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"you are such an idiot its astounding. like every other newb on the site you assume that the only reason you get bad ratings is because you are new or unknown. shut the fuck up. if your reports get 2s, please dont be a major league retard and assume it was because someone didnt read it, or didnt like you. it was because your reports were ass k?" - Dr.Awesome

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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating
RubiksCube (31) 02/01/02 Waiting for WarCraft III7.0
DesertStorm (11) 07/26/01 A bridge to far5.0
Fizban_ (28) 04/20/01 Desecration at the Gardens of War6.0
SqueakyMonkey (33) 11/05/00 Free kittens, enquire within!7.7
Death_head (23) 08/21/00 I kicked my sister's butt!3.3
Frozen~SCV AKA ScreamStalker (13) 07/31/00 The Quest: Chapter 1- A Diablo II Fiction8.0
Silent~Death (33) 07/26/00 1:1 Hunters delete last one4.5
Necromonitor (19) 05/21/00 Why I hate sappers!8.0
Agent_of_Sol (22) 04/07/00 AoS and Dude VS Kguy and street. Special report for the WarCraft Impaired!!!!7.0
MRHD (41) 04/05/00 Gunnar's Saga, Part IV9.0
MRHD (16) 03/27/00 Gunnar's Saga, Part III9.0
Silk (8) 03/27/00 Battle on the Fierce Oceans3.0
~Spades~ (6) 03/21/00 A failed 2v24.0
MRHD (11) 03/14/00 Gunnar's Saga, Part II9.5
MRHD (26) 03/01/00 Gunnar's Saga, Part I9.0
Elvenesque (7) 02/11/00 The Heat6.0
MRHD (9) 02/04/00 The Battle of the North8.0
Elvenesque (7) 02/01/00 comedy central6.0
Zek'rez (9) 12/27/99 1on1 with a friend part 15.0
omenofdarkness (7) 12/19/99 a cool report on 2vs2 with 5 screenshots6.0
omenofdarkness (10) 12/18/99 2vs2 warcraft 2 battle4.0
omenofdarkness (2) 12/18/99 2vs2 battle4.0
Wylie (15) 12/07/99 In the Garden8.0
Slurgi (5) 12/04/99 2v2@Friends.Pud!5.0
ChildOfWar (3) 11/27/99 Tales from the Hig Seas3.0