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"Your terran is my bitch Mark4!"

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DS-Testie *PROVEN* hack. read comment before downloading.
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Date: February, 11th 2002
Game Length:
Game Type: Starcraft
Replay File: Download (111866 bytes)
Replay Rating: 10.0, # of Ratings: 5, Max: 10, Min: 10
Lifetime Rating for Eriador:
Replay Description:

OK. Testie has always said that he stopped hacking a long time ago.

This game proves that he hacked even after 1.08. It is not like this has not been suspected before, however this is the first time it is a PROVEN FACT.

This game is not a new game, it is 7 months old. however, that was still after 1.08 was released (obviously, or else I would not have a replay of it. )

Now, you may wonder how a replay can prove that anyone hacks. They may make it seem really suspicious, however they cannot definitivly prove it. Wrong sir, this game CAN, because his hack affects what is clickable for him.

There is something in starcraft that allows peons to walk through all units when they are in "gather" mode. This is true, and testie uses this to his advantage when scouting Liquid`Drones 1 gate carrier rush in this game. However, what testie, nor I thought about at that time, is that this worker-noncorporality is not under affect when the minerals the workers are gathering from are under fog of war!

Look at a bit after the 6 minute mark, my fleet beacon is almost finished. He then sends out three scvs to scout my base, and he walks right through 3 of my goons, which is something that would be I M P O S S I B L E if he did not see my minerals!

I tested this several times before showing this replay to other people, so you do not have to test this for yourself, however you may feel free to do so if you like.

good game testie, this one you can not ever talk yourself out of.
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