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"I am not Davy i live in the same town of davy and it is called a very good ISP! so don't get bitchy at him thinking im him IM not ill regret this but my icq is 35148232 we are on at the same time(actually im always on)but IM NOT DAVY so dont think i am"

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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating
Psyonic_Reaver (70) 12/10/02 Strifewhat?8.0
Who'sGotLag.IDO (30) 01/12/02 2v2 on (Where) Crossroads8.0
Bob the Newt (73) 11/22/01 How to Play Strifeshadow Poorly9.0
Strifeshadow Legacy (25) 11/20/01 The Battle of Strifeshadow - Part 19.0
Dino Din (35) 09/30/01 A Tale of Two Pimps7.0
Gamma Ray Burst (68) 06/19/01 The Battle for the Middle10.0
xld.aldogrez (113) 05/20/01 Two StrifeShadow Games...and Other Stuff ;)9.0
YourRoleModel (120) 04/25/01 Battle of the Staff9.8
[P]aradox (27) 04/19/01 A Monkey ScandalNR
SCV~007 (57) 03/28/01 Strifeshadow: Third Chronicle9.7
angel (30) 03/23/01 Strifeshadow: The Accursed vs. Dark Elves7.5
SCV~007 (24) 03/22/01 Strifeshadow: Second Entry8.3
SCV~007 (24) 03/20/01 Strifeshadow: First Engagement8.0
Vaevictis666 (16) 03/20/01 Lessons in Strifeshadow - Vaevictis vs Sparky7.5
YourRoleModel (143) 03/19/01 Strifeshadow Beta Report from the trenches.10.0