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Johnny_Vegas vrs Ralphie's Lurker rush
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Date: 05/07/99 09:05
Game Type: Starcraft
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As most of the forum regulars may have noticed, Ralphie has been challenging players to play terran vrs his zerg lurker rush. Last night Johnny found Ralphie online despite the weird symbols he likes to surround his name with and took him up on his challenge. I was with Johnny at the time, as well as [fls]prozerran and we both requested that we be allowed to observe.

Ralphie has shown a preference for Lost Temple and Johnny agreed to face him there. Johnny was at the top start location. Ralphie was at the bottom. Myself and FLS lifted our buildings and killed our SCVs at the start. Ralphie went as closely as he could with schizo's build. Johnny took his fifth SCV and scouted. He ran across Ralphie's base early, before Ralphie had an extractor and went with an offensive refinery. Ralphie responded by having three drones attack the half built refinery. Johnny cancelled it for a refund right as it was about to be destroyed.

The second move of the game was Ralphie's. The offensive refinery had cost Johnny time and money for marines, so Ralphie went with a six ling attack, hoping to take advantage. Johnny had one marine in a bunker at his choke point, and the choke mostly blocked when the attack arrived. He also used a SCV to block between hid depot and the bunker. Unfortunately there was still room for the zerglings to move by. Only one zergling died in the way in but all sustained moderate damage. Johnny moved his SCVs over to his bunker, losing one. The zerglings, fearing the bunker, attacked the command center to draw out the marines. Johnny attacked with both his SCVs and marines, killling the attack without any further losses.

Johnny opted for harrassment as his next move. He sent three marines to Ralphie's base. When they arrived the lurker aspect upgrade was researching and ralphie had three hydras. Johnny played tag with the hydras for a bit, hitting the spawning pool and extractor, but decided to save his marines for another day and moved them back to his base. Ralphie moved out four hydras, morphing them into lurkers in the middle of the map. His first lurker was killed on the ramp to Johnny's base by a bunker and tank siege mode. Plaintively asking "You have a tank? What did I do wrong?" He was assured by both myself and prozerran that tanks are at the same tech level as lurkers. He chose not to use the lurker and overlord technique to find a weakness in the choke defense, and instead decided to bypass it. His lurkers were posted at the cliff below the southwest part of Johnny's base, along with an overlord while overlord transport was being researched. He also put one lurker outside Johnny's base to give an early warning of a ground attack. Johnny was not sitting idly by. He was prepping a drop of his own. Johnny's drop was about to leave when it passed over Ralphie's drop. The lurkers were on the ground. Johnny had a bunker and turret at his SCV line, but only covered one side. Johnny brought his drop back to defend. he sieged his tank and managed to kill one of the lurkers and hurt another one in his mineral area with two comsats. He had no comsats left and the lurker was attacking the command center. Johnny asked for a hero to volunteer and recieved two. He sent one marine to stand on top of the lurker and targeted it with siege tank fire. This was not enough. A second marine did the same and this time the splash killed the lurker. Ralphie took advanatge of this distratction to expand to the left start position.

Johnny made a science vessel and a command center at this point. He floated the command center to the upper left island, but ralphie anticipated this move. He had an overlord loaded with lurkers headed for the same site. What ralphie had not anticipated was the wraith that killed his overlord, letting him bail out only one lurker, and that one was on the ledge below the island. Johnny also cleared his natural expansion at this point and expanded there, leaving the floating command center unused for the rest of the game. Johnny dropped a 3 marine, medic and tank force on the ledge overlooking ralphies natural. This let him interdict land strikes from ralphies main, and gave advance warning of offensive moves.

Johnny used comsat and found ralphie's expansion. He saw it was almost undefended, having only four hydras to defend. He sent three wraiths on overlord hunting duty. Then he took ten marines, a medic, a science vessel, and a wraith to the expansion. He defensive matrixed the point marine and sent them in. The point marine took most of the attack, and he cleared out the hydras losing only one marine. Stim and medics making the difference. One lurker was defending the rear of the base, but the science vessel, wraiths, and stimmed marines made short work of it. At this point Johnny got lucky. His wraith on its way back to his main ran across a five overlord drop. He forced one overlord to drop its cargo of hydras before being destroyed. The remaining forces dropped in his base. Johnny had little enough defenses, but the advance warning gave him time to make a bunker. That bunker along with another six marines and two tanks allowed Johnny to destroy the drop without losing SCVs, allthough he did lose the marines outside the bunker and a depot.

Johnny decided it was time to finish it. His wraiths were busy overlord hunting. He was outresourcing his zerg opponent at this point and knew he had the advanatge. He sent a hefty force of marine, medics, and a tank to the front door of ralphie's base. a science vessel rounded out the strike force. Ralphie was not going to go out weak though. He knew it was time for one last desperate gamble and prepared a six lurker drop. His lurkers were loaded and moving to Johnny's base as the tank sieged outside sunken range. Sixteen marines were all attacking a sunken, letting two scourge through to kill the science vessel. No real force was left at ralphies base to defend, and it was all counting on his drop and his new expansion to save him. He has a hatchery at his old expansion site that had been destroyed.

The overlords dropped at the back of Johnny's main, releasing thier cargo of deadly lurkers. Two tanks and two bunker hammered at the lurkers as they burrowed, killing two of them. Another was in range of the turrets detection and died to the bunkers. The last three died in turn to the deadly combination of comsat and siege fire, badly damaging the bunkers but not destroying them.

It was all over except the clean up. Johnny finished the last base with wraiths.

Lessons learned:

o Offensive refinery is a great tactic if you get lucky. It's too slow to stop the lurker build if he isn't the first place you look.

o Tanks are the same tech level as lurkers.

o Overlord hunting is deadly to an incautious zerg.

o Lurkers can be hit by firing arclite cannons at your own troops if you have to. Splash is a wonderfull thing.

o Defensive matrix is a good thing. Stimmed M+Ms is better =].


For anyone in "The Great Lurker Debate": This is an account of one game. I don't play theoretical starcraft. I didn't play this game. I watched it and now your getting an account of how I saw it. I'm not making any claims about what this means. Draw your own conclusions.

"Tanks are the same tech level as lurkers" FLS
"Looks like they both want to drop" Mark4
"Did you see that move?" FLS on the splash vrs the lurker trick.
"Johnny is rocking him hard" Mark4

Battle Shots!

The offensive refinery trick.

Johnny assaults the expansion!

The final battle at Ralphie's main.

Johnny repels the final lurker drop.

The final stats.

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