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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating # Downloads Version Summary
Breeze (14)June, 13th 2001 For Aiur (reported game)10.0 19657
1.08b Two charismatic protoss players ;]
Breeze (1550)October, 3rd 2001 Use your illusion10.0 13944
XG3 (26)November, 18th 2001 WCG Froz vs Maynard Final GameNR 9697
Froz vs Maynard
Final Game
])aRkNe$$ (33)July, 14th 2001 [GG8]sVEN@aBs (Zerg) vs. GS012 (Protoss), this is one hell of a game!9.8 8952
1.08 This is one of the best replays I have seen so far. The comebacks are astounding, a must see for everyone!
-zX-Ravage- (35)December, 3rd 2001 SlayerS_`BoxeR` vs God)Zeus 5 GOSU GAMES ~10.0 8696
 Download the reps here:

These are 5 TvP's between Boxer and God)Zeus.. No challenge you say? ^^ Well.. Boxer's handicap is not to use any dropships in the games ~

I have 11 other NEW Boxer REPLAYS AT



-zX-Ravage- (26)October, 17th 2001 KBK Finals: TheMarine vs Pro.NT_SONJJANG "11"9.8 8637
 This is a zip of the KBK Finals between TheMarine (Terran) and Pro.NT_SONJJANG (Protoss)..

2 Incredible games ~ TheMarine is as angel would say "off the hook".. and SONJJANG is an incredible Protoss player as well.. Game 1 is more of a player showcase but Game 2 is definitely the best game of the entire KBK Tournament.. This probably tops EVA vs MTY for my favorite TvP ever ^^*

Have fun~~!!
The.Confessor (8854)June, 16th 2001 holy god, corbalt p vs korean pro gamer terran, AWESOME game10.0 8318
derek (39)July, 7th 2001 Best TvT ever, shitloads of comsat/yamato/lockdown...comeback, and the counter comeback you never saw coming!10.0 7210
 well I thought i knew who was going to win at least 5 times during the game...very very well played
-zX-Ravage- (4)January, 3rd 2002 SlayerS_`BoxeR` vs [Gamei]SalMoSa 2 GOSU TvZ!10.0 6457
 This is the 2nd game I've posted of Boxer vs SalMoSa.. The first was at my Cafe ([at]=s&o[sc]=t&o[st]=a&o[ss]=salmosa if you havent seen it)..

This is a VERY entertaining TvZ with abusive use of Valks & the usual Boxer style.. great stuff ^^ for more Boxer reps.. ^^;
tababs (46)April, 2nd 2002 terran vs zerg the no.1 replay of the year yellow vs boxer in my opinion10.0 6205
Mille-Milles (14)December, 5th 2001 AMD_Grrrr..._ca vs Garak_nlNR 6044
 Grrrrrrrrrrr !
-zX-Ravage- (4)December, 6th 2001 WCG SlayerS_`BoxeR` vs madfrogNR 5861
The.Confessor (2392)May, 29th 2001 NTT Terran vs Pro Gamer Zerg10.0 5823
1.08 NTT fights off an early rush, then is forced to deal with strong lurk/hydra tactics from the koran, very GG
Mille-Milles (6)December, 5th 2001 Gonia119_kr vs DkH.MMMBop_deNR 5525
 Givin' ya all the babies I could get so far... couldn't get the one where Elky stomps Gundamn though.

Think this is the first place where you can d/l them ( other than on the WCG site in demo-like files... )

Enjoy ^^
XG3 (5653)November, 18th 2001 WCG Froz vs Maynard Game 1NR 5272
Round 5
Froz vs Maynard
Game 1
Eriador (396)February, 11th 2002 DS-Testie *PROVEN* hack. read comment before downloading.10.0 5261
 OK. Testie has always said that he stopped hacking a long time ago.

This game proves that he hacked even after 1.08. It is not like this has not been suspected before, however this is the first time it is a PROVEN FACT.

This game is not a new game, it is 7 months old. however, that was still after 1.08 was released (obviously, or else I would not have a replay of it. )

Now, you may wonder how a replay can prove that anyone hacks. They may make it seem really suspicious, however they cannot definitivly prove it. Wrong sir, this game CAN, because his hack affects what is clickable for him.

There is something in starcraft that allows peons to walk through all units when they are in "gather" mode. This is true, and testie uses this to his advantage when scouting Liquid`Drones 1 gate carrier rush in this game. However, what testie, nor I thought about at that time, is that this worker-noncorporality is not under affect when the minerals the workers are gathering from are under fog of war!

Look at a bit after the 6 minute mark, my fleet beacon is almost finished. He then sends out three scvs to scout my base, and he walks right through 3 of my goons, which is something that would be I M P O S S I B L E if he did not see my minerals!

I tested this several times before showing this replay to other people, so you do not have to test this for yourself, however you may feel free to do so if you like.

good game testie, this one you can not ever talk yourself out of.
-zX-Ravage- (21)December, 1st 2001 Rush)_Season- vs [LX13]Tush Funny PvP~!9.6 5211
 Watch & be amazed.. Surprise outcomes x10

Rush)_Season- = Top Taiwanese player as everyone probably already knows..

Tush = Pretty much unknown canadian player? --a

This replay courtesy of Rush)_Edge, the sexiest player to ever live -.- aka z7-Newblar, future pro-gamer ^^

For more reps & hot chix, go to

The.Confessor (2665)December, 6th 2001 WCG Elky vs NazgulNR 5115
The.Confessor (9)June, 18th 2001 dont know if already submitted, INSANE GRR vs top pro p v z10.0 5022
-zX-Ravage- (22)November, 6th 2001 IntoTheRain vs Niza "10" Read Description!10.0 4622
 This is gosu 1 hr long game between IntoTheRain (P) vs Niza (Z).. Constant action, insane micro, gosu ending, etc.

This is probably the last replay I will be posting at ^^ I am probably going to help out the gay guy that won Japan WCG (DetectedDestiny/Cosmo) and add replays to his café.. I will post the link if/when I upload them there, or my own café, which he suggested.. This is just ONE of over a hundred pro-gamer replays that haven't been 'circulated' yet ^^

Among players that will be featured:
Knight_SEAL (aka Mannerrush)
&More~! ^^*...
XG3 (1757)November, 18th 2001 WCG Froz vs Maynard Game 2NR 4231
Round 5
Froz vs Maynard
Game 2
XG3 (1326)November, 18th 2001 WCG Froz vs Maynard Game 3NR 4170
Round 5
Froz vs Maynard
Game 3
Breeze (41)February, 4th 2002 Kenka[SWE] vs ZeeRaX[BG] TvP. Amazing tactics and ambushes go on almost for an hour, high tech units used. I liked it a lot10.0 3599
1.08b As the game evolves the players adapt real well and it gets more and more complex with high tech units, not some mindless pumping of units and fighting in the center. Arbiters, battlecruisers, yamato - all used very effectively, amazing

Close game and all map mined out
Mille-Milles (3)December, 5th 2001 LiquidNazgul_nl vs Tomson_plNR 3594
Mille-Milles (1)December, 5th 2001 {SG}Yosh_ca vs doGGi_krNR 3428
poor yosh :(