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Grrrr... vs Liquid`Nazgul 4 Games
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Date: November, 16th 2001
Game Length:
Game Type: Starcraft
Replay File: Download (401643 bytes)
Replay Rating: 10.0, # of Ratings: 1, Max: 10, Min: 10
Lifetime Rating for -zX-Ravage-:
Replay Description:

Grrrr is someone who everyone should know.. GoSexySu is one of his many aka's..

Liquid`Nazgul is gosu player who is a finalist from WCG Benelux.. He defeated NTT and Liquid`Oaral among others to get the spot..

*waits patiently for idiot alex to post the sites that have this rep.. :/*

-.-' idiot king~
View or Add Comments (# of comments thus far: 44)
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