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"you are such an idiot its astounding. like every other newb on the site you assume that the only reason you get bad ratings is because you are new or unknown. shut the fuck up. if your reports get 2s, please dont be a major league retard and assume it was because someone didnt read it, or didnt like you. it was because your reports were ass k?" - Dr.Awesome

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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating
Drefsab (17) 01/19/13 Nostalgia10.0
HIVEFLEETBEHEMOTH (1) 01/01/12 Characters with Character: Narathzul Arnatheal from Nehrim: Fate's Edge9.0
HiveFleetBehemoth (1) 08/20/11 League of Legends Review7.5
HIVEFLEETBEHEMOTH (1) 08/18/11 Nehrim: Fate's Edge (Oblivion mod, PC) DLC10.0
HiveFleetBehemoth (0) 06/09/11 Mass Effect (PC) Retrospective7.0
HIVEFLEETBEHEMOTH (4) 02/24/11 Nehrim: Fate's Edge Review9.0
Micro (13) 08/23/10 Indiana Jones and the Mazes of Menace9.0
HiveFleetBehemoth (4) 11/05/09 Warhammer 40k-Chaos Marines vs. OrksNR
Raider (6) 11/03/09 A Night of Poker on Halloween8.0
micro (6) 08/12/09 let me show u my pokemans 8.0
Rabidfox (6) 08/06/09 a pokemon report8.0
rabidfox (5) 07/29/09 A Pokemon BR?NR
micro (10) 07/26/09 The Den of Corruption 8.5
micro (10) 07/16/09 Monster's Den 2 Den of Terror part28.0
micro (6) 07/12/09 Moster's Den 2 Den of TerrorNR
KingWombat (12) 07/08/09 Johnny7.0
KingWombat (10) 03/14/09 War of the Ring - For Real This Time8.5
micro (10) 03/13/09 Deadlock: It's like BW, except no Part 28.5
KingWombat (8) 03/09/09 War of the Ring adventures8.0
Drefsab (7) 03/07/09 Halo Wars? No Really, Halo Wars7.0
King Wombat (5) 03/06/09 The MediEvil Report - Fourth Installment9.0
micro (11) 03/03/09 Deadlock: it's like BW, except no7.0
KingWombat (1) 03/01/09 The MediEvil Report - Third Installment9.0
KingWombat (1) 02/28/09 The MediEvil Report - Second Installment8.0
EldritchEvil (11) 02/23/09 Deadlock: Don't Read This Report, It Wasn't Worth Waiting Four Years For9.0