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"I have been frequently referred to as one of the "gayest" players ever to grace the barren lands of the Starcraft universe, though I believe that title was hefted upon me by a eternally hopeful Dagomar."
- mattzarella's Good Old Fashioned Fun

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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating
Slotham (71) 09/23/03 Hostile Takeover8.6
Some_God (35) 06/24/03 Forgotten Generals7.0
Slotham (46) 06/24/03 War and Peace: A C&C Generals Report8.5
Some_God (38) 05/26/03 The Frozen Throne Terrorists7.5
Some_God (36) 05/10/03 Jungle Warefare - A C&C:Generals BR7.0
lowlymarine (30) 05/05/03 Dueling Dragons: A C&C Generals BR6.0
Some_God (45) 04/24/03 Operation DustBowl7.0
lowlymarine (28) 03/21/03 philipgk vs. mookysik: Another E:BFD BR6.5
lowlymarine (23) 03/14/03 The Very First E:BFD report!4.0
YourButteredBiscuit (30) 11/17/02 The Last of the Half-Assed: The Will of The People8.0
YourButteredBiscuit (12) 11/12/02 The last of the half-assedNR
Yuri (22) 03/28/02 TS Guide3.0
scarab (21) 05/28/01 GDI Bo'S3.0
Neal64 (23) 06/10/00 4 FFA IN WESTWOOD CHAT!!!7.0
RadariG (24) 04/11/00 Probably the last TS review you'll ever see.6.0
executor (17) 02/07/00 NOD and GDI imbalance??? YES! (Delete prevoius version)5.0
Executor (7) 12/20/99 Judgement Day6.0
Executor (13) 12/14/99 World War Three6.0
Annihilator (24) 11/07/99 The Ultimate Tiberian Sun Structrure & Unit Guide.7.0
Annihilator (19) 11/06/99 Games can get exhausting6.5
Annihilator (13) 10/30/99 Intense Battle on A River Runs Near it.5.5
upgraded_probe (44) 10/15/99 FIRST CnC TS report EVER1.7