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2v2.. Key units Vulture, Goliath, and Valks! (Evil Vegas Chapter 1)
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Date: 05/18/99 08:05
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 10.0, # of Ratings: 2, Max: 10, Min: 10
Lifetime Rating for Johnny_Vegas: 8.4483

Map name: Water's Edge

Johnny_Vegas(Terran)-Bottom Left

Sparc(Zerg)-Top Left


BB-Chargon(Terran)-Bottom Right

parkeryo(Terran)-Top Right

The Story so far..

The evil Usurper Johnny_Vegas and his newly allied Overmind friend 'Sparc' teamed up against the stalwart terran forces commanded by General parkeryo and High Commander BB-Chargon. In a previous engagement, BB-Chargon had crushed Vegas's forces like wet paper sending him fleeing from the battle crying like a wounded bengalaas.

Indeed Cmdr. Vegas had new plans for domination, setting his malevolent eyes upon the resource rich asteriod of 'Water's Edge'. Promising all the human slaves he desired, he enlisted the aid of Overmind Sparc's local zerg brood.

Let the games begin!

Vegas landed his Command Center on the planet and immediately went for a 1 RAX, 2 Factory build. Sparc pointed out to him that "he was taking a big risk" by only making 3 marines and going for factory so soon. Vegas would hear none of it as he thought he could get his factories producing vultures and tanks in time to stop any rush forthcoming. Sparc was amassing a sizable force of zerglings to rend his enemies apart.

Going by SCV scouting reports, the opposing terran commander's were producing large numbers of marines and medic support units, with each base going for a 2 RAX build. Lucky for Vegas the newly arrived Medics and Marines were "celebrating" long into the night, thus delaying any notions of immediate combat.

Taking advantage of the complacency of the terran forces, Vegas deployed several vulture bike units to lay deadly shrapnel throwing "spider mines" at key choke points around the map. This was the strategy Vegas was going for since the beginning when he noticed all the chokes.

A few hapless scouts died to mines. Vegas felt more secure with mines covering the path to his base, and the exits of the enemies so he decided to begin construction of another base immediately to the right of his main. Overmind Sparc thought him a fool for expanding so early, but he obviously didn't realize the destructive power of these mines. In fact the wounds inflicted by these mines were so horrible that the other terran commanders morality forbade them from using the wicked things. Much to Vegas's satisfaction. =]

With 2 expansions up and going for Vegas, Sparc noticed some expansion attempts by Chargon, just to the north of his main. Sparc quickly ran in with zerglings to thwart the expansion attempt. Vegas cautiously put a pair of patrolling goliaths at his expansion at 6 oclock, which moments later paid huge dividends blowing a BB-Chargon dropship out of the sky right before he landed it on the seemingly "unprotected" main Vegas base.

Sparc and parkeryo continued to fight it out in various limited engagements. Vegas's Vultures kept annoying Chargon by killing the SCV that was building the expansion. Also he laid mines in numerous more places, a few times killing a good numer of marines and a couple of medics.

Finally Chargon and parkeryo had taken their expansions by force ushering in many tanks and marines to defend their fledgling expansions. Vegas had the resource advantage having expanded much sooner, and eventually floating a CC to a plateau expansion in the middle of the map. Sparc began his first expansion at about this time as well.

Commander Vegas constructed 4 starports with his overflowing cash and begin constructing battle cruisers. With a force of 5 Battle Cruisers, 1 Science vessel and a Valkyrie air superiority fighter he set his sights to crushing Chargon's only expansion. 2 of the cruisers were protected by Defensive Matrix as an added measure.

The horn sounded at the Air bases all throughout the sector as many Wraith fighters scrambled to intercept the hulking Cruisers. Vegas managed to destroy most of the defenses of the expansion before falling to this massive wraith force. "Curses!!" cried the evil commander as he was forced to abandon his attack.

Now knowing of the large air force he must face, Vegas settled on a 1:1 ratio of valks to Cruisers. This proved to be highly successful as Vegas again attacked Chargon's expansion. Vegas had about 6 Cruisers, 6 Valks and 4 goliaths which crushed a HUGE wing of wraiths. An estimated 20-25 wraiths were destroyed that day, with much of Vegas's air force intact but damaged. Sparc was going to help with his devourers, but was forced to return home and defend his expansion at 9 oclock from an onslaught of Wraiths form parkeryo. Vegas helped him finish the wraiths with an armada of 7 Valkyrie.

Turrets were built at Chargon's old expansion and he was unable to retake it. Vegas told Overmind Sparc that he would allow his filthy brood to form a hatchery at this newly claimed site. Vegas's main was tapped, and his first expansion was nearly also. He expanded to the other plateau island and was continuosly harrased by wraiths from parkeryo. But most of those wraith pilots too lost their lives.

Having a huge resource edge Vegas along with Sparc's huge army of zerglings and Devourers decided to finish off Chargon's main. At this time parkeryo stated "You guys suck at attacking. All you did was just take over the map." Vegas was not concerned by parkeryo's taunts. The map control strategy had won him the battle, and he would not take advice from the "loser" of the battle he just waged. Chargon begged that we leave him a building so he could watch parkeryo get destroyed, and we obliged.

"Attack with just land troops! Be a man! Don't attack with your BCs" stated parkeryo. To this Vegas replied "I bought these damn battle cruiser's and I am going to use them!" Along with the zerg support Vegas's forces waltzed through the remaining defenses. Parkeryo's command center was seen fleeing with the commander in tow.

"Do not let him escape" said Vegas

With that the 10 Cruisers fired concentrated Yamato cannon blasts at the Command Center instantly vaporizing it.

"We have won the day my alien friend!" Vegas exalted to his slimey Zerg ally

This is when BB-Chargon disconnected, however I am quite sure it was unintentional as he was having lag problems all game. Parkyo pleaded for an allied victory, and Vegas having seen enough bloodshed for one night complied.

Lessons Learned

-Map Control is huge. If you do this you will win.

-Vultures are great tools of containment. The mines kept them bottled in their bases all game, and forced parkeryo to tech to science vessels early on.

-Valkyrie/Battle Cruiser combo rules! 8 Valks can kill many many wraiths..

-They would have been better off with Goliaths and Lockdown since this was a mostly land map. This would have nullified the effect of my Valks.

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