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Ronin gets some Ownin
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Author:Whoop & Bob the Newt
Date: 10/15/99 04:10
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 8.2, # of Ratings: 6, Max: 9, Min: 7
Lifetime Rating for Whoop & Bob the Newt: 8.1667
Hello and welcome to the first ever joint BR. Since I am computer impaired and don't know how to convert screen shots into jpeg's much less post them in a BR, Bob the Newt and I are teaming up to bring you the what I hope will be a series of battle reports.

The first game is between Ronin~ and King-Lewis on Dark Temple. While both would argue differently, they are close to the same skill level. They are one race players and about 1200 on ladder so you have a general idea of their skill level.

Since I wanted to see a decent match I urged them to pick their best races. So Ronin started at 3 with Zerg while Lewis drew 9 playing with his beloved Gaytoss.

Ronin starts with an unusual move of a 9 pool then gets gas. As his OL pops we feel certain he is hatching 6 lings. Instead he makes 3 drones and soon after begins a lair. He sends one drone to scout to assist the slow OL, which personally I think is a total waste of a drone.

If you're Zerg vs. random scouting with a drone isn't a bad idea since different races require different builds. Also if you are 4 pooling that drone is critical to finding your enemy ASAP. However knowing Lewis was toss using that drone was just a damn waste.

On the other side of the map Lewis has 2 gates and is beginning zealot production. Eventually Lewis' scouting probe wonders onto Ronin's creep and discovers the lair morphing. Immediately he orders his zeals to march across the map. Ronin then begins a creep colony and a den. Yes folks the lurker rush is on. The probe unmolested by any enemy units notes the morphing den and transmits the data home.

Lewis sends his next 2 zeals across the map shortly after bringing the strike force to 4. When they arrive they find 2 sunken colonies poorly positioned. One is in a bizarre position covering only the den while the other covers the lair - den and some minerals. Bad move again by Ronin. Seeking to take advantage Lewis circles his zeals around but for some reason decides the 3 hydra are too much for his zeals and retreats. Back home Lewis begins preparations for the Lurker rush in the form of another gate and a forge.

This is an unusual move. While of course the forge is necessary for cannons many people would choose to tech at this point rather than opt for more troop production. Clearly Ronin is making lurkers and no amount of zeals alone can kill even 1 lurker without observers. However since Lewis was trained by Orc this blatant error can be excused. My personal preference upon seeing 1 hatch tech would be to expand with cannons protecting the natural but hey it's easy when you have god vision.

Ronin morphs 3 lurkers and doing a bit of buddy rushing manages to chase off the pesky zealots which were doing a bit of containment at Ronin's ramp. One zealot runs south and Lewis will use him to scout later, the sign of true genius which makes me almost forgive that 3rd gate. There is a still around the land while 2 lurkers are used to contain Lewis who has finally began to tech up to templar and observers simultaneously while all 3 gates sit idle.

Back home Ronin has placed a hatch at the bottom of his ramp and begins gathering vespene gas. Why didn't Ronin place the hatch at his natural where he could gather gas AND minerals? I have no clue. Maybe Ronin can explain himself because to me it's just another D.R.M. (Dumb Ronin Maneuver). However seconds later another drone begins a hatchery at his SECOND NATURAL?!!? Ronin clearly doesn't want to win this one as the second natural is in the open and not easily defended.

Finally Lewis has observers and clears his natural of the 2 lurkers. Taking his natural he begins production from his 3 gates of mixed ground and templar while upgrading as well. The stealthy observer notes the completely undefended second natural and a squad of speed zeals and goons is dispatched to remove this piece of the zerg economy.

At this point Ronin has a decent economy with 2 gas sources and 2 mineral sources but only 3 hatches. He has spent most of his money and larva making drones to further the cause of the swarm. Unfortunately this means he is also low on troops. This is sad because Lewis is about to attack. Lewis plows into and kills the 2nd source of minerals but Ronin does manage to use his brain a little and runs the drones away to begin some long range mining at his natural.

Ronin is likely cursing at himself and begins to engage his brain. He begins pumping hydra from 2 hatches and starts a hatch at his natural (finally). He builds up a decent force and after some dancing decides to engage Lewis in the middle. Although the hydra fought well they were beat down by upgraded troops and a well placed pi storm which Ronin's hydra ate fully.

There is a lull (LONG) in the action as both players consider their places.

