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"Skill is imbalanced"

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golfboy7 (lvl 13) (yes still) vs sploosh (lvl 13) Undead vs NE I was worried...very worried...alas, scrolls and sleep pull it out.
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Date: August, 4th 2002
Game Length:
Game Type: Warcraft 3
Replay File: Download (88666 bytes)
Replay Rating: 9.0, # of Ratings: 1, Max: 9, Min: 9
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Replay Description:

Watch this replay from my viewpoint at normal speed to see what I did to counter a demon hunter rush followed by mass hunts. I used scrolls obsesantly in this game and leveled his base while his hero took a nap...but what really blew my mind was...

watch at the end...a tree of eternity vs 3 spirit towers. That's a damned strong tree! I mean trees around where I live fall over from a stiff wind but this thing just keeps beating on my spirit towers...

anyway, enjoy.
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