Hello again. After getting some good advice in the last comment section, I will now (hopefully) have gotten these reports down. We can only hope I am correct. When we last met, we had just finished a mission. Exciting. A problem has presented itself, and that problem is TOO MANY SOLDIERS. Of course, any fighting force in the world will tell you that isn't a problem, the problem is not having ENOUGH soldiers, but I wave that off by reminding the fighting forces of the world that we're fighting Aliens, okay? And then the fighting forces shut up. Morons.

Anyway, some people feel their soldiers aren't getting enough love and attention from me, but with only ten soldiers per mission and well over fifty soldiers, well, you can see how some people would be less fortunate in being selected. I personally think this is odd, since being selected means aliens will shoot at you, but some people are strange like that. In the end, I have decided to try to be as fair as I can in selected people. Now, then, we have a good deal of people on the queue, so let's add 'em to the lists. All of these soldiers are stationed at /forum.

Statistic Some_Guy VisMaior evanfets Fangrim Aerizon Kiba Organ_Grinder
TUs 58 53 59 60 57 50 57
Stamina 62 51 68 70 58 63 50
Health 30 37 30 28 36 29 37
Bravery 50 10 30 40 50 50 50
Reactions 34 55 55 33 37 33 58
Accuracy 44 60 45 48 50 44 61
T. Accuracy 50 68 53 79 69 77 53
Strength 36 31 33 32 22 20 33

Some_Guy, SC: Good TUs and stamina, also has amazing strength. Low accuracy, otherwise would be HW. Probably will get a rocket launcher anyway.

VisMaior, HW: Good accuracy, good health, great reactions, good strength. Could use more, though.

evanfets, SC: Good TUs, great stamina, great reactions, good strength. If had higher accuracy, would be HW.

Fangrim, SC: Amazing TUs and stamina. Poor accuracy and reactions. Good strength.

Aerizon, G: Poor strength.

Kiba, G: Good stamina, poor accuracy and strength.

Organ_Grinder, G: Good TUs, amazing reactions, accuracy and good strength. An excellent grunt, excelling in all fields with no weak points.

With the new troopers added, it's time to wait for events. Time passes. Alien activity seems to be in decline. Finally, a small UFO is detected, and after a long chase, it is shot down. So begins...

Mission Thirteen:

No alt text to be seen.
Location: East India
Map: A farm. Four buildings from the east to the northwest. A few orchards. Fences and walls separate most of the area. UFO in the central-northeast, Skyranger-1 in the southwest.
UFO type: Small cross-shape UFO, destroyed.
Enemy type: Sectoids
Soldiers: Col. Epoch, Cpt. Rapid Murloc, Sgt. Gurthang, Sgt. eU)NiCk, Sgt. Haike, Sgt. Commander_Keen, Sgt. Woah, Sgt. Wigum, Rke. Tiger-, Rke. dodopout.
Date: 18:14 GMT, May 7th, 1999.

Right, so, here how the mission goes down. The tank floats around trying to see things, but can't, because it has no eyes. Epoch, however, has eyes, and spots two Sectoids. He kneels by a stone wall, giving him cover from the second Sectoid, and annihilates the first Sectoid with one shot. Gurthang, the next Soldier to try and take out an alien, misses horribly about sixty times. eU)NiCk, with a roll of his orb-shaped sensory organs, takes the Sectoid out and possibly saves Gurthang's life.

The UFO was utterly obliterated by the Interceptor. Total destruction. Nothing alive left in there. As previously noted, this map has a disproportionate amount of buildings, so I can only guess that the remaining aliens are hiding in them somewhere.

Uh, right. The E building is the first to get scouted, with Haike covering a window, eU)NiCk shooting down some walls, and RabidMurloc preparing to come around from behind. dodopout spots a Sectoid standing in an open door way, and fires an aimed shot over eU)NiCk's crouching form, hitting the Sectoid dead on. Instead of dying, however, the Sectoid turns around and fires one shot, killing dodopout instantly. First the Elite Corps Floaters, now the Elite Corps Sectoids? Argh. Tiger- is quick to put an end to the wounded Sectoid's chicanery and takes it out with one shot, avenging the unfortunate dodopout.

Next, the NE building is scouted, with Gurthang covering a window. Woah, moving around, spots a Sectoid standing in an open doorway. With the fear of open-doorway Sectoids firmly implanted in me, I tell Woah to crouch and use the rest of his TUs to autoshot. As the screenshot evidences, Woah takes out three parts of the wall in a line, not only completely missing the alien, but also coming very close to burning Gurthang's head off. Gurthang covers the inside of the building in case the Sectoid tries anything sneaky, and then Epoch takes the alien out with an Aimed Shot from two screens away. That guy is good.

