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"Quotation from the Book of Eldritch;
'And the lord spake thusly; 'Thou shalt have a Carrier, and thou shalt destroy many. And in this holy baptism by fire, thou shalt freeth many souls of their unholy bondage to such evil cults as the Aurorans, the Polaris. Then, thou shalt be raised above all, to such heights as thou darest not dream.' And then EldritchEvil, cowering before the lord, spake thusly; 'Indeed, O Lord, I shalt do as thou asks. And many shalt fear my name.'
-1:9 Book of Eldritch"

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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating # Downloads Version Summary
victimoffate (0)February, 18th 2017 League tristana replaysNR 26
7.2 Tristana Challenger players
victimoffate (0)August, 15th 2015 Cannon Towers! #2!NR 246
1.26a Alternate method for abusing Cannon Towers on Amazonia.
victimoffate (0)August, 15th 2015 Cannon Towers!NR 244
1.26a Displaying a cannon tower cheese exploit on the map Amazonia.
hugore (0)July, 23rd 2014 Nagax vs hugoreNR 281
Download Nagax vs hugore
banane (0)April, 13th 2014 arrowblisssMHNR 343
WAFFLES (0)April, 10th 2014 kodo orc mirrorNR 337
GAGOOOOOOOOO (0)January, 17th 2014 2v2 with GAGOOOOOONR 313
1.26 We go caster/wyv vs dual ud, killing fiends is pretty fun!
Wade/Craftmatic3 (0)September, 12th 2013 hu vs ud mk bm pally easyNR 304
Latest It's hu vs ud on lost temple.

I may be low apm, but this strat is so rigged.
Wade/ Craftmatic 3 (0)September, 12th 2013 Hu vs Orc Balanced GameNR 289
Latest Trying to use a pro-like strategy...even though I incorrectly teched before fast-expanding.

There was no excuse for me losing the MK, because I had a staff of sanctuary on him; didn't hand it off and use it.

I'm not good enough at the level of micro this strat really requires.
Wade (3)April, 27th 2013 orc vs elf glaivesNR 315
 Night Elf goes mass glaives and once again I didn't scout it. Kills my main, but I have enough gold for an expand.
Wade (0)April, 27th 2013 orne vs hune win bigNR 321
 Enemy Hu was random.

Ally is pretty good. He uses mountain giants, which I never see in pro gamer replays, but that sucker tanked so much damage.
Wade (2)April, 27th 2013 orc vs ne loss raider glitchedNR 323
 meh. I don't harrass and he goes chim hoard. Then I don't know wtf happened on the last battle, but my raiders don't work properly. I think I killed like 6 chims in the game, but it's not enough to win.
Wade (0)April, 27th 2013 I got SlaughteredNR 287
 I'm making raiders and witch doctors, for some reason, when I'm supposed to be making wyverns and spirit walkers.
Wade (3)April, 27th 2013 UnwinnableNR 321
 This is me making a lot of stupid mistakes and getting embarrassed. It's actually more build order and shopping mistakes than him though.

I need help.
Wade (1)April, 27th 2013 Orc win vs noobelfNR 295
 Ok, this worked and got a win, but wasn't the greatest execution. Opponent went fast tier 3 and didn't harrass me well, while I got several cheap kills.

WAFFLES (0)November, 25th 2012 w3arenaNR 290
asd minm
WAFFLES (0)September, 1st 2012 FFA TM 4 RANDOMNR 282
Archimond (0)August, 31st 2012 Drop HAck 2x2NR 341
1.26 Drop Hacks Noia e Tcnfc
victimoffate (0)August, 30th 2012 Orc Air AssaultNR 348
 Undead Fighting Against Orc Mass Air Army. Will The Orc Win?
Team.ICE (0)August, 26th 2012 OsG.Arctic US East hacks and gets owned twice in the same dayNR 298
War3 OsG.Actic a noob hacker that plays on US East gets owned for the second time in 2v2. Watch the nooblet ping stuff all over the map that a legit player couldn't see through the fog of war. To make things even funnier, he begged for 2v2 AT afterwards saying with his MH we could go 50-0. I told him no thanks. OsG.Arctic then offered to buy me cheesbugers if I him him suck my cock. I told him I wasn't gay and he left me alone after that.
victimoffate (0)August, 23rd 2012 Proto game ud v orc trying againNR 354
1.26a UD vs orc proto game , lots of towers from both sides and Dreadlord first. The last replay didnt work.
xW0LFx (0)August, 23rd 2012 Drop Hack 4v4NR 330
 reignarrows ou Crotchflame são Drop Hacks
victimoffate (2)August, 23rd 2012 Proto game ud v orcNR 332
1.26a UD vs orc proto game , lots of towers from both sides and Dreadlord first.
xW0LFx (1)August, 22nd 2012 Drop HackNR 325
WTii1 (0)August, 2nd 2012 MyDearest all killNR 207
 Pretty exciting game, shows how to decimate orc.
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