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"Last in line was Advisor "CB". His nickname was based on "Cattlebruiser", although none of the men were quite sure where the name had come from. Some infantrymen whispered that it came from a particularly bad night back home involving thirteen shots of whiskey, a herd of cattle, and a twenty-two year-old Animal Husbandry major. Others swore on the fact that a bloody cow's head was hung in his locker, a testament of what would happen to the men if they ever got out of line. Whatever the case, CB was fiercely competent."

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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating
Psyonic_Reaver (7) 02/24/13 My Gaming Journey10.0
Eugenioso (1) 02/27/11 your run-of-the-mill(ionth) time sc reportNR
Kaqmere the Kunning (11) 05/19/10 Timidity Hath No Place in War7.0
Threefold (8) 08/08/09 Becoming a Better Firebat7.7
KingWombat (12) 11/14/08 Age of Mythology: Duel in the Desert8.5
Newbius Maximus (15) 09/29/08 New Players- PvZ on LT Gamei6.7
Psyonic_Reaver (17) 04/13/08 My TSL Journey: Part 26.0
TerranMenace (47) 04/04/08 So what program do you use?5.0
Psyonic_Reaver (26) 03/30/08 My TSL Journey: Part 18.3
SC2gg_ELApollo66 (5) 02/20/08 GOMTV MSL Ro8 Set 2 - Jaedong(Z) vs. Flash(T)4.5
SC2gg_ElApollo66 (6) 02/18/08 GOMTV Star Invitational Group A - sAviOr(Z) vs. Flash(T)5.0
SC2gg_ElApollo66 (3) 02/17/08 GOMTV MSL S4 Group B - Bisu(P) vs. Jaedong(Z)6.0
SC2gg_ElApollo66 (7) 02/14/08 GOMTV MSL S4 Group A - Sea (T) vs. ZerO(Z)6.0
SC2gg_ElApollo66 (6) 02/13/08 GOMTV MSL S4 Group A - Mind (T) vs. HoGiL(Z)6.0
Threefold (25) 12/31/07 Becoming a Better Zergling7.6
Gentho (24) 12/27/07 Vampire 2v28.5
DeonPeon (32) 12/25/07 The Power of Politics8.6
Johnny_Vegas (16) 12/24/07 Jaedong vs Stork - OSL 2007 Finals - Game 17.0
Greth (21) 12/22/07 The Bestest 3 Way FFA Ever (VidRep)6.7
des (18) 12/18/07 JulyZerg > me: a TvZ on Peaks of Baekdu7.0
Psyonic_Reaver (20) 12/16/07 JulyZerg vs AnyTime OSL8.0
Drefsab (35) 12/10/07 The Deposition of Sergeant Moses8.6
Psyonic_Reaver (48) 12/02/07 Hackers? No such thing8.2
Mistears (11) 10/11/07 Warlord255's Presents a Look into SC26.7
Raider (59) 09/20/07 The New Age of StarCraft8.2