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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating # Downloads Version Summary
Praetor (0)February, 15th 2011 Orcmaniac vs. Praetor 1NR 519
 NH Tourney IV round 2
Praetor (0)February, 8th 2011 Praetor vs. T-Mac, NH Tourney IVNR 359
 The first game is actually pretty interesting, despite both of us with some mix-ups. The second is not, really.
des (1)February, 6th 2011 JV vs desNR 322
 Tournament games.
Johnny_Vegas (0)February, 5th 2011 Nohunters tourney JV vs ProtestBoyNR 293
 Nohunters tourney replay of me vs Protestboy
Johnny_Vegas (1)January, 19th 2011 ZvP, Mass Queens vs 3wg/void/phx rushNR 533
1.2 Inspired by a TeamLiquid thread I try a strat I haven't done since beta. I love this mass queen strat because it allows you pump drones like a mad man.
Johnny_Vegas (1)January, 13th 2011 12 drone rush, drone casualities = zeroNR 485
1.2 Praetor told me the 12 drone rush was good, but I had no idea it could be this good, lol.
Johnny_Vegas (2)January, 11th 2011 ZvP Low econ ling/roach/hydra aggressionNR 479
1.13 Close positions Metalopolis. I defend pressure from 4 warp gate with speedling + roach, get hydra ASAP then push as he tries to expand. I am behind SIGNIFICANTLY on drone count the entire game.
Praetor (0)January, 6th 2011 Crazy PvT on MetalopolisNR 480
1.1.3 Pretty constant action, odd-end game army. Unlike the previous game, I make fewer straight-up mistakes. But my on-the-spot decision making just kept leading me to stranger and stranger conclusions!

I think it'll be fun to watch.
Praetor (0)January, 3rd 2011 2400-2500 Diamond MASS FAILURENR 485
1.1.3 Watch two diamond players screw up every maneuver they attempt. Laugh at the maddness, the hilarity. One of these idiots will have to win! Is that how they made it out of Bronze in the first place?
Johnny_Vegas (0)December, 30th 2010 Roachapalooza, ZvZNR 479
1.13 More roaches lived and died in this game, than any game I have ever played, or perhaps witnessed.

I had an excess of gas at game end, should definitely have put a spire up at some point, but the game was constant pressure with perhaps 10 separate roach skirmishes at least.
Praetor (0)December, 13th 2010 Long ZvZ on BlisteringNR 504
1.1.3 Reasonably competent play, for once. Surprisingly different army compositions for a mirror matchup.
Praetor (0)November, 30th 2010 PvXNR 294
 So I've been realizing recently that most of the builds I construct myself and I consider interesting or novel are Protoss builds. So today I finally threw away my security blanket, reveled my race to my opponent and PICKED Protoss (they knows!!!!). The play is quality, if rather meta-gamish in some cases. In none of them do I use the most "standard" play styles.

Here's the four games I played: a PvT, PvZ, and 2 PvPs.
MisterFred (0)November, 24th 2010 100 FFA Challenge Pack 3NR 370
 Part 3
MisterFred (Praetor) (0)November, 24th 2010 100 FFA Challenge Pack 4NR 350
 Part 4
MisterFred (Praetor) (0)November, 24th 2010 100FFA Challenge Pack (2)NR 362
 Part 2
MisterFred (Praetor) (0)November, 24th 2010 100 FFA Challenge PackNR 317
 100 FFA games. (First of 4 packs split up because of file size limit.) Will anyone actually download this massive replay dump? Maybe. Games I found somewhat innovative are marked with a tilde. And I won 61%, which is nice.

Also, to anyone new to, check out the front page for the ~Nohunters (Big Gay) FFA rules. Wacky timing on that, thanks [Artosis endorsed] JV.
PangolinPoetry (0)October, 21st 2010 TvP Jungle BasinNR 481
 Pretty long TvP where the T plays like crap and still wins, imba
.Praetor (0)October, 10th 2010 Early Natural Expand - OMG what?NR 483
1.1.1 I try and post interesting games. Wacky games, even. This one definitely qualifies...

So I've been having trouble with fast expanding Zerg recently. My own quick expands lose out to mass droning, as I fail to utilize small pressure attacks to force defense. At the same time, my management of 4wg and other pushes is piss poor, leaving me with a bit of a quandry?

So what to do... hybrid cheese at his ramp followed by an expansion? Possibly... but there's a twist. There should always be a twist!

P.S. feel free to comment on ways to improve my unit control other than faster APM....
.Praetor (1)October, 9th 2010 Blue SmokeNR 479
1.1.1 Ok, maybe my Terran isn't that great for 1200 Diamond. Ok, maybe I rely a bit too much on siege tanks, as if its SC1 all over again. Then again I've started to make very good use of the PDD.

And if your attention slips for just a second... well let's just say this is an action packed game - and not one to miss if you're into probe genocide. In fact, one nuke gets 50+. And that's not the only highlight - oh no.
.Praetor (0)October, 9th 2010 Fortification VictoryNR 455
1.1.1 Its an all random FFA on Temple and I pull Terran. What to do what to do? Abuse PF? Check. Refuse to build an orbital command and go planetary fortress before barracks? Um... sure.

Yes, it's as wanker as it sounds! PF-Turret-Viking! Hilarity Ensues!
Johnny_Vegas (0)October, 3rd 2010 Awesome ZvTNR 459
1.1.1 Just an entertaining ZvT I played on the ladder vs a 1075 diamond terran.
Praetor (0)October, 3rd 2010 Close FFANR 450
 An FFA in which I have to deal with one Protoss going ground, but a closer Protoss going air. I think my response and play is pretty darn good. Nevertheless, things get hairy at the end when the last remaining opponent has a huge reserve of cash and about 1 billion warp gates.

Key, key late game FFA concepts are ALL over the place in this replay, including the importance of going after production, the accumulation of a vast war reserve, the importance of attacks on mining despite the presence of such reserves, and how valuable it can be to have some heavily fortified positions to fall back on.

Also note the benefits of reducing worker count late to up fighting supply and the impact of sloppy base construction....
Praetor (0)September, 22nd 2010 QuicksandNR 988
 Companion replay to the battlereport "Quicksand." It is recommended you read the report before viewing the replay.
Raider (0)September, 19th 2010 Raider vs Face NH tourney BO5NR 361
 These are games from the NH tourney East play-offs.
Raider (0)September, 15th 2010 Epic PvT vs 1000+ terranNR 496
 F....udge terrans!

Also, yes I did say epic - self-promotion ftw!