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(# of comments)
Date Title Rating # Downloads Version Summary
Wade (0)May, 10th 2015 2vs2 A Fresh SoloNR 198
 It's 1vs2 Silver Noobs.
Craftmatic2 (0)January, 18th 2015 wbc vs Essek 2NR 230
1.16 Rematch. Essek takes on a map hacker (allegedly) and wins.
Craftmatic2 (0)January, 18th 2015 Wbc vs Essek 1NR 215
1.16 Essek vs WBC.

WBC is not being aggressive enough with Vulture play, but it is otherwise a decent player.
Craftmatic2 (0)January, 18th 2015 Essek vs WBC 2NR 218
1.16 Essek addresses WBC as "Hacker". Takes another game off him.

Estimate their iCCup when you played.
Wade/Craftmatic2 (0)January, 17th 2015 Craft vs EclipticNR 213
1.16 PvT Shuttle-Reaver vs bio-tank, weird composition, good "I'm rusty as hell" game.
Wade (0)December, 23rd 2014 Doing Nothing Works with ReapersNR 211
latest How to win on money and time without using the money or time fixer.

I win because it takes less time to do nothing than it does to do something.

Instanly back in Gold buddy. One game.
Wade (0)December, 23rd 2014 you only need Mules ifNR 215
lates Timing Attack which wins on money, because it skips worker scouting and skips the orbital command.

Wade (0)December, 22nd 2014 Zerglings vs ProtossNR 208
latest How to win with nothing but time.

It's a computer, but for demonstration.

Life Lings don't impress me one bit.

Zergling > Archon
Zergling > Zealot
Zergling > Stalker
Zergling > Sentry
Zergling > Choke point
Zergling > Dts
Zergling > Colossi
Zergling > Cannons
Wade/Craftmatic3 (0)November, 30th 2014 Three Archer Not PerfectNR 198
latest this is my first time doing this in a long time, maybe over a year.

Heroes only, start with Dark Range, then Naga, then Priestest, and try to kill a Normal computer, preferably get a perfect game, which I have done before, but this time i screwed up some.

When I've practiced it a little, I can do this vs the Insane without losing a Hero.
hugore (0)July, 23rd 2014 Nagax vs hugoreNR 257
Download Nagax vs hugore
ddddddddd (0)May, 18th 2014 ddddddddddddNR 260
gr1mreap3r (0)May, 1st 2014 test for tourneyNR 308
 Well played
uogurl]lk[ (0)May, 1st 2014 lastreplayNR 282
 Testing for a tournament
banane (0)April, 13th 2014 arrowblisssMHNR 320
WAFFLES (0)April, 10th 2014 kodo orc mirrorNR 317
wade/craftmatic (3)February, 15th 2014 3v3 hunters winNR 312
 A little weird, enemy has very weak player i think.
wade (craft) (0)February, 15th 2014 3v3 bgh nice winNR 270
 I sorta play passive and eliminate a guy with reaver drops.
Wade (observer UMS mode (2)February, 14th 2014 1vs1 Canada vs ZodiacNR 272
 This game is epic.

However, is spoiled because Canada was using some sort of tool which was flagged by bnet as a hack.

It's hard to say, but Zodiac accused him of having a rally interface hack about 2/3rds of the way through the game.

I don't see any obvious money or map hacking, so I don't know what the tool really was.
Wade/Craftmatic (1)February, 14th 2014 3v3 marine vultureNR 261
 First Terran game back after a long, long, long hiatus.

This is probably Silverish equivalent to SC2, though I'm a lot better than this game shows when in practice.
wade (2)February, 14th 2014 3vs3 Clan JNR 240
 A random 3vs3.
Mainly testing upload feature, but game is okay.
GAGOOOOOOOOO (0)January, 17th 2014 2v2 with GAGOOOOOONR 288
1.26 We go caster/wyv vs dual ud, killing fiends is pretty fun!
JohnStewart (1)December, 23rd 2013 johnstewart vs sharp1flat2 funny gameNR 289
 guy rigs the map and has seemingly infinite money. makes for a very fun game though because I outclass him.
Lion(OD) (0)December, 8th 2013 LionVSradekNR 332
Chobolcho (0)November, 24th 2013 Klink (T) VS Morph (P)NR 299
 This is one of my first game which I win against a Protoss. It's a very tight match.
Lion(OD) (0)November, 10th 2013 LIONvsREGGNR 294