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An interesting Dire 2v2
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Date: 09/27/99 11:09
Game Type: Starcraft
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As the countdown begins all players have opted to random except OrcManiac, who selected terran. T_Mac drew protoss, while Probe and Ahscar-X both got terran.

You can see from the players builds orders that they all elect to produce very few units early on as they race up the tech tree for air units and transports.

It now appears T_Mac has opted to go for a reaver/templar drop. Unfortunately, Probe sends his first two wraiths over to check out his base and he finds a just completed shuttle. A few missile volleys later and there is nothing left but a puff of smoke. T_Mac doesn't have adequate anti air defenses to deal with the threat so OrcManiac sends two wraiths of his own. On the flight over cloak finishes researching so the enemy wraiths are not able to provide resistance as neither Ahscar nor Probe has a comsat station at this point. Now Ahscar and Probe have seen that T_Mac is preparing a drop and can use the time bought from destroying the shuttle to set up proper defenses.

However, when T_Mac's new shuttle is built he uses it to drop a probe off on the middle right island just north of his base. He begins to secure the island with photon cannons so a nexus can be built. Back home he warps in a stargate and begins corsair production.

Meanwhile, back at Ahscar's base a dropship is loaded up with 1 tank, 3 marines, and 1 SCV. It heads across the top of the map and unloads its cargo north of OrcManiac's refinery. The tank sieges up, but much to my surprise no bunkers or turrets are built. As soon as the first tank blast  hits the refinery Orc deploys his wraith fleet. They cloak and quickly dispatch Ahscar's drop squad before it can deal any real damage.

T_Mac decides it's time to go on the offensive so he gathers his very potent drop team, 1 reaver and 2 high templars, into a shuttle and sends it up to Ahscar's base with OrcManiac's wraith escort. The shuttle unloads everything on the eastern edge of Ahscar's base by the refinery. The templars' psionic storms and the reaver make quick work of the defending  marines and begin attacking the nearby buildings. The wraiths also join in as Ahscar does not have any turrets in range and still has no comsat station. He does have a tank in his peon line as well as one south of his command center and those are able to destroy the reaver and one of the high templars, but not before T_Mac gets off a storm on the peons. Probe sends his wraiths up to help out. They kill the remaining high templar and succeed in driving away Orc's fleet as some of his wraiths have run out of mana.

At this point T_Mac is the only player with an expansion, but the others are working to catch up. Ahscar and Probe each construct a command center on the edge of their bases, but OrcManiac decides that since he's much cooler he'll one-up them and build two.

Ahscar has now completely recovered from the earlier drop and actually is preparing his own. He sends over two tanks and an SCV in the first wave and a turret is immediately constructed. This force is augmented by a valkarie and three of Probe's wraiths. Ahscar isn't content with the current force, however, as his dropships immediately head back to base to pick up another tank and some marines. After a bunker is completed he begins to move his tanks southward into OrcManiac's base. Orc quickly discovers that his wraiths won't be enough to hold off the tanks as they are well guarded by turrets and scrambles to get tanks into position. He has very few as he is still only producing from one factory. A vicious battle of attrition ensues.

Both sides sustain heavy losses, but continue to speed reinforcements to the front lines. OrcManiac loses his armory and is forced to lift off several buildings including his starports and relocate them to the south. With the exception of a corsair or two T_Mac doesn't really aid Orc during the fighting.

To make things more difficult for Orc, Probe sends a dropship full of marines as well as several wraiths to the southern end of Orc's base opening up another front that he has to deal with. He is able to take care of the marines using newly contructed tanks as well as some of his own marines, but is forced to bring down some wraiths to kill Probe's airborne invaders.

After this a stalemate develops and things calm down a little bit. Besides having to do some major remodeling Orc's base is intact for the most part. In the below picture you can see that many buildings had to be floated or rebuilt farther south on the island.

OrcManiac has landed a command center on the middle left and top middle islands while Ahscar took one of the center islands and Probe lands in the bottom middle.

Unfortunately for OrcManiac, Probe notices his Command Center at 9:00 and drops off four marines to take it out. Orc lifts off and tries to float the massive building back to his base, but it is intercepted by 8 of Probe's unmerciful wraiths who promptly vaporize the structure. Luckily, his second command center lands successfully in the top center and he is able to fortify the island with missile turrets and build a barracks before it is noticed.