Lewis has not been idle. He has expanded to his natural and warped in 2 more gates (5 total now) at home with dual forges upgrading. He has scouted the map thoroughly with DT roaming the map and a containment force outside Ronin's base. The zerg overmind sensing that he is too behind in economy to over power with a massive hydra swarm (my personal choice of tactics) begins teching to a hive. He also begins a spire. Lewis knowing he controls the map expands again to 6. He reinforces with a cannon and 2 templar. He also warps in a gate there bringing his total to 6.

The tension is growing as both players build up their forces. Ronin has a small army of 0/0 lings, 0/0 hydra (even fewer than his lings), two lurkers and 3 sunken defending his natural. Lewis has 1/1 troops containing and his bases number 3 which is exactly the number of Ronin's hatches. Things are looking bad for Ronin. Let's examine the minimap. We see blue in the middle containing and 6 in full swing. Hmm what are the brown blobs above the containment force?

After Ronin completed his greater spire he morphed 6 guards, which he then sent around the containment to Lewis' natural in a cliff siege. Again another "interesting" move by Ronin as most people would have flown the muta over and then morphed them as the small group of slow moving guards could have been seen and easily destroyed if spotted, D.R.M #4 for the game. Fortunately they were not noticed.

One thing I failed to mention earlier was Ronin sent a hydra down to scout 6. (Not a ling which is 1/3 the cost) This was long ago as the nexus was warping. That hydra died to a zealot but Ronin knew it was there and sent a small detachment of lings down to investigate while simultaneously attacking with guards at Lewis' natural. To his credit Ronin wisely spaced out the guards so a single storm couldn't hit more than one. Lewis sensing Ronin couldn't have much at home after producing his costly air fleet countered with his containment force.

Lewis has owned the game thus far, but now he was being tested. First the guards. With only storm to defend him, Lewis' natural is in serious trouble. Rather than run his probes, they inexplicably continue mining while guard's blast from high above killing them all as Lewis begins producing goons to defend. While this was occurring the lings arrived at 6 and ripped down the single cannon defense, (I'm not sure what happened to the HT) and began ripping into helpless probes. Things are looking better for Ronin but the moment of truth has arrived as 20 or so powerful protoss warriors counter.
The containment force is much stronger than Ronin's minor defenses. They kill the lings, the hydras, and the 3 sunken colonies. However Lewis was busy trying to kill the Guards and failed to manage the attack. Not one psi was cast in fact the templar were sitting idle in the middle of the map! 2 lurkers were all that remained but burrowed and unseen they managed to kill all the attacking units with a little help from reinforcing lings, as Lewis had no detection. Amazingly Lewis had an observer only a few spaces away. Maybe we should call this a D.L.M. The winds of change are upon us.

The overmind presses his advantage. Sending another detachment of lings down to 6 the crax upgrade hits and they are able to quickly reduce 6 to rubble bringing a smile to Ronin's face. The guards are almost all dead but in the end the natural falls with help from some nearby muta. Yes folks faster than you can say, "Ronin is the gayest player on bnet" Lewis has not only lost his upper hand, he has lost all sources of income as his main has just run dry. GGs were exchanged and the protoss surrendered the Dark Temple to the Overmind.

Lessons learned:

Lurker rushing is not good in 1v1 games vs. toss on ANY map but is ESPECIALLY bad on a map like temple. Bottom line is cannons kill lurkers and zealots are a hell of a lot stronger than marines.

Reckon is important. Lewis could have sent an observer into Ronin's base to see what he was up to. Sure he would have probably lost it but he would have seen the spire.

You need to use your tech! Lewis had a robo bay but never made a shuttle, which could have transported some templar to go on pi raids in mid game when Ronin was still crippled. When your opponent is hurt, kick him in the Jimmy!

Manage your #!&^#! Troops! Lewis could have won easily since he went 2/2 vs. Ronin's 0/0 if he let his natural fall and managed his counter attack. He would have had his main still and 6 while killing Ronin's natural. A good trade.

Never give up. I didn't think Ronin had a chance in hell to win when at the end of mid game he had only 3 hatches, but he pulled it out in the end. To quote my one and only disciple AQD3. "So when you have your back to the wall you dig a little deeper and show your enemy that even though he might win, he isn't going to get it for free just because he got a little ahead."

Observing makes it easy to see what mistakes players are making. I went from average to where I am now (barely above average) watching lots of 1v1 games.

Although I make fun of Ronin and Lewis in this report I still think they are cool guys and would gladly take them as an ally vs. any of the nohunters freaks and lamers, although in a NWTR game I'd rather turbo concede. :)

Everyone should make reports like AQD3 where they say I'm the best thing since sliced bread. Whoops I guess that's not a lesson learned but I wanted to mention it anyway.

I want to see a rematch this time Terran/Terran. Now THAT would be good!

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