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"The last game I played with Parno, there were so many queens that he could have set up a matriarchy in every industrialized country and still had enough to play chess."

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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating
Psyonic_Reaver (70) 12/10/02 Strifewhat?8.0
Who'sGotLag.IDO (30) 01/12/02 2v2 on (Where) Crossroads8.0
Bob the Newt (73) 11/22/01 How to Play Strifeshadow Poorly9.0
Strifeshadow Legacy (25) 11/20/01 The Battle of Strifeshadow - Part 19.0
Dino Din (35) 09/30/01 A Tale of Two Pimps7.0
Gamma Ray Burst (68) 06/19/01 The Battle for the Middle10.0
xld.aldogrez (113) 05/20/01 Two StrifeShadow Games...and Other Stuff ;)9.0
YourRoleModel (120) 04/25/01 Battle of the Staff9.8
[P]aradox (27) 04/19/01 A Monkey ScandalNR
SCV~007 (57) 03/28/01 Strifeshadow: Third Chronicle9.7
angel (30) 03/23/01 Strifeshadow: The Accursed vs. Dark Elves7.5
SCV~007 (24) 03/22/01 Strifeshadow: Second Entry8.3
SCV~007 (24) 03/20/01 Strifeshadow: First Engagement8.0
Vaevictis666 (16) 03/20/01 Lessons in Strifeshadow - Vaevictis vs Sparky7.5
YourRoleModel (143) 03/19/01 Strifeshadow Beta Report from the trenches.10.0