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"Drintr: How far are you willing to go to be named "The Rook?"
Mattzarella: I will make out with Endersshadow, but I don't think I would go to third base.
Drintr: Don't know him well enough?
Matzarella: He told me he was saving himself for Jaood."

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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating # Downloads Version Summary
00|Shyne (1)February, 7th 2011 Nh tourney shyne/divvy0 game 1NR 1428
 nh tourney
VirusXFr (0)December, 23rd 2010 TestNR 1351
 un replay posté pour le test
Psyonic (0)August, 26th 2010 Awesome GameNR 922
 Fun, exciting game!
summerloud (0)November, 27th 2010 pylon wallin - glitch or legitNR 813
 this can lead to some very hard to stop ocannon rushes. you can make a solid pylon wall at bottom of someones ramp yet still be able to sneak through probes
Praetor (0)September, 22nd 2010 QuicksandNR 708
 Companion replay to the battlereport "Quicksand." It is recommended you read the report before viewing the replay.
tiamat (0)April, 20th 2010 Hellion vs Immortal 2NR 696
Hellion/rauder vs immortal 2
Johnny_Vegas (1)August, 17th 2010 ZvT Neural Parasite versus ThorNR 614
1.02 A replay to show how devastating it can be to get a quick Neural Parasite and NP a Thor during an early Terran push on my natural.
RubiksCube (0)August, 31st 2010 Very close PvZ on Blistering SandsNR 591
1.03 One of the practice games between me and my 2on2 ally. Turned out to be a very good game, close until the very end.
tiamat (0)April, 20th 2010 hellion vs toss 1NR 554
Hellion/rauder vs immortal stalker.
Praetor (0)April, 27th 2011 JV vs PraetorNR 525
 Posting this fairly entertaining ZvT for general fun, and for Greth. I dream of my name in big lights :).
all-fear (0)March, 24th 2010 pvz must watchNR 504
current must watch pvz
Praetor (0)April, 17th 2011 All kinds of mechanics, no kinds of thoughtNR 502
 So I've decided to go Terran (my current best) for awhile to see if I can't get master somehow. Anyway, I run up against this Protoss player (master himself) who's FAR better than me. Much better macro, takes full advantage of me foolishly showing a second gas...

Unfortunately, he's of the "chargelot really really GUUUUUD" variety of Protoss deathball user.
Praetor (0)June, 15th 2011 TvZ Hot & HeavyNR 496
 I wanted to post this replay because it was a darn good game, lots of unit trades, and to ask if Johnny or other Zerg players had some advice for trading with Zerglings better given the overall build I was doing.
Praetor (0)February, 15th 2011 Orcmaniac vs. Praetor 2NR 487
 Nohunters Tourney IV, round 2
iSHonoR (0)February, 1st 2012 iSHonoR vs esahara.NaamaNR 465
 Me vs Naama on Arid Plateau.
iSHonoR (0)January, 21st 2012 iSHonoR vs YaTa, GM protoss PVPNR 464
 He opens phoenix and I open robo / expand. Tense standoff and back and forth for a lot of the game.
MarkIV (5)November, 24th 2010 PvT lossNR 458
1.13 How do I stop this?
iSHonoR (0)April, 11th 2012 Me vs FXOMoonanNR 455
 Decent game on Shakuras, PVT. My play hasn't been stellar lately but this game felt pretty alright.
iSHonoR (0)May, 5th 2012 iSHonoR vs aiSiRobinNR 452
 Game 2 in a bo3 where I open with a delayed exp into phoenix play, game goes to 30 mins and is pretty back and forth.
summerloud (0)January, 16th 2011 pvt vs mech terranNR 451
 mech seems to catch on thanks to jinro :o
MisterFred (4)January, 27th 2012 TvZ MacroCoversErrorsNR 449
 I used this replay to test some graphics settings.
T_Mac (0)January, 23rd 2012 Epic 30 min game vs GM TerranNR 448
 NA ladder 30 min PvT
Praetor (0)March, 20th 2012 March 20 NH FFANR 445
 Looooong. Tower Defense.
iSHonoR (0)May, 4th 2012 iSHonoR vs LiquidShethNR 444
 Me vs Sheth, I open DT and he holds. Interesting game.
Praetor (0)September, 5th 2011 Scrappy FFA VictoryNR 439
 How NOT to use carriers.
Starcraft 2