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"The Science Vessel also notices that a High Templar is about to cast a spell on a Sieged Tank; in the nick of time, it is matrixed and weathers the storm (pun intended)"

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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating
Eugenioso (5) 02/09/14 Risktarding like a god: Paint is NOT overrated!7.0
Psyonic_Reaver (8) 02/24/13 My Gaming Journey10.0
Drefsab (17) 01/19/13 Nostalgia10.0
HIVEFLEETBEHEMOTH (1) 01/01/12 Characters with Character: Narathzul Arnatheal from Nehrim: Fate's Edge9.0
Sabotage (1) 10/08/11 The Terrible Terran Touchpad Tragedy!8.0
HiveFleetBehemoth (1) 08/20/11 League of Legends Review7.5
HIVEFLEETBEHEMOTH (1) 08/18/11 Nehrim: Fate's Edge (Oblivion mod, PC) DLC10.0
HiveFleetBehemoth (0) 06/09/11 Mass Effect (PC) Retrospective7.0
Eugenioso (1) 02/27/11 your run-of-the-mill(ionth) time sc reportNR
HIVEFLEETBEHEMOTH (4) 02/24/11 Nehrim: Fate's Edge Review9.0
Axemaster The Fierce (6) 11/06/10 Banelings Bust my Bio Balls8.0
.Praetor (9) 09/22/10 Quicksand8.7
.Praetor (16) 08/29/10 A Ghost of a Chance8.0
Micro (13) 08/23/10 Indiana Jones and the Mazes of Menace9.0
All-FeAr (7) 08/15/10 SC2 Battlereport 4v4 on High Ground6.7
Kaqmere the Kunning (11) 05/19/10 Timidity Hath No Place in War7.0
Lightofauir (5) 05/16/10 Starcraft 2 On Lost Temp (Horrible Report)2.0
~CattleBruiser~ (12) 05/09/10 Vikings Lose to Christianity9.0
~CattleBruiser~ (15) 05/03/10 Starcraft Redux8.8
EldritchEvil (16) 03/27/10 This is Not a Good Report9.0
All-Fear (14) 03/21/10 SC2 Battlereport TVZ Desert Oasis7.6
HiveFleetBehemoth (4) 11/05/09 Warhammer 40k-Chaos Marines vs. OrksNR
Raider (6) 11/03/09 A Night of Poker on Halloween8.0
micro (6) 08/12/09 let me show u my pokemans 8.0
Threefold (8) 08/08/09 Becoming a Better Firebat7.7