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"Suddenly, I felt something, something odd. I could win this game! Maybe..."
- Anderkryst

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Kenka[SWE] vs ZeeRaX[BG] TvP. Amazing tactics and ambushes go on almost for an hour, high tech units used. I liked it a lot
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Date: February, 4th 2002
Game Length:55:00
Game Type: Starcraft 1.08b
Replay File: Download (182949 bytes)
Replay Rating: 10.0, # of Ratings: 3, Max: 10, Min: 10
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As the game evolves the players adapt real well and it gets more and more complex with high tech units, not some mindless pumping of units and fighting in the center. Arbiters, battlecruisers, yamato - all used very effectively, amazing

Close game and all map mined out
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