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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating # Downloads Version Summary
Snowster (4)July, 17th 2002 Sorclemage: Beating the elvesNR 2602
1.01 Using sorclemage to beat the night elves, perfect example of it. Sorclemage is

This is a close one and definitely a gg.
Happydayz (0)July, 15th 2002 Legato #1 USWest loses7.0 2579
Wisest~Yoda (18)May, 26th 2001 X'Ds~Grrrr... vs IntoTheRain PvZ8.0 2570
1.08 if you havent seen this one its awesome... mutlitasking is amazing, theres battles going on nonstop while they simutaniosly power, tech, micro, and expand

damn amazing
btw they are on smurf names
[SL]ShittyWilly (7)April, 1st 2003 a really nive PvZ but a little shortNR 2525
00|Shyne (1)February, 7th 2011 Nh tourney shyne/divvy0 game 1NR 2435
 nh tourney
ViolentVBC (6)January, 29th 2004 Oh my! This is the newest FFA "cheese strat," and here you can see it beating the ideal UD, and HU FFA builds! Keep an eye on the farm placement, and how it nearly doubles the rate of gold intake!NR 2432
1.14b The new cheese... FFA is no longer pure!
The.Confessor (4)December, 5th 2001 Slayer vs Zues: INSANE hour long t v p on vallahala, download this game!10.0 2426
JohYnYb0i (0)November, 20th 2010 Scv.king OWNED! 1v1 hu v orcNR 2423
 mass wyvs gets owned by archmage hehehehe
monstrous2001 (9)August, 8th 2001 Really good TvT and i mean really good! This match was on Lost temple and did ALOT of microing!10.0 2387
VirusXFr (0)December, 23rd 2010 TestNR 2356
 un replay posté pour le test
Eriador (55)January, 23rd 2002 my fucking god, download this replay and your life will get better9.8 2352
4329.432! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these players are superheroes.

best zvp ever? =(

btw mctfb if you say anything bad about this replay im going to fucking stalk you and murder your kids when you get any
AntiK (29)September, 8th 2002 Marn UN V Garimto.werra HNR 2341
1.02 GG!
Mille-Milles (0)December, 5th 2001 Scream_fr vs GreatZyneck_plNR 2332
 too bad for GG...
maareek (0)February, 20th 2007 Nal_rA vs some zerg. Nice game on Neo PeaksNR 2315
works in 1.14 rA, at bottom left opens up with a FE build with a sair. Fairly standard game from there, but as always rA is very, very sexy with nice harassment and a solid build.
Casper... (3)June, 22nd 2001 ZvT: frustration10.0 2312
1.08 me and some terran take turns frustrating one another.
Milles-Milles (2)December, 5th 2001 iori_au vs madfog_zaNR 2266
 i know those arent the best players ( though i havent looked at the replays yet ) I'm just uploadin' all i got so far...
golfboy7 (23)August, 8th 2002 golfboy7 (lvl 12) (human) vs Marn (lvl 17) (undead) (round #2) - Can golfboy7 pull it out again...Wait and see.9.0 2241
 I don't wanna give too much away this game cause I want you to watch it from my viewpoint to see what I did.

enjoy folks
PvT Slayers_`Boxer` Vs Spunky)_Vc.6 (0)May, 25th 2001 PvT Slayers_`Boxer` Vs Spunky)_Vc.6NR 2207
1.08 GOSU
XG3 (0)November, 18th 2001 WCG Apex vs Froz Fun 1NR 2206
Apex vs Froz Fun 1
VenoM[zH] (8)September, 7th 2002 Garimto(Human #1 on USEAST SOLO) VS Satanik (human #5 on USEAST SOLONR 2203
1.2 This was a great matchup with almost nonstop action and microing. See who comes out on top!
packmanorc (16)August, 10th 2002 MARN vs ME level this is how its done even though he mined me. posted due to demand9.0 2200
1.1 posted due to demand only
BloodFists (7)June, 10th 2001 BloodFists (T) vs X'Ds~Slush (Z)10.0 2195
1.08 i sucked =[
The.Confessor (2)December, 6th 2001 WCG Froz vs Kenka10.0 2193
Siboire (1)August, 13th 2003 Hosting - Tower rush ( 4 of 4 ) ... LV 26 hum vs LV28 NE using archers startNR 2188
golfboy7 (28)October, 26th 2002 golfboy7 21 rand -vs- FearFact 21 UD - 2 diff strategies used. Tips please (read description)NR 2165
 I always have, and always will have, more respect for random players than someone who chooses their race. I just believe that a random player has more "all-around" skill than someone who does the same thing over and over and over...etc.

anyway, I tried the new UD ghouls and gargs, and he used the old 1.02 strat of 'let's see how many necromancers will fit on the map at once.'

For those who say why did u turn around and nova the chasing lost your hero 2 times doing that...I reply cause my hero was dead anyway cause of the frenzy on the ghouls so why let the mana go to waste.

Tips would be greatly appreciated....