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"Neither nor the writer of this report is responsible if you turn out to be like Iggy after reading this report, thank you."
- Testosterone

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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating
zeenie (31) 07/03/03 combination attacks6.0
CrackHeadJeb (69) 11/03/02 The Age of Mythology Report8.7
[ToJ]Kralgon (34) 01/20/01 Pirates, catapults, elephants, and priest8.7
Rysk_Spion (44) 03/29/00 Medieval Times!9.3
TheRubberDucky (47) 12/30/99 Age Of Kings: How Hard Is Yours? High Heat Battle Ball8.5
Heartcutter (19) 10/29/99 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly5.5
YourRoleModel (168) 10/25/99 History: The Value of Higher Ground10.0
cdx (20) 10/17/99 A Newbie Game Of A New Game6.0