One of T_Mac's observers finds Probe's undefended expansion on the bottom middle island so a shuttle is loaded up with a reaver and two zealots. They land and kill the 5 SCVs on the island and the refinery, but the command center is able to lift off and wait out the fighting while Probe's wraiths kill the alien invaders. As soon as the last zealot dies the command center lands and this time turrets are erected.

During the drop on Probe's expansion T_Mac decided it was time to expand again. An interesting situation develops as he drops off a probe on the southern end of the central island. He warps in three cannons after the pylons are completed. He is obviously unaware that Ahscar has already set up shop on the northern side of the island. Ahscar doesn't discover the protoss presence until he lands a barracks right next to one of T_Mac's warping photon cannons. A siege tank and a couple of marines are sent down to destroy the cannon and a turret is constructed behind the tank to keep Orc's pesky wraiths away.

T_Mac chooses not to fight Ahscar for the island. Instead, he warps in a fleet beacon as well as a second stargate to begin carrier production.

OrcManiac finally decides that it's time to drive Ahscar out of his base, so he sends several siege tanks up to the northern side of his buildings and sieges up. The combined blasts of Orc's tanks destroys Ahscar's sole remaining tank in one shot. Now it is just a matter of clearing out the remaining bunkers and marines.

Despite OrcManiac's victory, Probe and Ahscar refuse to backdown. Probe takes a 2nd expansion on the middle left island and sends a fleet of 10 wraiths to Orc's base. They attack what remains of his peon line, 12 SCVs mining one nearly depleted mineral patch. Knowing that he is outnumbered Orc tries to lure Probe's wraiths to come into range of his bunker and turret. He suceeds a couple of times and wears down Probe's fleet enough that his wraiths are enough to overpower them.

As I said before, Orc never gets a break. Seconds after he finishes destroying Probe's wraiths tank blasts begin killing SCVs at his expansion. His wraiths race over and shoot down the shuttle Ahscar was using to spot for his tanks, but they can still hit the SCVs mining the nearest 2 patches.

After cowering in his base ever since the reaver drop, leaving OrcManiac to do all the work, T_Mac decides it's time to show everyone what his fleet of four carriers with corsair support can do. He hits the southside of Ahscar's expansion while simultaneously fortifying the other central island. His attack is very successful as Ahscar's only anti air forces are his marines and missile turrets. It appears to me that T_Mac could finish off the expansion right now, but he chooses to withdraw his carriers back to his expansion to charge up their shields.
When T_Mac sends his carriers in for a second time he is greeted by Probe's entire wraith fleet. The wraiths are targeting the interceptors rather than the carriers themsemselves, so they begin to die rather quickly. However, Probe is able to kill all of T_Mac's observers so he has to retreat yet again. Things are looking good though, as he has now set up a nexus on the left center island to mine the southern minerals and the gas and OrcManiac is constructing a command center to tap the minerals on the northern half of the island.

While Probe and Ahscar's attention was focused on battling T_Mac's carriers, OrcManiac had dropped two marines and a tank on Probe's 6:00 expansion. After the missile turrets were taken out he sent in the wraiths to attack the other buildings. Probe finally notices and races back to save his expansion, his wraiths are able to kill all of Orc's forces, but the damage has been done. He can't hold off the second wave so the expansion falls. Then, the carriers come down to clean up what's left.

Since Ahscar's expansion has been a pain in the ass, they elect to destroy Probe's 9:00 expansion first. A few disruption webs neutralize the missile turrets and the carriers move in. Probe is now out of the game as his only source of income is one depleted gas mine.

T_Mac proceeds to take out Ahscar's expansion with his ever so lovable carriers, while OrcManiac prepares a drop force of tanks and marines for Ahscar's main.

Orc's drop with wraith support kills most of Ahscar's defending troops, including the few ghosts he's been able to make. T_Mac, being the dishonorable bastard that he is, sends his carriers straight up to Ahscar's base with the intent of robbing Orc of his hard earned structure kills.

Probe has been watching the carnage, but he is powerless to stop it since both his sources of income were cut off. A simple attack move with carriers along with the usual disruption webs is all T_Mac needs to finish off Probe's main.

Good game to all who played. It was truly a treat to watch.

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