay brought back the recon of all the islands below his main all the way down to the bottom. Strangely, despite of all mineral and gas island expansions on its way closer to his main, he decided that the bottommost island gas only expansion would be his choice of second expansion after his natural. He began to turret the island like a badass in order to secure his main source of gas now.

Whoop, of course, was carrying out his expansion whoring plan, expanded naked three more times to the bottom start location, its natural and the island expansion top left of his main. Needless to say, two of them got owned by one single dropshit of dual goliaths and a tank from Papa'Protoss.

Yeah go Goliath Bob go!

Now let's see. What had Johnny been doing? All I had to say is... nothing. He expanded once to his natural, and like 10 minutes into the game, he finally grasped the hold of his favorite tech: Nukes! Johnny had always claimed that nuke rush on Hypothermia is the best terran strat because enemy can very seldom find the evil red dot in such a huge island map. Indeed, in prevoius games I played with him months ago, Johnny had succeeded in shutting down enemy's resource node on this map simply by nuking expansions all over. "Try finding a cloaked ghost on a 128x256 map that is hiding the fearful red dot on a flyer!!" -- Johnny_Vegas.

Despite the ownage, Whoop finally pull out his ultimate goal: the artbitor! This arbitor was amused from the awaking, thinking if anyone could remember what it was. "Did you see that UFO?"

Now Papa'Protoss gathered enough information from his E-bay hovering beside Johnny's natural expansion, finally employed a piece of brillient move: tanking the Vegas-gas from across the island! DOH! Of course, the E-bay served as a spotter for tank and finally honored itself for some usefulness. Now the E-bay definitely deserved a higher rank of praisal, and their family members were recognized. As a result, more and more E-bays were constructed from Papa'Protoss's main base and were sent all across the map to explore where no other men had gone before.

At this point, Johnny decided that enough is enough. The unstoppable nuke rush should pay off soon before he lost too much resources. A ghost was sent into a brand new dropship and it silently transported the nuclear expert towards Papa'Zerg's natural expansion. Still thinking that it was impossible to locate a ghost on a 128x256 map, the ghost felt contumacious enough to launch the first nuke without cloaking. To compensate, he hid himself under a tree. This attempt, however, was noticed by Papa'Protoss's yet another E-bay because it caught sight of the retreating dropship. "Blue shit drop on you." Despite the hint, Papa'Zerg was unable to locate the red-dot until Papa'Toss found it under the tree. Nonetheless, there are no troops there but 3 cannons and a bunch of probes. Feeling desperate, he ordered all his probes to attack the uncloaked ghost who was still thinking he's DA MAN. The ghost died to 15 or so probes, but not before the nuke dropped. Under the mushroom cloud remained 5 probes, a flaming nexus, assimulator, and a pylon.

Feelin more secure after the nuke, Whoop's whoring mind drove him to expand again, this time to the top right starting location. While Papa'Protoss was still slowly destorying Whoop's expansion at the 6 starting location, Whoop warped in 3 Stargates and began the production of the good-old hamburger, urr, carriers. The E-bays, however, were not idle, but actively scouting around. One witnessed the 3 StarGates warping in at the expansion.

Papa'Protoss did not hit that yet. His pimp goliath squad escorted by 3 tanks were sent towards Whoop's 2nd island expansion, (top left of Whoop's main), sucessfully removed all the cannons and defending dragoons there. While he's causing much trouble there, Whoop used this time to produce carriers from his new expansion. Whatever the confusion it could be, Whoop showed us how to lose 5 out of 6 corsairs when they ran into many goliaths in an island during his expansion attempt.

Papa'Zerg finally decided that his corsairs would not do any good, and determined to switched to mass dragoon/templar drop. His first success to this switching of strategy paid off when he cleared Whoop's 3rd naked expansion at the bottom middle natural with 8 dragoons. At this time, Johnny was not idle, but constantly trying to grab another expansion to compensate his loss of gas in his natural. 8 marines 4 scv and 4 ghosts were dropped on an island at the center location of Johnny, Papa'Toss and Papa'Zerg's main. Needless to say, this attempt was quickly noticed by a wandering observer from Papa'Zerg, and 4 shuttle worth of dragoons were dropped to stop Johnny's resource income. Ghosts casted lockdown to most of the dragoons and the poor goons were shot to little blue ponds by the marines and SCV.
Despite this small victory, Johnny and Whoop missed another 6 shuttles of dragoons from Papa'Zerg that were dropped at Whoop's main, which was defended solely with 3 dragoons 3 zealots and a few cannons. After clearing the defense, Zerg's remaining dragoons cried out in joy and began their ritual dance to mock the defenseless enemy.

