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"I'd like you to know that if I had saved even one probe from the death of my last mineral only nexus (after having my probes ensnared and then getting to fight cracklings with them) I was planning on putting "The Imperial March" by John Williams on the stereo and microing the robotic little bastard to victory"

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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating
Drefsab (17) 01/19/13 Nostalgia10.0
HIVEFLEETBEHEMOTH (1) 01/01/12 Characters with Character: Narathzul Arnatheal from Nehrim: Fate's Edge9.0
HiveFleetBehemoth (1) 08/20/11 League of Legends Review7.5
HIVEFLEETBEHEMOTH (1) 08/18/11 Nehrim: Fate's Edge (Oblivion mod, PC) DLC10.0
HiveFleetBehemoth (0) 06/09/11 Mass Effect (PC) Retrospective7.0
HIVEFLEETBEHEMOTH (4) 02/24/11 Nehrim: Fate's Edge Review9.0
Micro (13) 08/23/10 Indiana Jones and the Mazes of Menace9.0
HiveFleetBehemoth (4) 11/05/09 Warhammer 40k-Chaos Marines vs. OrksNR
Raider (6) 11/03/09 A Night of Poker on Halloween8.0
micro (6) 08/12/09 let me show u my pokemans 8.0
Rabidfox (6) 08/06/09 a pokemon report8.0
rabidfox (5) 07/29/09 A Pokemon BR?NR
micro (10) 07/26/09 The Den of Corruption 8.5
micro (10) 07/16/09 Monster's Den 2 Den of Terror part28.0
micro (6) 07/12/09 Moster's Den 2 Den of TerrorNR
KingWombat (12) 07/08/09 Johnny7.0
KingWombat (10) 03/14/09 War of the Ring - For Real This Time8.5
micro (10) 03/13/09 Deadlock: It's like BW, except no Part 28.5
KingWombat (8) 03/09/09 War of the Ring adventures8.0
Drefsab (7) 03/07/09 Halo Wars? No Really, Halo Wars7.0
King Wombat (5) 03/06/09 The MediEvil Report - Fourth Installment9.0
micro (11) 03/03/09 Deadlock: it's like BW, except no7.0
KingWombat (1) 03/01/09 The MediEvil Report - Third Installment9.0
KingWombat (1) 02/28/09 The MediEvil Report - Second Installment8.0
EldritchEvil (11) 02/23/09 Deadlock: Don't Read This Report, It Wasn't Worth Waiting Four Years For9.0