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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating # Downloads Version Summary
zip_disk (1)May, 23rd 2005 Demo Replay packNR 697
1.03 Pack of replays viewable by the SS demo. Som minor annotation at the beginning but not much else. Read the replay titles for what is being shown on each.
zip_disk (2)May, 21st 2005 Quick DE game on Water CrossingNR 1101
1.03 Random Carver/Moag/Raider game on Water Crossing. Not particularly long but interesting.
Mr (6)March, 16th 2002 PlanetKilr Vs MR9.0 1312
1.03 very good De vS ACC on The Blighting.. I thought I lost till I pulled a nice comeback.. Both PK and I are unhappy with our performances. I was experimenting with new BOS and PK was too passive at some points.. Nevertheless this game was damn good
Dino Din (3)January, 21st 2002 Planetkilr v DinoDin8.7 1278
1.02 One of the best games I've seen/been in for a long time. Huge back and forth battle with surprising unit use and outcomes.

-Delete previous please
angelfish (6)January, 19th 2002 Accursed vs Sylvan: New Duel Rivers8.0 1222
1.02 Here's a pretty good accursed vs sylvan between myself and blank. Some fairly interesting battles and usage of most every unit available (except dragons and grove tech).

Nice game I think so enjoy.

YourRoleModel (4)January, 10th 2002 Closest game of Strifeshadow Ever?9.0 783
1.02 This edge in this game goes heavily towards one player, who is then cut off from his key closest towers and it turns into a race to see who can kill the other off the fastest.

Take special note at the end of the game when it comes down to the last buildings to be killed.

Closest game I've ever been in... and quite a back and forth contest that leaves you wondering who will win.
Dire`Wolf (5)December, 23rd 2001 Chronoclysm10.0 867
1.02 Ritual spells and Djinns galore!
Pillars (1)December, 20th 2001 Pillars(Dark Elves) vs. Bard_Taliesin(Accursed)9.0 1301
1.02 A fairly extended clash of Dark Elf and Accursed forces. The game plays out long enough to allow players to incorporate some of the higher tech units on both sides.
Pillars (3)December, 20th 2001 DinoDin vs. Pillars8.0 1159
1.02 DinoDin (Accursed) against Pillars (Sylvan). A game played at around 4 am, two bleary-eyed competitors face off. DinoDin attempts a fast hive rush, catching Pillars teching to spiders. Pillars dons his superman pajamas, narrowly escapes the initial onslaught of small insects, and calls upon the godly archers of the forest to defend his land.
angelfish (5)December, 17th 2001 Pillars/LordBrand vs Landwehr/angelfish8.0 1271
1.02 Fun 2v2 on Hostile Waters...this is actually a rematch on the same map, where Landwehr and I got same races (S/DE) so we try the same strategy but a bit more refined against 2 ACC opponents...scouts are really nice to have on your side :D...

oh and I think we all liked the map, so give it a go...

'Final`Flare' (0)December, 16th 2001 2v2 on Crossroads - GG9.0 1231
Stifeshadow 1.02 A great 2v2; even if it was on demo.
Blank (2)December, 15th 2001 first 3on3 SS replay :)9.0 1151
 really fun 3on3. Pretty bad macro overall, but some godly battles.

Plus, teleport traps are used.... you got to download just to see them :)
Pillars (7)December, 15th 2001 Pillars vs. LordBrand on Manmaker8.0 1217
1.02 An unorthodox game on Manmaker. Pillars attempts an early proximal defense center rush, but is turned back by LordBrand. An uphill battle ensues...