Next, the N building is scouted, and is revealed to be devoid of alien life. The NW building, too, has no aliens, nor does the largely boring southern parts of the map. The second floor of the NE building still holds secrets, though, so the crew gathers there. However, it seems the last Sectoid was hiding in the destroyed UFO and was not seen by my scouts. It walks out and Epoch opportunity autoshots it into small pieces, not unlike what you might find in canned food. Mission over. As a side note, there was nothing I could have done about dodopout's death. First, the Sectoid should've died in the first hit. Secondly, even if it had survived, it shouldn't have been able to turn around and hit him. It should've missed. And finally, even if it had hit him, he shouldn't have died in one hit. Just sayin'.


I would like to point out now the kills of the top five soldiers in X-COM. Epoch is firmly in the lead of the pack with an astonishing, nay, astounding seventeen kills. The man is a machine. Way the hell back in second place is Lithium_, with nine kills, followed by Kevin, holding seven kills to his name, and then Desert Demon holds fourth place with six kills, and Endersshadow holds fifth with five kills. Pretty insane.

Kevin paced the floor in his room. It was a small room, ten feet by fifteen, a rectangle packed into a row of rectangles, making up the space efficient entity known as the dormitory. Kevin was deep in thought. It seemed obvious him that Eldritch was eventually going to kill him, or worse, take him alive and deposit him at the feet of the Bureau interrogators. Kevin had heard many stories about those men. But on the other hand, Eldritch held the only way out of the universe. It was a primitive, technologically backwards univerese with only one planet; and it had the unpleasant feature of being infested with hostile aliens.

On the third hand (Kevin's train of thought was no longer very logical) it wasn't such a bad universe. Kevin knew - vaguely - how the technology of his own universe worked, and he theorized he could jumpstart the science in this one should he get the chance. So staying in this universe was an option, and life was better than no life.

But on the fourth hand, he wanted, oh, so dearly wished; to go home. He wanted and craved the space trader's life. Was a life doomed to boredom and cursed by the knowledge of better, unattainable things truly more worthwhile than no life? For hours he thoughts spun in a circle until, finally, he decided. He would stay here. Now he just had to achieve that goal, and to do that, he had to kill the people who would kill him. That meant, largely, Eldritch himself.

Kevin walked into the mess hall and detatched Lithium from the crowd. He explained the situation to him.

" yeah. The General wants me dead, and I can only see one way out."
"Which is?"
"I need to kill him."
"Lithium shuffled his feet. "Dude, I've looked into this guy. He's insane. He's got like... Blackbelts in every martial art known to man, and some I don't even recognize. Nil'kemorya or something. Plus -- we'll, you've spent more time talking to him than I have. You know what's he's like. He's got the kind of personality that can destroy entire cities, and kill a man with one blow. Kill a man."
"Oh, please. He's not even from this universe. How could be have had time to learn your martial arts, I ask you?"
"I dunno. Maybe he actually is from this universe, and is just messin' with you."
"No, I don't think so."
"Well, if you're really sure, I'll be behind you one hundred percent. He mismanages our budget like a fiend. A fiend of budget mismanagement. His replacement has to be better. Anyway, never bring fists to a fistfight, bring a gun."

Lithium handed Kevin a standard-issue 9mm handgun. "Godspeed."

This is where work stopped for three years. I have no notes, so I'm not entirely sure what was supposed to go here. The savegame I have doesn't help much either. So, there is a large disconnect. Forgive me. Consider this the resumption point.

Hot!At this point, research on the Ungodly Powerful Ship (a.k.a the Avenger) and we will begin construction on it as soon as the Firestorm finishes. Meanwhile, we begin research on a captured Muton Navigator, to get the location of Mars from him. Time passes. Research finishes, and we start on the Hyperwave Decoder, a very handy device. More time passes. We start researching Alien Origins. Time passes. Alien Origins finishes, revealing some bad news.

Alien leader, hmmm?  Time to ring up Gary Hart!As we muse about the threat to humanity and the need to capture an Alien Commander, thus requiring us to attack a large alien ship, one pops up, flying low and going fast.

BRAAAAAAAAUUUUUMMMMMMInterceptor-1 flies out to follow it as we load up the Skyranger with our troops. The complement of soldiers is as follows: Commander Endersshadow, Colonel Epoch, Colonel Desert Demon, Captain MuLepton, Captain Kevin, Captain Lithium_, Captain Convider, Sergeant eU)NiCk, Sergeant Woah, and Squaddie Woodtopian. Lithium_, brave soul that he is, has chosen to go unarmored.