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"Last in line was Advisor "CB". His nickname was based on "Cattlebruiser", although none of the men were quite sure where the name had come from. Some infantrymen whispered that it came from a particularly bad night back home involving thirteen shots of whiskey, a herd of cattle, and a twenty-two year-old Animal Husbandry major. Others swore on the fact that a bloody cow's head was hung in his locker, a testament of what would happen to the men if they ever got out of line. Whatever the case, CB was fiercely competent."

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Gonia119_kr vs DkH.MMMBop_de
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Date: December, 5th 2001
Game Length:
Game Type: Starcraft
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Givin' ya all the babies I could get so far... couldn't get the one where Elky stomps Gundamn though.

Think this is the first place where you can d/l them ( other than on the WCG site in demo-like files... )

Enjoy ^^
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