Anyone remember the heroic E-bay locating Whoop's top right starting location? Papa'Protoss certainly didn't. 4 dragoons and 3 carriers were sent to destory the ever most threatening E-bay. In revenge, Papa'Protoss sent 3 dropships of goliaths, tanks, and 4 science vessels to destory this expansion. Using the carriers and dragoons, Whoop prolonged the assault and forced the terran to bring more reinforcements: GoliathBob. Seeing the ever growing enemy troops at his expansion, Whoop finally decided to give it up. 4 shuttles were ordered for evacuation of the probes. Nonetheless, the shuttle pilots were kinda drunk and chose the path where the push was: running straight into 4 turrets and 6 goliaths. Amasingly, only 2 were shot down, although the remaining two were badly damaged.
At the mean time, Papa'Zerg admired Whoop's move so much that he almost mirror the same move!
After locking down 7 dragoons, Johnny felt good and began an expansion there. In addition, he finally found Papa'Protoss's naked expansion to the right of his new expansion, and dropped 2 dropships of infantry to clear it. To retaliate, Papa'Zerg sent several corsairs and dragoons towards Johnny's brand new expansion, and webbed Johnny's tanks and turrets while his butt load of dragoons started pounding on all the defense. Johnny's defense was destoryed and thus, lost his last functioning expansion. Johnny hid his scv's on the corner, hoping to gather resources again then the ballsy goons left the site. Foruntately for Johnny, all but one dragoons were shipped elsewhere. His scv began to seek revenge against the lone goon. let's just see how one 3/3/2 goon do against 10 scv's.

Yup, that's right, the bastardly dragoon pop saved the dying goon.

Now Whoop finally reclaimed his 6 o'clock expansion by sending in a swarm of 10 zealots produced from a hidden gateway... against one tank and one goliath. His remaining two shuttles of probes were immediately sent to mine, and in the process, warpped in 4 gateways and began production of assorted ground troops for defense. In the other hand, Johnny found himself expansionless, and decided to spend all his remaining cash on nukes. He built 2 extra CC with silos at his main and began nuking at many enemy expansions. I lost count of his nuking attempts, but around 3 to 4 nukes had successfully destoryed most probes/scv at the Papa's expansions.

Attacked by numerous nukes, Papa'Zerg was down to one expansion with only 3 probes mining gas and minerals while his other resource nodes were dry. Nonetheless, he still commanded a fairly large force of shuttled dragoons and corsairs. He took a chance to attack Johnny's main with that force and found it virutally defenseless: 1 unsieged tank, 3 marines and 2 ghosts. Without any source of income, Johnny was unable to produce more troops to defend himself. He launched his last nuke at Papa'Protoss's expansion to his right as his silo was about to be destoryed. Papa'Protoss, with the careful eye of his E-bays, found the dot early enough and ran away all his scv's. The nuke was only able to turn Papa's CC and refinary to flames, but not enough to cause further damage.

Johnny's main was soon leveled, while Whoop was trying to attack Papa'Protoss's gas only expansion. Several dragoons and zealots were dropped, but the terran barely hold their ground. Eventually, Papa'Protoss amassed enough tanks and goliaths, and dropped Whoop's last expansion at 6, destorying it with minimal loss. Whoop's last effort to expand was soon discovered and shuttles of dragoons were sent to eliminate the attempt. Whoop and Johnny finally conceded the game.

In the end, Papa'Protoss gathered the most resource and also led in points in units. Papa'Zerg got the highest score in structures since he destoryed two mains. Whoop, despite losing most of his early expansions, came in second in resource score. Johnny, nonetheless, was leading in number of kills, probably due to his numerous nukes on peons.

(I was unable to take screen shots for the scores cuz I ran out of space.)

Let me reiterate the highlight of this game:

  • Whoop's Whoring Style
  • Arbitor Rush
  • Goliath Rush
  • Nuke Rush
  • Whoop's suicidal shuttles and corsairs
  • Dragoon Ritual Dance
  • Deserted Goliaths

Hope you enjoy this report

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